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Clone Warehouse

A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.......

Tags: clones, storage, warehouse

Character Approval: No

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: WTF RPG Staff

Created: 06-08-2011, 08:35 PM


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Thread: Clone Warehouse

  1. Characters in this post:
    The seeker has arrived in a strange purple metal box.

  2. Characters in this post:
    Commissioner Matthew Cole from the APB RP has arrived...to fight some evil Stormtroopers!

  3. Characters in this post:
    Ch'r-Goth has arrived in a seemingly organic cocoon-structure.

  4. Characters in this post:
    Zerillia seems to have managed to drink a potion that didn't have it's intended effects and is in a magical sleep.

  5. Characters in this post:
    Conall Halvard has arrived unconscious in a large plywood box with breathing holes.

  6. Characters in this post:
    Greg has arrived packed into a oblong crate with breathing holes.

  7. Characters in this post:
    i'm here

  8. Characters in this post:
    Jerry arrives frozen in a cryotank.

  9. Characters in this post:
    Thyra opens her eyes to find herself in a strange place. It's warm.... Too warm for a girl that grew up in the snow.

  10. Characters in this post:
    Megan's seemingly lifeless body is dreaming in the warehouse.

  11. Characters in this post:
    James arrives in a brown paper box for safekeeping. The box seems to have been closed in a hurry and some of it's fluffy contents are falling out. On a closer examination you'll see it's cotton. There's also a pipe so that James can get air.

  12. Characters in this post:
    *Ember arrives in a locked stasis chamber.*

  13. Characters in this post:
    Cait Giovi sets about psychoanalyzing her fellow warehouse mates.

  14. Characters in this post:
    Azaria has arrived in a puff of smoke and light, hoping to find a place where she could start over.

  15. Characters in this post:
    Elise arrives in a white stasis pod. Her eyes closed in a dreamless sleep. The first she has possibly ever had.

  16. Characters in this post:
    Bizarro is bizarrely here!

  17. Characters in this post:
    test post

  18. Characters in this post:
    A large wooden box gets placed on the shelf with the character Hokulani in it.

  19. Characters in this post:
    Archimedes Wilton Profeta appears in stasis pod that was stuck on a shelf

  20. Characters in this post:
    An iron crate has come in, it seems to be screaming and banging around violently. On the side of the crate is painted in white,

    "Gorund Nilcagith"

  21. Characters in this post:
    Lilith has made an appearance. Do your best to avoid her. She's got a nasty temper these days. Why? She's a bit bent on... revenge.

    LANCE has been added because he's... well... special.

    William has made his way over here because the cowboy in him told him to go exploring.

    Isaac is here, too. Just because he needed a place to chill. XD

  22. Characters in this post:
    Roxas Ella Thompson appears in stasis pod that was stuck on a shelf next to the other two personalities of BoredNeko19.

  23. Characters in this post:
    Henry arrives in a rune covered metal box.

  24. Characters in this post:
    Crina Stela Thompson appears in stasis pod that was stuck on a shelf next to the other two personalities of BoredNeko19.

  25. Characters in this post:
    John arrives in a blue box with white stars on.

  26. Characters in this post:
    XD I forgot to include these guys in the last delete. Anyway, these characters are all ready for deletion. Thanks!

  27. Characters in this post:
    Please delete the following characters! Thank you. (;

  28. Characters in this post:
    Anabella arrives packed in a glass container, her various weapons and notes packed around her. You carefully open the glass container, and nearly scream when she leaps out, somehow having placed all her weapons in their rightful places in the blink of an eye. Her notes are cleaned up too, you notice.
    "Welp, that was a nice nap. Hey you!" She yells, pointing her sword at you. You blink and look around, hoping she meant someone else.
    "Yeah you, you, the funny-looking one with the face!" She says again, lightly jabbing you with the hilt of her sword. You swallow and whisper "Yeah?"
    "Where are your rooms? I need a quiet place to sharpen me knives."
    You swallow again, trying to keep your eyes off the sharp sword and point to the a random room you hope is empty. If not, have mercy on the soul inside.
    "Thank you, my kind sir." She whistles and walks off. You inspect the container and your eyes widen in amazement as you realize it's not glass, it's wood. Painted wood. Amazing!

  29. Characters in this post:
    Kai arrives packed in a container in the shape of a notebook. You go to open it, but a robot hand smacks you away and says "I'm sorry, Kai wishes to not be disturbed."
    You shrug and walk on to the next box.

  30. Characters in this post:
    Elan arrives, packed in a cardboard box, labeled 'Not Done Yet'.

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