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Roleplay Tags

Tags are useful for finding games that suit a theme or use a concept you're looking for. All tags on the site are listed here in cloud formation - the most-often used tags being larger and bolder than less-often used tags. Clicking on a tag will show you all games that use the tag.

Please read the Tagging Tips guide for more information on tags.

#angel #demon 1 12 19th century 1v1 1x1 1x2+ 2013 3 a very large abduction aberrations academy action action/adventure active adult adult content adventure age agents agnes airbender airship alchemists alchemy alcohol alex alexander's alexsilverx aleyn alice in wonderland aliens alittleanimeobsessed all points bulletin alliance alter ego altered alternate alternate dimensions alternate history alternate reality alternate universe alternate universes alternative harry potter alternative reality amara amarthene amazing amelia anarchy ancent and peace at the end. androids ange angel angels anger angst animal familiars animals anime anime manga fansty kingdom vampires shapsshirfters anime style anne rice anotherdayattheoffice anthro any genre(s) any rating(s) anything goes apb apocalypse apocalyptic appocolypse apprentice approval archangels arpg array art arthurian artifacts assassin assassins asylum atlantis augest augmentation avarice avatar avemaria awakening awesome awesome holy crap moments backwards badass badgers ball band bandit bandits bands bane bar bartender battle battlefield battles bbr bdsm bears beauty beginner ben betrayal biopunk birds bl black cats black ops black prince malcom bleach blood blood manipulation bloodshed bloody blown blueblackrose. bbrose board board-game boarding school bondage booze borrowed characters bosmer boss boss battles bots bound bounty bounty hunter bounty hunters boy boy orphange seaperated boys breakup breeds breton bromance bunnymund burn my dread bustling vampire city. butler butt butt butts cafe camelot camera camp campaign canine cannibals cards? career caretaker casual cataclysmic mystery cats cause cedric chalice challenge chao's chaos chapter-based chapters character dump character interaction character pool cheating cheats chess children circus cities city civil war clandestine clans classic cliche clones closed club clubs clueless co-operation collection collective college college. combat comedy comics competitive conflict connected conquest conspiracy contemperary cool cool kids cooperative corruption cosmicfoxkitty count d cowboys crazy crazy people creative creature creatures crime crime solveing crime solving criminals crims cross academy cruel cry cthulhu cunning curse custom setting cute cyberpunk cyborg cyborgs dai li dance dark dark age dark fantasy dark forest dark love dark souls darkness darth vader dead kid dean death deception deimos deleting delivery mission gone wrong demon demons derp desert desicions despicable destiny destruction detailed detectives development devils devils night diapers dice dictator did i mention space? dieselpunk differinciality digidestined digimon digital digital monsters digiworld dimensional travel diplomacy discovery dishonored disney dm do doll dome domestic domination don't read doom dorms dracula dragon dragons drama drama llama dream dreams drinking drunk mechanics durarara shizuo izaya dwarves dystopia dystopian earth earthbender eating edith edo period education elder scolls elder scrolls eldritch abominations elemental elementals elements elfs elizabethan elves empire employees en français end of days enforcers england enhanced epic epic fantasy era era travel etc eternal event everyday life evil experiments explicit exploration extreme factions fairies fairy fairy tale fairy's fairytale fairytales fall fallout falls falros family fan based fan-based fandom fanfic fanfictions fantacy fantasy fantasy; murder; strategy; magic; fate/ stay night fbi fear feedback feline female fiction fight fighting final fantay fire firebender flight fluttershy fog folklore force forcers forgotten forsaken fosters fractured freak show free for all free-world freedom freeform freelytomorrow french friends friendship frontlines frost fruits basket fuck yes! fun funny furries furry futeristic setting future futurepunk futuristic game game of thrones games gaming gang gangster gangsters garden gary stu gay gazette gen 4 gender bender genetics german germany getaway ghost ghost slaying ghosts giant giants gielnor gifted humans girl girl love girls god god-eating goddesses godly gods golden good good vs evil gore gore vampire necromancer death fantasy gosick government graveyard greek mythology grid grimoire group gru guards guild guilds gun gunplay guns gunslinger hakuouki halfbreeds halloween hallway halo themed happy fun times hardcore-ish harry styles hate haunted haunted house haunted resort haunting heaven hell hellas hells games help hemset hero hero super anime marvel hero's journey heroes heroines heroins heros hetalia hexio hidden hiding high high fantasy high school high tech highschool highscool historical historical twist hitler hiuknowme hogwarts holiday holocaust hope horrer horror horror tradegy anime horseman host club hotel house human humans humor hunger games hunt hunter hunters hurt & comfort hurt comfort hybrid genre hyrule ideas ides idol idr_prime illegal job opportunities illusion imaginary immortals imperial japan impossible to ever understand imps incest indian information inn insane insane asylum penetentary insanity intermediate intervention intrigue inus investigation investigators invitation island it's not piracy without a flag jack frost japan japanese jealousy jess jomeimei journey judgement day justice katekyo hitman reborn kawaii kelstone key khr kick-ass kickassery killer killing them all kingdom kingdom hearts kingdoms kings knights kriemedean kuro ningyou kylar kyoko chie lace law la_h learn learning legend leisha lies life light limbo linear lock lok lolz london long term lost lost cause lotr louisiana lounge love love triangle love yaoi live life priavte anime lovecraft low fantasy luftwaffe lunar lust lycan lycans macabre machines madness mae magazine mage magi magic magic kingdoms magical magical girls magicians maid male malum manga manor mansion march margo market mars martial arts mary sue masquerade master master slave masters mates mature mayhem maze me mecha mechs medieval medieval fantasy medieval setting meg megaverse memes mentor-student mermaid merpeople merrik michelle middy midnight midnight star midnightstar military mind mind-games mine minion minor horror miscellaneous mission based missunderstandings mistress mix mmo mmorpg modern modern fantasy modern setting monster monster hunting monsters moon moral ambiguity more tags to come morpheus moth movie ms multi-fandom multi-genre multiple authors multiple stories multiple storylines multirace multiverse murder music mutants mxm mychemicalromance mysterious mystery mystical myth mythical mythology myths naruto nation-based nations naughty nazi nazis necromancy neko nephilem nernias neutral neverland new world new world of darkness night nikia nobles nomads non-fantasy non-magic nordic nothing nowhere nsfw nuclear fallout nudity nyan oc's occult ocs odd office old fashioned olivia omlyt once upon a time one on one one x one onexone online opaaru open open ended open rp open world orcs order organization original original characters original world orphaned no food or money other other worldly other-world ouat ouija outcasts outlaws pack packs pagan pain pancakes paradise parallel universes paranoia paranormal parody party partyin partying passion past peace people perfection peril persona personal pet pet shop of horrors phobos pilot piracy pirates pixie plague play plot was avoided pokemon police polictition politic political political intrigue politics pooka portland post apocalyptic post-apocalypse post-apocalyptic post-zombie-apocalyptic poverty power powers present pretty princes princesses prison private private damnit! private roleplay private rp private! problems psychic psychological pumpkin punk punk rock puns pvp quest quests race rachel radiation rainbows ranch random ranks ravens reach out to the truth real life realistic reality rebellion rebels recovery regression rei reimagining relationship relationships relaxation religion religious concepts reloaded repeat reserved responsibilities revenge revolution right vs wrong rise of the guardians risk rival rivalry robbery robot robotic robots rogue rogues rohesha role playing role-play roleplay romance romanticism rookie rotg royalty rp rpg sailor moon sam samurai san fransisco san pero sandbox sands sao saving the world saviors scary schoo l school school life school-life sci fi sci-fi sci-fi space action no rules adventure adult alien science science fantasy science fiction science-fiction scifi screams scuicude secret secret identity secrets seelie seer self-discovery seme serious servants seven deadly sins sex sexuality shadow shadow hunters shadows shame shapeshifters shapeshifters dorms shifters shin megami tensei shinsengumi shipwrecked shockingzelda shortstories shoujo ai shounen ai shutala shyreia silly sim-date sinful sinz skill sky-road skyrim slave slayers sleepers slender death slice of life slice-of-life slot-based slots small town society solar sonic sonic! sotf souls space space ships space travel space-ship spaceship special spell spells spies spirit spirits spiritual spy squad star trek star wars states station stats stealth steam-punk steampunk steamy stone-age storage story storybrooke storytime stragety stranded strategy strawberry panic street stripper stuart stuck students stuff suicide summons super powers super powers or abilities super smash bros. super-heroes super-villains superhero superheroes superheros superhuman superhumans supernatrual supernatural supernatural rp superpowers survival suspense swag swearing switch sword sword art online swordart swords swords and flintlock swords and magic swordz table top table-top tactical tag talents tales tamriel tanus tarack tatiana taylor swift tea party teachers team team versus team teams teamwork tech technology teen teen angst teenager teenagers teens tekken television temptations test testing text roleplay thailand the end the vampire chronicles thriller time time continuum time travel time warping time-traveling timeline torchwood totem tournament towashima tower tower defense town tragedy tragic train training transylvania trapped travel treason treasure treasure hunting tribal tribes trickery trolling trouble true blood trust truth tutorial twisted ugly uke undead unicorns unique world united universe university unlimited unnatural unseelie unseen urban urban fantasy utopia/dystopia vacation vampire vampire hunters vampire knight vampire the masquerade vampires victorian video game videogame vigilante viking era vikings villain villains violence virginia virtual virtual reality wacky war warcraft war craft crafting building construction warehouse warping warriors wars wasteland water waterbender weapon weapons weird were's werewolf werewolves western whatever wicked wife swap wild west wind winter witch witches wizard wizards wod wolf wolf pack wolf roleplay wolf rp wolves wolves roleplay wolves rp woods work workplace workshop world world of darkness world of worlds world saving world war two ww2 x xanth xrvtybiyuginhu yaoi ye yeah!! yolo young adult yuans yuri zelda zeta zodiac zombie zombie apocalypse zombies zombies.