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Character Pool

Welcome to the Character Pool, a service that makes it easier for players who can't find a game for a character they wish to play to be recruited. The Character Pool only shows characters from users who have been active in the last 7 days.

If you are a player looking for a game, click "New Character" and create a character. You may have up to five characters in the Pool. You may find your own characters by sorting the Pool "Owner" section to select "You". To join a game with a Pool character, return to the Pool and click "Join Roleplay".

If you are a host looking for a player, you may browse the listed characters using the Rating and Genre menus to narrow the Pool. Click "Invite" to send a PM to the player.


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Alexander Ramos   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
Alexander Ramos | 15 | Sophomore | Boxer
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Conquest   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
I am only the first of four.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Hwelpis Fōtthefe (“foot-thE-fe”), also Delfin   (Player: Kriemedean)
“I need you like a hole in the head, which is actually a neccessity for a Boto, like myself.”
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Isis Rune   (Player: Schizophrenic)
An eccentric and passionate leader of the New Dawn.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Leland Plantaget   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
THE CARDINAL; Judging you
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Mako Mori   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
A small brain child for a nostalgic roleplay
Rating: General     Genre: (any)    
Nickie “Nick” and Snow(ball)   (Player: Kriemedean)
“Pussy.” “SON OF A BUNNY! I AM NOT!”
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Purpulea “Lea” “Demon” Black   (Player: Kriemedean)
“The civility of the English is only matched by the ruthlessness of their policies.”
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Reira and Fred Duvaux   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
The only thing harder than sharing a body is sharing a room...
Rating: General     Genre: Fantasy, Fan-based, Other    
Subject Y   (Player: Schizophrenic)
Formerly known as Juniper Kismet, Subject Y is one of two revolutionary human experiments secretly developed by Better Living Industries.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Wren E. Burchard   (Player: Schizophrenic)
A genius beyond her years, forced into horrible circumstances.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Zenma "Zen" Deani   (Player: Schizophrenic)
The Knight of Sky
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    

Characters 1 to 12 of 12