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Character Pool

Welcome to the Character Pool, a service that makes it easier for players who can't find a game for a character they wish to play to be recruited. The Character Pool only shows characters from users who have been active in the last 7 days.

If you are a player looking for a game, click "New Character" and create a character. You may have up to five characters in the Pool. You may find your own characters by sorting the Pool "Owner" section to select "You". To join a game with a Pool character, return to the Pool and click "Join Roleplay".

If you are a host looking for a player, you may browse the listed characters using the Rating and Genre menus to narrow the Pool. Click "Invite" to send a PM to the player.


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Alexander Ramos   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
Alexander Ramos | 15 | Sophomore | Boxer
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Conquest   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
I am only the first of four.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Gordon Scott Hans   (Player: Strude)
The "New Bond"
Rating: General     Genre: Other    
Leland Plantaget   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
THE CARDINAL; Judging you
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Mako Mori   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
A small brain child for a nostalgic roleplay
Rating: General     Genre: (any)    
Razzle or Twilight/whatever u want   (Player: Sinz Kitten)
She is actually a small two tailed fox pet that gets turned into a human 'hybrid' because of a magic spell. She is usually a helper/companion for a male hunting mythics.
Rating: (any)     Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, F...    
Reira and Fred Duvaux   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
The only thing harder than sharing a body is sharing a room...
Rating: General     Genre: Fantasy, Fan-based, Other    
Serene Williams and Lilith Williams   (Player: OpheliaSmiles)
Yes, we are twins. Yes we are right ALL the time. No, you may not be our friend. Just go away...Gee Lilith why do you have to be so rude?! Well I'm sorry Serene but honestly, they only want to be our friend cause were twins. Ugh..
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Suzu Hellfire   (Player: OpheliaSmiles)
A shy demonic girl, who wishes to make as many friends as she can, will you be her ally, or her enemy?
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Todd Dallas   (Player: OpheliaSmiles)
Tweedle Dee of the heartland. Serves the queen.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    

Characters 1 to 10 of 10