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Character Pool

Welcome to the Character Pool, a service that makes it easier for players who can't find a game for a character they wish to play to be recruited. The Character Pool only shows characters from users who have been active in the last 7 days.

If you are a player looking for a game, click "New Character" and create a character. You may have up to five characters in the Pool. You may find your own characters by sorting the Pool "Owner" section to select "You". To join a game with a Pool character, return to the Pool and click "Join Roleplay".

If you are a host looking for a player, you may browse the listed characters using the Rating and Genre menus to narrow the Pool. Click "Invite" to send a PM to the player.


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Alexander Ramos   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
Alexander Ramos | 15 | Sophomore | Boxer
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Andolyn   (Player: rumxcoke)
The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But its still on the list.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Casey Herluin   (Player: Xavirne)
Laughter is the only medicine that works every time.
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Jackson Storm   (Player: Xavirne)
The fun things in life aren't easy
Rating: (any)     Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Horr...    
Leland Plantaget   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
THE CARDINAL; Judging you
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Pride   (Player: Xavirne)
Pride always comes before a fall... <3
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Razzle or Twilight/whatever u want   (Player: Sinz Kitten)
She is actually a small two tailed fox pet that gets turned into a human 'hybrid' because of a magic spell. She is usually a helper/companion for a male hunting mythics.
Rating: (any)     Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, F...    
Reira and Fred Duvaux   (Player: Cows Go Moo)
The only thing harder than sharing a body is sharing a room...
Rating: General     Genre: Fantasy, Fan-based, Other    
Rexlynn   (Player: Xavirne)
Rating: (any)     Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Horr...    
S'Rye Hollen   (Player: rumxcoke)
Rating: (any)     Genre: (any)    
Zareen Anatu StoneHart   (Player: rumxcoke)
...Life is only for so long
Rating: General     Genre: (any)    

Characters 1 to 11 of 11