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Site Rules

1a) Trolling is not allowed and will not be tolerated;

• Intentionally posting content meant to provoke a negative response from the opposing party.

• Intentionally posting content meant to provoke others into a flame war (insult throwing). Either between the troll and the target party/user. Or between the target user and the others within the discussion.

1b) Harassment is not allowed and will not be tolerated;

• Harassment; to trouble, torment, or confuse by continual persistent attacks (insult of ones person, religion, political beliefs, threats of ones person).

NOTE: Users should not attempt to handle trolling or harassment on their own. If a user suspects or knows another user is being trolled or harassed, or if a user suspects or knows another user is being a troll or harassing users. Please report the user and allow appropriate staff to handle it.

To report users click the triangle report button;
http://i.imgur.com/mpy94.png or http://i.imgur.com/9peUD.png or http://i.imgur.com/xzvbR.png

2) Absolutely no adult images, discussion, or roleplaying are permitted outside of the Adult sections of the site.

• Adult content seen outside of the adult forums will be deleted.

• Users found consistently posting adult content outside of adult forums will receive an infraction.

• Adult content is: graphic depictions of sex, nudity, violence, language or themes. Pornography and artistic nudity. Non-graphic visual depictions of sex.

• Adult content within signatures, avatar icons, profile icons, profile biographies, or custom profile layouts is not allowed. May result in a 10 day ban or permanent ban.

3) No bumping or spamming allowed.

• Repeated posting of the word "BUMP" to move a thread to the top of the forum.
• Posting unrelated content from the subject matter of the thread (spam).

4) Illegal adult content is not allowed, and will result in an instant ban (no questions asked). Child pornography, animal abuse and illegal guides will be reported to the authorities.

5) No off-site advertisement.

• Advertising of other sites with the intent to attract users to enroll with the site, or to purchase items is strictly forbidden.

• This includes your signature, posts, blog and within private messages and profile comments.

6) Report age accurately.

• Users found lying about their age will have their account demoted (adult privileges removed), and temporarily banned.


Guidelines must be followed for adult content (see rule #2) on WTFRPG. All adult topics must be posted to the appropriate adult forums and marked accordingly.


• All threads containing adult content (see rule #2) or deal with mature/sensitive subject matter must be marked [NSFW] and posted to the adult forums.

• General adult threads not dealing with adult content or mature/sensitive subject matter do not require a [NSFW] tag.

• General adult threads that are subject to or are open to receiving posts containing adult content or mature/sensitive subject matter, should be marked [NSFW].


• Full feature roleplays containing adult subject matter, or may develop into adult subject matter, must be rated [Adult] upon its creation.

• An adult rated full feature roleplay game may be downgraded from the adult rating to the general rating, if the games content has no adult subject matter covered.

• If an adult full feature roleplay game is downgraded from the adult rating to the general rating. The game must remain, and all content within the game, at an acceptable PG-13 (general) content rating. The rating of the game cannot change back to adult after it has been downgraded.


What is an infraction? The term ‘infraction’ is an umbrella term that defines two moderation actions: warnings and temporary bans.

• WARNING; is an automated PM message from a moderator that inform a user to cease and desist. Warnings are recorded on a users profile and remain logged for 14 days. Warnings do not effect the function of an account.

• TEMPORARY BAN; is a temporary lock on a users account that disallows a users access of their account for 10 days. Temporary bans are recorded on a users profile and permanently logged.

What is a ban? A ban permanently disallows a users access of their account.

• A ban can come without prior warning.
• A ban is permanent.
• A banned user found making a new account will have the alternate account banned as well.

Can a user attest a moderation action? Yes, a user may contact one of the other moderators and request the action taken be reviewed further.

What if a user is given a 10 day ban? A user can still contact moderators via an outside site.

• Knerd: PM via Menewsha.com

What can result in a warning, 10 day ban, or ban? Actions which are deemed by moderators to be in violation of the rules may be punished to the severity of the witnessing moderators discretion.