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Reira and Fred Duvaux

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

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Rating: General   Genre: Fantasy, Fan-based, Other  

The only thing harder than sharing a body is sharing a room...

Reira has a short stature, coming up at 5'3", but makes up for it in her speed. Her hair is a pink color which is cut to about her neck and tied two unbraided pigtails. Her eyes are bright green and her skin, tanned from being outdoors. She usually wears a long sleeved kimono like top, which ends at her navel which does well to hide spelltags. The top has black strings attached as a necklace with a small gem in the middle. Her lower half consists of a pair of black leggings, black shoes and a sash between her pants and shirt. Her weapon resides strapped on her back for later use.

Fred has wild, red hair that is usually left to flow around his head. His eyes are also green, but his skin is eerily pale. He stands at 5'8", a bit short…or tall depending on who you compare it to. He wears a white, collared shirt that is a few buttons loose and a pair of dark blue jeans that betray his formal clothing. The spikes on his gloves are retractable, making them rather inconspicuous; however he prefers to keep them in his pocket until danger arises.

Both are nineteen years old.

The “R” in Reira stands for reticent. On the outside she seems polite and well-mannered, but she sees things. She is the more perceptive of the two, able to look into people and make (usually correct) judgments. Unfortunately, she won’t usually share those judgment calls unless absolutely necessary. Part of this is because she wants to believe people are better than what she sees them as, but also because she fears having her own flaws pointed out. She is a prideful woman who would rather let people forget about an argument than press an issue. But she never forgets when someone has wronged her, no matter how small or petty. Now obviously, most of the comments she keeps in her head, but because of her brother they can sometimes slip out. She does have a good side however, such as when a person is genuinely hurt or sad. When something someone says or does hurts a person she will stand up against them because it is no longer a case of right or wrong, but emotions. In that sense, she is able to come out of her shell and have the courage that her brother does.

Fred, for all of his genetic similarity, is different. Because he merely occupies Reira’s mind he is imbued with a reckless abandon that is not present in his sister. When speaking to others, he does so with little mind to the consequences it has to either him or Reira. He has no problem with being truthful to others (with their secret being the only exception), but is often oblivious to certain social cues and signs of danger. Because of this, he pushes Reira to be more open about her observations and is often the cause of her outbursts. He, himself is little better with containing himself (usually pausing for seconds at a time before turning back to his conversational partner). If asked, he will describe himself as nigh invincible, though he doesn’t feel that way. Because of the nature of their existence, Fred’s form is unstable and he understands that his time in this world is limited. He wants to make the most of it despite the fact that he secretly fears his eventual death and severance from his sister.

Equipment / Abilities


1. Dual Personalities - Reira and Fred share one body due to an accident at birth, but now can change freely with each other. They both can communicate with each other one as a spirit, and the other in the body
2. Eye of the Storm - Reira’s dexterity allows her to move swiftly through/around others and avoid attacks
3. Fire - Fred can summon fireballs and light him body on fire without getting burned;

Character Weapons:

1. Reira uses a chained scythe
2. Fred uses a pair of leather gloves with spikes at the knuckles



The Chimera lands, covered in spell-tags that can be added one’s weapon. Upon summon, it will give off a deafening roar that momentarily silences opponents. “Tagging” a weapon will make it randomly apply a low level spell on hit (e.g. Fira, Stop, Reflect, etc). It will prance around, trying to shake off these tags and attacking opponents. The summon ends when all the spell tags have fallen off.

Reira and Fred were fraternal twins, born to a Mr. and Mrs. Duvaux. At least that's how things were supposed to be, but unfortunately, there was a complication at birth and Fred had ended up dying. For Reira, they kept that little fact of her life a secret. As far as she knew, she was an only child, well until she started to hear a voice. At first, she tried to drown it out through music but the voice knew things and not only that, but it could get her to do things that she didn’t want to do. While this did not happen often, there were unexplained cases when she would suddenly blurt out something inside of her head that she didn’t mean to. Fortunately, they were things that needed to be said (even if she hadn’t had the courage to say them).

It was only when she was older that she realized that she couldn’t keep ignoring what was going on.

At the tender age of sixteen she was working at the local store, as any broke teenager would be, but unlike some teenagers she was unlucky enough to be held up at gun point. She didn’t have much combat experience at that point so she did what came at first instinct: she pressed the alarm. Scared, the robbers shot her and ran, hoping that they would be able to get away. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize who they were dealing with. As if by magic, “Reira” rose from the ground, and leaped at the robbers, utilizing all of her adrenaline to disarm the robbers and pistol whip them into unconsciousness.

Upon regaining control, Reira realized that her mind had some explaining to do. For the first time, she opened up to the voice inside of her head and learned a great many things. She learned that the voice inside was actually her to-be brother, Fred, who somehow found a home inside of her body. She learned that she had powers, powers that were beyond elemental magic. Mostly though, she learned that her parents had been lying to her for most of her life. She knew better than to confront her parents directly about it, but her brother would not have any of that so she reluctantly agreed to just talk frankly about the subject.

They laughed it off and called her crazy.

Except that Reira knew she wasn’t crazy, like how she knew they were lying.

When her parents weren’t home, she rifled through their drawers, looking for any evidence of her brother, strange magic, and the like until she stumbled upon a manila folder. On the outside it appeared old, and impacted with sides that threatened to rip. On the inside, there were mountains and mountains of research papers, photographs of strange shadows, and even sketches of some boy. Being the more rational of the two, she hid the files in her knapsack and acted as though nothing was wrong. Though there was a lot of information she had trouble making sense of it, only drawing a connection between 

After that, Reira had made plans to travel to Kilatis, her (and her brother’s) birthplace at the age of seventeen. Unfortunately, they hadn’t planned for the Heartless to arrive.

They arrived in one fell swoop, seemingly attracted to Reira and her strange self. Much to her horror, they had consumed most of Kilatis, leaving only the hut of a small witch doctor. It was through that event that they had met the doctor of Reira’s findings and found out the actual reasoning behind their strange condition. As it turned out, magic was a strong force indeed. Though the details were unclear, her parents had paid a hefty sum to try and revive her brother, but to no avail. Instead, there was only Reira and the voice inside her head. Since then, her parents had tried to give her a normal life, never contacting the doctor despite his recommendations for a checkup, not that one could be done with the impending wave of heartless. With the little time they had, the doctor gave all of his research he had to Reira, but before she had a chance to look through any of it she found herself in darkness…and then Traverse Town.

As it is now, they have relocated to Traverse Town and have trained a great deal in combat, complementing each other’s fighting styles rather well. Now if only they could get used to the whole sharing bodies idea…

This was originally made for a fantasy-type roleplay, but heavily modified. Now these two function mainly as Kingdom Hearts OCs (: