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I am only the first of four.


Official Title: Horseman of Conquest
Aliases: Gregory Henderson
Age: 21 (Immemorial)
Gender: Male
Species: Human (?)
Occupation: Ruler of Hell and Earth as we know it
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Body Type: Slim
Apparel: When in disguise, Conquest wears very muted, neutral colors that he describes as "a very dead autumn." Plaid button-ups, scarves, and jeans dominate his wardrobe while his brown jacket and navy sneakers remain constant. Admittedly, there is a certain charm to his subdued style but Conquest's tastes are more...extravagant. When in his domain, he dresses with a long, arrow-catching cape and a skeletal crown as well as a nice set of rings for his troubles.

The Persona of Greg
Those who don't know Greg would find him a charismatic figure. Calm, rational, and yet warm at the same time. Unlike the "robot scientist" stereotype that plagues the media he is an overly sociable person when it comes to interacting with others. While not talkative by any means, he seems to know what to say to draw people's extroverted side out and make friends with them. He stays calm, nods along to the words of others, and most importantly, understands if somebody is having trouble. Rather than taking an active role in interaction he empathizes with pretty much anyone he talks to and acts patient since people generally hate being prodded at. Sometimes people don't want to be thrust advice so much as given acknowledgement so he merely gives people what they want.

He's made many friends this way, but don't get him wrong. He does not roll over in the face of conflict. When faced with a difficult situation Greg does his best to diffuse any anger that the other person might have via logic, personal understanding, and some semblance of pretending to care. If that doesn't work he will probably respond with a sardonic remark and leave them to stew in their own anger. He hates when situations don't go his way (as he puts quite a bit of work into planning them) and more so if others pester him over it. Nagging brings out a fire in him (likely because his parents always nagged him over everything he did) that results in a lot of hot air and hurtful truths that he would never say otherwise. Now this isn't to say that he is fake by any means but rather that he keeps a lot of things in the back of his mind.

What is left for the man who has conquered everything? Most would say not much and that would be true, at least materially. In terms of personality, it means that Conquest has the resume to back up all of his quiet yet ostentatious arrogance. He doesn't only believe that he can win every fight but that he will win every fight. He often spends his free time taunting fighters and rebel leaders to fight him while dismissing entire armies to give the opposition a fighting chance to regain their lost land. Unfortunately, his thirst to win disallows him to concede even an acre of neutral ground.

Instead, his competitive nature takes over and he pounds both ally and enemy into submission before snapping a picture of his victories. On the surface he will try to appear "humble" in victory but once audiences leave his true pettiness will emerge. Verbal sniping, smartassed quips, and below-the-belt insults color his vocabulary so much that one could mistake his dialogue for a crusty, seventy-year old grandmother. The only thing separating him (other than his young body) is the twinge of charisma and cheekiness in his voice. Even if he knows how malicious he acts, he does prefer that people like him. He pretends not to care what others think, but it's an unspoken rule that when he asks for opinions it's often for validation. If someone disagrees of criticizes him, he takes it as a challenge to prove them wrong.

Otherwise, if people don't nag him (something that carried over from Greg) he strives to be genial among friends, or at least the closest people he could call that. Most of his, well Greg's, friends left after the whole "taking over his body' debacle.

Reason for joining:
Ennui. He's taken over this world, why not have some fun in the other ones?

Personal Beliefs:
He's the best. He beat Death after all.

Equipment / Abilities
-Satan's Quill: Originally the weapon of choice for Satan. Mephistopheles and then the Horseman of War, this obsidian blade was used to reap the souls of those who backed out of their contracts with the Underworld. In order to use it properly, one must bind their souls to the blade through a blood contract; however, in doing so they put themselves in danger of corruption by the blade. As it feasts on more souls, the user becomes hungrier and hungrier until they go on a rampage. For that reason, few humans have ever successfully used it without killing themselves...well until it fell into Gregory's hands. Currently Greg uses it to slay supernatural creatures but how he acquired the blade remains unknown.

-An Annotated Version of the Old Testament: Exactly what it says. This is a pocket Bible annotated with all the necessary verses to slay evil creatures.

-Various Religious Paraphernalia: Though his leanings are most definitely Christian, he's acquired a great variety of tools to keep himself safe.

-Dominus: His trusty steed of the Apocalypse. Though a white horse in his true form, Dominus disguises himself as a KIA Sorento. Sadly, he must stay in his world.

Honestly, if it weren't for his status as a Horseman, he would be an ordinary human, yet because he is a Horseman he gets a few benefits.
-Reincarnation: Every time that he transfers over to a new vessel, his powers shift, although his core "soul mastery" stays the same.
-Soul Mastery: Horsemen can consume souls to gain strength/speed/endurance or heal or split their soul to empower others with the same trait. It is not recommended to split one's soul too much as they weaken themselves by doing so. Soul consumption happens either through slaying a being with his weapon or feasting on a live being. He generally hates the latter method, but will go through with it if he hungers enough.
-Necromancy: As part of his "soul mastery", he can animate and control corpses without their consent. The duration correlates with how much of his own "soul" he puts into the corpse as well as the state of the corpse he is attempting to animate. The better the condition, the longer it can survive. Unfortunately, necromancy does not stop the rotting process, nor does it give the corpse real bodily functions. Currently, he can only control four small animals or two humans/large creatures for about a day.


-Satan's Quill: Given that he is soul-bound to the dagger, Greg will never be separated from his weapon. As the blade consumes more souls Greg, too, gets stronger in terms of wielding it and utilizing his soul energy to empower its strikes.
-Armored Cape: An enchanted cape that deflects most projectiles.
-Skeletal Crown: Purely aesthetic, although even he acknowledges how ugly it is.

The world exists in three planes.

There was Heaven (the plane of angels and God), Earth (the plane of humans and nature's fauna), and Hell (the plane of demons and the devil himself). Unlike the Heaven and Hell written of in fiction however, Heaven was not the arbiter of good and Hell, a cesspool of debauchery. They were merely two different societies that diverged after Lucifer fell from Heaven, representing two sides of a spectrum, Order and Chaos, Light and Dark, all that sort of morally relative nonsense. For the most part, they stayed in their respective homelands, but also existed in small pockets of Earth in order to toy with unsuspecting humans and the occasional Fae. Generally, the Supernatural Police Force keeps them under wraps, but there are often times when their alliance with Heaven's bureaucrats Angels comes in handy, such as the Horsemen.

Long ago a man predicted that the Lamb of God (or was it the Lion of Judah? Time has not been kind to the ancient scriptures) unlocked four of the seven seals to retrieve the scroll gated by the three remaining seals and eventually bring about the Apocalypse. While the first event happened, Satan has certainly lagged on the second part. When the seals were first undone, Earth and Heaven did everything in its power to drive the Horsemen away and stay alive but truthfully they didn't need to. The Horsemen were rookies at best and utterly too vain to understand their purpose. Conquest was not a leader, War was not calculated, and everything fell apart. Their ineptitude forced Satan to scatter their power across the globe on the gamble that they might one day be reincarnated. Through the ages they kept trying to unite but nothing worked (partially because the technology wasn't there yet).

This is where Gregory's story ties in. Born to human parents and having lived a human life, he had every right to believe that he, himself was human and had absolutely nothing special about him. He made friends, went through school, and even went out on a date from time to time. To keep everything concise, he found out about his status a year ago after being attacked by a killer and acquiring Satan's Quill. At first, he believed the item to be nothing more than a curious looking dagger, but as soon as he took hold of it, a plan was set into motion.

After gaining a reputation for being a demon hunter as well as an arrest warrant for killing one of Heaven's finest angels, Greg was contacted by the Horseman of Death to form an alliance with the remaining Horsemen, their reasoning being that starting the Apocalypse was one way to avoid execution. Out of all of them, he had the most nebulous origin since a reincarnation of Conquest had not arose in nearly a thousand years, having had the spot handed over to Pestilence, an alternative interpretation of the White Horse ("Of course nothing is as good as the real deal"). So he formed a pact with the four of them and sought to unlock the remaining seals. Everyone else had the tools necessary to unlock their seal, but Gregory learned that he still needed to gather more souls to fully utilize his power.

For three more years, he and the other Horsemen built an army of both living and dead allies to (on the surface) wage war against Heaven and Earth and gather souls through the death of both enemy and ally alike. As Satan's Quill gained more power, Greg too, grew stronger; however, the call of Satan's Quill was not lost on him. He felt himself getting hungrier, more bloodthirsty despite his constant consumption on the battlefield. He was playing right into War's hands.

In truth, War colluded with Death to seek out Conquest and corrupt him until his true nature was released. Unfortunately, War did not anticipate either Death or Conquest's true intentions. Greg's gnawing bloodlust drove him to slay the Horsement, both in secret and in the open. First was Pestilence, then Famine, then War (in front of her army no less), and finally facing Death.

Though Death's directive drove him to gather among the Horsemen like everyone else, he had an even bigger purpose: enforcing the continuous cycles of life and death. Were the Horsemen to unite and cause the Apocalypse they would try to immortalize themselves and he couldn't have that, especially not from War of all people. Greg was merely a pawn who could best handle Satan's Quill. Grabbing the weapon, Death attempted to slay Greg and put an end to the last Horseman; however, something awoke in Greg.

His true self.

Conquest rose, calling back Satan's Quill and shoving it through the man's own heart instead of his own.

In the year following, an Apocalypse did not, in fact, happen. He did not rewrite the world completely, deciding instead to give himself [i]just enough[/i] dominion over the universe to take over. His reasoning at the time had been to seek out worthy opponents but rather than go toe-to-toe with God themself. Heaven, of course, fought to maintain balance of the world, but God's now-fallible status meant that they were forced into an uneasy alliance. Until one could figure out a way to kill the other, Conquest remained king.