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Alexander Ramos

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Alexander Ramos | 15 | Sophomore | Boxer



What's your name?

Alexander Ramos

Any nicknames?

Some people call me Alex and my friends back then still call me "Fat Boy, but seriously just call me "Alexander". Nothing else.

How old are you?


When is your birthday?

October 21st

And your year?

Sophomore or a tenth year I guess. I always thought it was weird that we don't count Pre-K or Kindergarten as a year.

What is your gender?

Male obviously.


Straight I guess. I haven't found any guy that does it for me, probably never will.

Where are you from?

United States, representing the lovely town of Richmond.

What are you Majoring in?



Hair: Brunette in a bowl cut

Eyes: Golden, yellow

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 135 lb

Build: Lean and athletic

Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: He has a tattoo of a lion's head roaring on his chest

Alexander is as blunt as his favorite weapon (brass knuckles). To him, honesty is the bravest trait a person can have. Deception is a cowardís game, played only by those who canít win through fair means. This too, applies to the way that he interacts with others. He speaks candidly when asked for an opinion, and though he isnít one to pass up a joke, heíll never lie to spare another personís feelings. In fact, when he explains himself it can come off abrasively, if not a tad confrontational. Though Alexander doesnít necessarily mean anything by his words, he isnít very aware of how they can hurt others. Often, those close to him will call him out on his tone, something thatís one of his many points of contention.†

He isnít one to back down from an argument, particularly when he thinks heís right (which is a lot). Like in a fight, he argues to win and has a hard time admitting defeat without taking it as a personal loss. Granted, he never resorts to personal attacks, but one can find him waxing poetic about how angry he is a while after losing any sort of competition. In spite of this, Alexander does not hold a grudge. Though he is a prone to mood swings, he ultimately holds no ill-will toward the people he contends with. If anything, Alexander is able to make (and hang onto) friends fairly easily because of his "forgive and forget" policy. In his mind, as long as a person is genuinely sorry or has received some sort of punishment he feels that they have gotten what they have deserved.†

And like the grip of a knuckleduster, he has a hard time releasing his hold. People often describe him as rigid and somewhat of a control freak, needing things to go his way and on his time. He has a hard time seeing why a bike ride at two o'clock in the morning is unreasonable while hopping a train to "Gunshits" (a bar he frequents) is a good idea. To that extent, he doesn't empathize or adapt very well to opinions that aren't his own. Truth, he expects, so the truth is what he tells; however, he doesn't see anything wrong with bluntness (as other people might) so he doesn't regard it as something to avoid.†

One thing he majorly values though, is justice. Though he wouldn't call it a complex, it is important that everyone gets their dues. He looks down upon crime and the concept of forgoing moral behavior in favor of personal gains. Often times, people ask him how he can value justice while ignoring certain laws of the land. This is easy because justice and law are not mutually inclusive, though they should be. Justice in its purest form, is delivering good to the good and punishment to the bad. Whether this is done through the law or through other means, justice just is. This reconciliation is natural to him, but it also comes with consequences. He is fiercely protective of those he deems as companions or just personable. It is hard for him to hate any one person so when they act criminally he struggles to separate their acts from their personality.

This is how people described you. Do you agree?
Well...kind of.

What do you like?
†EDM, jokes, late nights, parties, and fit girls. I don't want some girl who looks like she just flew in from a deserted island.

†Dishonesty, Liberal arts-type classes, Apologizing (although I'm pretty used to it), Criminal/Shadyness, Rain.

Equipment / Abilities
How would you describe the way you dress?
No idea. I love my plaid and I love my blazers. I mean it's weird because I do rave and go to the occasional party, but I certainly don't dress in the neon-vomit that everyone is so accustomed to. Jeans are definitely a staple too because normal pants are not what's up.

Why exactly are you at this academy?
I'm a boxer if you haven't been told already. With my artistic skills I could probably also do art, but there are already enough pretentious assholes in the industry.

What do you do for fun?
When I'm not training I like to unwind with spray-painting, listening to the latest synth tracks, video games, and baking if the occasion ever calls for it.

What interests you?

I don't really know how this question is different from the other one but all of the above and science I guess? Being a biochemist is going to be my fall back if this whole boxing thing doesn't work out.

Not much of my life has happened yet, but from what my parents told me I was a very rambunctious, demonic child who spent all of his time getting into trouble because I loved getting punched in the face more than being called a fatass. It took a toll on them as parents since we struggled a lot financially but let's be honest, fighting in Richmond of all places is pretty tame, like it's not good but at least it didn't end up in me getting shot. Back then, my parents believed that I was fighting only to get out my anger at the fact that they were never home (not the case) so they signed me up for boxing lessons at the local gym since the instructor was a close friend of my mother's. He had offered to do it for free on the condition that I help clean up all the equipment and put away the mats before Mom picked me up. She agreed for me (since I didn't exactly have a say back then) and there I realized that I had a natural knack for the sport. It sounds sort of wrong to say, but punching people in the face came naturally to me and it helped turn my baby fat into lean muscle.

By the time that puberty hit I had grown into a taller guy who could basically beat down anyone in my weight class (and higher if you want to challenge me) and helped put Richmond on the map as home to one of (if not) the best boxing teams on the west coast. In school I was coasting by pretty easily (4.0 GPA and all that) but my parents were asking more from me. They had heard from my coach (as well as my former instructor) about RosenHill Academy and my coach encouraged me to send in an application. I didn't have much on my record so for the first time I felt pretty unsure of whether or not I would get in. The doubt was...intriguing.

When I was accepted I felt pretty happy with myself, but at the same time it was bittersweet. How would my parents pay the tuition? How would my friends feel? Would everyone there be rich douchebags like the ones I'd regularly face in the ring? The first of my questions was answered by an addendum in the letter offering me a scholarship, but I honestly have no idea how the rest of my year is going to go.

                7:00 am - 7:45am: Breakfast Sleep
Period 1 (7:55am - 8:35am): World Literature More Sleep
Period 2 (8:45am - 9:20am): Chemistry
Period 3 (9:30am - 10:10am): Trigonometry Do homework for other classes because Trig is a joke
Period 4 (10:20am - 11:05am): US History Early lunch
11:05am - 12:05pm: Lunch and Free Time
Period 5 (12:15pm - 12:50pm): Graffiti Studies
Period 6 (1:00pm - 1:40pm): Soccer/Gym
Period 7 (1:50pm - 2:30pm): Biology
2:30pm - 4:50pm: Boxing Team Practice
5:00pm - 6:30pm: Dinner
6:30 - 9:50: Boxing Practice Skip Boxing Practice
(You must be in your dorm rooms by twelve.)