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Gregory Hojem-Sanders

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Brook V

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Works as a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) Level 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. Specialised in DNA analysis. Test


Greg changes his hairstyle and color from time to time. It's mostly brown and often a bit spiky. He has brown eyes and a slim but slightly muscular body shape. He's of average length and weight. His clothing style is casual and in his work he often use body armor or white lab-coats.

Greg is of Norwegian decent.


Greg has a good sense for humor and a witty speech and drops funny comments now and then. Since he became a CSI he has been a bit more serious in job-related situations. Privately he's often in a good mood and can talk much.He's also quite flirty and mostly extrovert.

As a man of science he does not believe in any religion.

Some of his interests and hobbies is listening to music, scuba diving and surfing. He's also very interested in the history of old Vegas when it was run by mobsters. He's writing a book about that. Some of his favorite music genres are hard rock and punk. However he do listen to P!INK. One of his favorite artists are Marilyn Manson.

Some of his drawbacks is that he's new to crimes and not as harden as most of his colleagues. He can feel ill if it's a unusually gross crime for him.

When he got annoyed or fall out with someone it shows. He typically respond sourly to comments made by that person. One man he has quite a rivalry with David Hodges in Trace.

Equipment / Abilities

College major in Forensics and DNA analysis.

Is said to have inherited his grandmother's medial abilities, like foreseeing the future and finding missing animals.

Carries a case with fingerprint kit, plastic gloves, swabs, tweezers, plastic & paper evidence bags, flashlight, camera and other forensic tools.

Also carries a 9mm gun, CSI badge and body armor.


Grew up as the only son. His mother was very protective about him as she wanted more kids but never got them. He is a prodigy and has had it easy in school all his life. Although he could be lazy in college he always got good grades. He started at the Las Vegas lab directly after college. During his time in Las Vegas however he wanted more than just being another labrat. He got tired of the lab environment and took the decision to become a CSI. He wanted to do field work instead of lab work which he didn't found challenging enough. His wish came true and his supervisor, Gilbert Grissom, allowed him to do field work and later on, becoming a CSI on the graveyard shift.

Greg has had tough paths in his life too. One time there was an explosion in the DNA lab and he ended up at the hospital. The accident was caused because Catherine Willows, a senior CSI, had placed an evidence on the wrong place. Another rough path in Greg's life was when he got beaten up after interfering with a case of assault and battery. Once again he ended up in hospital and also got sued for accidentally killing one of the guys involved in the crime.