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Hokulani "Lani" Kanani

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: BoredNeko19

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The cowgirl daughter of Mark who loves horses and understands them as they understand her.


Name: Hokulani Haukea Kanani

Nickname: Lani

Age: 18

Martial Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crush/Lover: A Cowboy

Gender: Female

Species: Human mixed with a bit of alien blood.

Hometown: Itya

Clothing: She normally wears jeans and t-shirt or button up shirts. None of her clothes are considered girly in any way aside from her rare halter or tank tops. But even then she never wears her halter or tank tops to work with the horses no matter how hot it gets. She does have dresses but they are all the ones that her mom left to her; in which she will wear one when she goes to visit her mom's grave.

Heritage: American

 Skin Tone: Pale but with a bit of color despite her time spent in the sun.

Height: 5'2"


Body Build: Petite but fit

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Birthmarks and scars: She does have a few scars from what she does along with her own clumsy falls. She also has scars on her arms, legs, and back from working with horses.

Looks: Lani has long brown hair that she normally wears up in a ponytail or braids. She very rarely will let her hair be down and lose since she finds it bothersome because it always gets in her face. She can be considered beautiful but if you ask her she'd say she was just cute. She has slender legs and a flat stomach with nearly a d-cup. Her skin is a beautiful pale color despite the amount of time she spends in the sun; but she does hardly ever get burned. Only after a week in the sun during the summer does she get tan skin but any other time of the year she has fair pale skin.

Her blue eyes sparkle with joy whenever she is working with horses or around since they are pretty much the only living things that can get her softer side. Normally her eyes only hold a reserved look if they do show any emotion but she isn't big on letting her eyes show any emotion aside from when she is in a good teasing mood but even then only playfulness and teasing can be found in her eyes. If anyone was to catch her in a daze they would probably see the sadness in her eyes but she only goes into a daze if in her room or when she is thinking or alone someplace.

Picture: [X] [X]


Lani is a bit of a klutz although she is a bigger klutz around any guy that happens to catch her attention. Around other people she is polite, unless its a bad day, and tries her best to get away. If the person is a guest at the ranch then she plays the nice good daughter, unless the guest is unexpected. Alone and with animals she is kind and gentle, a lot of times is more stubborn than the animals she works with. She loves having fun with her family so she plays around with her family. To anyone she doesn't trust though she might appear a bit cold to them but normally she just ignores them unless she has to talk to them.

Equipment / Abilities

Hobbies: Riding, Taming Horses, Basketball, Photography.

Weakness: Snakes, Being a Kultz, Not being able to express her feelings towards humans, Not that strong, Stubbornness.

Strengths: A Good Rider, Horses seem to protect her if needed, Can shoot better than most, Stubbornness.

Favorite Weapon: 22 rifle & Pistol

Unique Characteristics: She has an ability to understand a horse, although its a rare talent in her family. Horses also seem to respond to her moods if she is close to the horse.

Occupation: Rancher’s Daughter but helps out around the Ranch with taming the horses and working with them.

Pets: A female dog named Akemi and a mare named Midnight that belonged to her mom and her own stallion named Tsuki.

Family: Her parents, her twin, and older sister are by blood but the Ranch Hands are considered her family too.
   Grand Parents: Rena Aguirre (would be 60) & Phillip (would be 70); Both Dead
   Parents: René Sullivan (would be 40) & Mark (only 36); Mother dead while father is alive and well

   Siblings: Older sister and twin brother

Likes: Guns, Having Fun, Taming horses, Chocolate, Pizza, Teasing people, Horses, Sports, Wild animals & tame animals, Strong storms & extreme weather, Working with her dad, Spending time outside with animals, Music, Shooting things.

Dislikes: Loud noises when trying to sleep, People who mistreat animals, Dark chocolate, People who appear and act like they own the world, Those who don't respect others, Anyone who messes with her horses, Anyone who tries to tell her what to do, Anyone who thinks she is weak, snakes, lairs, crowds.


Lani's parents where high school sweethearts and had gotten married right out of high school. Sure they had their hard times but they worked threw them, with the help of the horses and Mark's parents. When Renè had found out she was pregnant with her first daughter it was a shock to both her and Mark, for neither had planned on having children while so young. At first it was hard with everything that happened since neither knew how to handle children or knew much about raising them; in fact if it wasn't for Mark's parents they would have probably lost their first born daughter.

It was only three years later that Renè found out she was pregnant again, this time since she knew what to expect it was easier for both her and Mark. During her time pregnant with Lani & her brother, she spent more time around horses and did so until she was forced to just help out around the house; not that it stopped her from riding or anything. Once Renè had Lani she saw a power in the small baby that was the same was what she had. She spent more time with Lani and always had Lani with her no matter what she was doing; even if she was taming a wild horse she had her daughter on her hip. Most would think that would be dangerous but not Renè because she saw how the horses reacted to her daughter and knew it was how they had reacted to her when she was a baby. In fact lots of time Lani would escape the house or her mother and go to the fields to play or be around the horses; not even the most wild horse could harm or get frighten by Lani during that time.

Lani grew up on the ranch and stayed around the horses helping out in any way she could. Most of the time she could be found following her mom or her dad around the ranch when they worked. She had her first pony when she was three and often she rode her pony around the ranch when she did start to follow her parents around the ranch as they worked. Which because of that is why the ranch hands that had been with them from the start think is the cause of her being able to ride so great yet have trouble walking on her own two feet. Once she was seven her dad taught her how to use guns and she learned quickly from him even though her mom didn't really want her to use guns much.

Although the summer when Lani turned eight was what changed her life forever. Her mom had packed up to go camping with her two daughters in the woods around the back of the ranch. They where riding, with Lani's older sister complaining some about having to ride, on a well traveled path. The path itself was safe and had been marked for anyone who got lost and then they could find their way back to the ranch. Although it was about noon when a storm came so suddenly that a loud clash of thunder sent the horses racing for shelter, although Renè's horse just bolted for he was scared of thunder. Lani's horse had gotten to a cave and laid down next to the small child that was scared of being alone during a storm. Lani's older sister's horse had found a good patch of trees that blocked the water and waited under it with the sister staying on the horse watching, for she loved storms.

After the storm when both girls came back to the ranch they where swept up into a hug from their dad and the ranch hands that had worried about them. Lani clung to her dad and asked him about her mom and that set all of them off to search for Renè with Lani and her older sister staying home with the oldest Ranch Hand's wife. The sisters had to stay to dry off and make sure they wouldn't get sick but both stayed out on the porch waiting for the others to return with their mom. As night got closer the sisters grew more fearful for their lost mom and had called the police and let them know what happened to help with the search. Although it was around midnight when everyone returned to the farm with the sister's mother's horse. Lani ran off the porch and to the horse since she saw it was frighten and her first instinct was to calm it down so she could understand what had happen.

After Lani found out what happen she had started to tremble and cry, which had her into her father's arms and back on the porch wrapped in a blanket quickly. She said that Renè was gone from the world and that the body got washed away in the river that was near where her mother's horse had been found. That confused people that heard since nobody had said where they found the horse at and her father seemed to understand since her mother often knew stuff before he told her on horses that was. Her older sister heard and yelled at Lani before running to her room to cry since her older sister didn't like to cry in front of other people. Mark took his youngest daughter up to her room and held her letting the oldest ranch hands deal with the cops and set up another search party for the week and during the day.

After that summer Lani seemed like someone else since she acted colder towards people, aside from her twin, most just thought it was because of her fights with her older sister. It was in their mother's will that everything she owned went to Lani aside from a few dresses that their mother knew her first daughter wanted. That was the cause of the two sisters to fight with each other over stuff until Mark locked all of his wife's stuff up in a chest, each daughter got the chest that held the stuff that belonged to them in their room and only they had the keys for the chest for the locks where one of a kind and could only be opened by the key that belonged to it. The chests themselves had belonged to the sister's mother and neither tried to get the others stuff. Although they still fought over it just because the older sister was jealous of her younger sister getting most of their mother's stuff.

When Lani was 15 she her dad figured she should get trained in the safe way to tame horses rather than the way her mom had taught her and had the Ranch hand that was dating Lani's older sister start teaching her. She humored her dad only because she did respect the ranch hand that was to be her teacher, in which she knew the reason why her dad didn't want anyone else teaching her was because he didn't want anyone to try anything with her. Which since the ranch hand that did get to be her teacher was already dating her sister she knew that her father thought it would be alright since he knew that the ranch hand and his oldest daughter were engaged at the time. Even with that it didn't help much since the ranch hand did get feelings for Lani, which she returned, and thus he taught her a lot more than just how to tame horses safely. Although Lani's older sister did find out and used it as blackmail to get the ranch hand to marry her sooner and leave the ranch.

Lani was sad at that since the ranch hand was her first love (if you don't count horses that is) and felt like she couldn't trust anyone because of it. When the new Ranch hand came she ignored him and never talked to him since if she was told to tell him something she had always gotten her twin to tell him. Of course her anger towards the new ranch hand was more for her sister than for the guy that she didn't even know. As the years went by she could feel eyes watching her but whenever she looked for them she could never see anyone and none of the horses ever saw anything. In which she could understand what a horse was feeling or saw or even what a horse thought, so working with the horses got easy for her since they could understand that she was there to help them and could understand them. Sure it was probably odd to anyone who didn't know her or who didn't know her mother but she didn't care since she always did what she loved to do. Although in the middle of the last summer she did happen to get a crush and she hid it from everyone, including herself, but the oldest Ranch Hands and her twin could see it but they haven't done anything about it.