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James "Flash" Nataniel Storm

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Brook V

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He likes to drive cars and he likes to drive them fast.[Back-up]

Light brown hair. James usually keeps his hair short and with gel in, creating a curly but slightly spiky look.
A bit like this:

James has green eyes and a sharp jawline. His ears are regularly shaped, not too big or small.
He's in good shape and have an athletic slim body. Not bodybuilding shape and not skinny. It's however more towards the muscular side.

James is 5' 11" and weights about 10.25 stones..

He got some scars on his body too. He got one scar over his left shoulder from an college-related accident. The other scar he got goes up his left shank.
James also got an tattoo in the shape of three stars that goes down the right side of his lower stomach.

His favorite clothes are jeans and t-shirts with different patterns and often he wears a jeans jacket. He hates wearing tux and prefer to wear a shirt when he has to dress up nicely. He hates bow-ties and prefer a classic tie instead.


James is not a very open person. He's usually quiet around other people. However once you get to know him he opens up. James is loyal to his friends and does not gossip about them. James can get a bit too close to his friends but he has improved over the years. He still fall back into old habits though.
James is sometimes considered a tough guy.
If he's annoyed or angry at someone it might not notice much until he explodes. Then he explodes hard.
Other than that he's quite a personal person and does not speak much about his private life.

Likes: cars, doing exercise and watching cinema.

Dislikes: being lazy, rude people and gardening.

Equipment / Abilities

Equipment: Tools you can use to build and repair a car.
Possesions: He also carries his phone wherever he goes. His most valued possesion is a scarf he got from his first love.

Abilities: He does not have any special abilities other than his physique makes him a bit stronger and faster than an untrained person.

Degree: James has a degree from high school and is currently studying at college.

Vehicles: He currently drives a red GMC Syclone 2005 for everyday use. He had a car with a little bit more juice before but not any longer.

James grew up with his two older brothers. He had a good childhood until his father started to drink and hit his mother. This made his mother Daniella Storm to file an divorce. They moved to another part of town. From then on his childhood got much tougher as his mom didn't earn alot. About 7 years later his father cleaned up record and claimed his fair share of care of his kids. James mother couldn't do much about it and the father got the care. James older brothers often stayed at his father's place. They have on several occasion told James that their father George Snr. still has problem.

Late in his teens his mother found a new husband by the name of Mark. They got married and then got a kid together. It was a daughter they named Louise. She became James half-sister. It was also in his teens he got the nickname flash because he was so fast. His friends got him in trouble at times and then it was good to be fast. Most of his life he has been into running. He got a gold medal in a high school contest.

After high school he spent some time working. He loved to work at a car repair shop. He knows first aid and has done some medical help at concerts.

James then went to a college not far away where he started to study mechanics. He has always had an interest of cars, specifically fast ones. Since he got his drivers-license he has got his fair share of speeding-tickets. That's something that often worries his mother.