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Jeremiah "Jerry" Curt Dean Brown

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Brook V

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Just your ordinary, lightning casting, mailman.[Now updated!]

Jerry is 6 feet tall and weight about 175 lbs. He has black hair and golden-brownish eyes. His body shape is lean, with little muscle definition. His hair hair is kept short and styled in a spiky fashion.

He likes to wear tank tops and worn jeans. He got a silver necklace his mother gave him when he was young.

He got 4" long scar going down the inside of his of his lower right arm. besides said scar he has no other unique marks on his body.

He's a talkative kind of guy and enjoys cracking a few jokes. Unfortunately for him, jokes are rarely funny however.
Jerry however, tends to close up and isn't easy to get close to. He may appear shy, or maybe even rude because of it. His mood can occasionally swing greatly, making him suddenly become grumpy. His emotions can run away with him at times.

Equipment / Abilities
He can control and cast lightning bolts aswell as leading it through his body. Because of his lightning abilities he can manipulate electronic devices. However his skill in controlling said power is nowhere perfect.

Due to how his power works nature he can't swim very far due to the risk of short-circuiting himself. His electric aura may also negatively impact devices such as cars or mobile phones.

During a lightning storm his power is magnified. Hence also more difficult to handle.

Jeremiah lived quite an ordinary life. He grew up as middle children out of 5. His father worked hard as an business man and his mother was an nurse at the local hospital. Jerry made few, but close friends during his childhood.

His life was soon about to chnage as during a trip to the woods, he and his friends ran across a foul smelling a weird pond. The fauna around it was either dead or slowly dying. This didn't stop Jerry's friends from daring him to take a dip in the pond. Being young, foolish and not wanting to appear like a scary cat, Jerry took the dive. What Jerry and his friends didn't know was that it was a illegal dumping place for toxic waste. When he returned to the surface he was covered in goo and other stuff sticking to his skin. Even if it had all been over in just a few minutes, the cocktail of illegals were making its way into his bloodstream. On the way home, the weather was turning darker and windier. Just as they cleared the forest, Jerry's bike-chain came loose. Under cursing he got down on his knee to fix the chain. However he barely got started before the lightning suddenly struck nearby him. He lost consciousness and stopped breathing. One of the other boys which hadn't been knocked over by the lightning did CPR, saving Jerry's life. Eventually an ambulance came by, having been called on by on of the others.

In the hospital and the doctors noted an unusually high brain activity as well as his heart beating faster than normal. Jerry was quickly transferred to a special care unit. During his examination, one of the doctors found out out he could produce electricity with his own body. Rather than doing what was best for Jerry, the doctors contacted a friend whom was the head of an secret institution and against Jerry's will he was taken there. At the institution he met others, similar to himself. The scientists weren't particularly kind and used the young patients for testing. Eventually however, they made their escape. While his mother still believe he needed special care, his father realized the severity of the situation and did what he could to keep Jerry safe. Just in case.

All things seemed okay until the dreadful day his dad's health took a turn for the worse, forcing Jerry to once again met the demons of his past.