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Clone Warehouse

A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.......

Tags: clones, storage, warehouse

Character Approval: No

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: WTF RPG Staff

Created: 06-08-2011, 08:35 PM


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  1. Characters in this post:
    Please delete the characters attached with this post. Thanks!

  2. Characters in this post:
    The 10-sided dice lands on 6

    The 11-sided dice lands on 3

    The 12-sided dice lands on 2

    The 20-sided dice lands on 1

    The 100-sided dice lands on 84

    The 1000-sided dice lands on 446

  3. Characters in this post:
    The 10-sided dice lands on 3


  4. Characters in this post:
    The 20-sided dice lands on 15

  5. Characters in this post:
    The 1-sided dice lands on 1

  6. Characters in this post:
    Sophocles is lead in by handcuffs and placed in a cell.

  7. Characters in this post:
    Mart enters with his box and folds it into a desk.

  8. Characters in this post:
    Heinrich slinks in and attempts to garner an army.

  9. Characters in this post:
    Harry stakes a claim in the warehouse and fences it in.

  10. Characters in this post:
    Gemma hides amongst the characters inhabiting to avoid those who knew her.

  11. Characters in this post:
    Earh-Hrokr is locked in a towering cubicle and stuffed into the center of the room to keep him from complaining.

  12. Characters in this post:
    Alfred arrives in a limo, flash-frozen, and his sleeping coffin is set in the deepest corners of the warehouse.

  13. Characters in this post:
    Slipping from the shadows, Rosethorn makes her appearance. Bewildered, she cannot help but wonder what got her here...

  14. Characters in this post:
    The third deadliest sin has arrived...

  15. Characters in this post:
    These guys are done. Would be nice if they were deleted

  16. Characters in this post:
    Elan arrives, packed in a cardboard box, labeled 'Not Done Yet'.

  17. Characters in this post:
    Kai arrives packed in a container in the shape of a notebook. You go to open it, but a robot hand smacks you away and says "I'm sorry, Kai wishes to not be disturbed."
    You shrug and walk on to the next box.

  18. Characters in this post:
    Anabella arrives packed in a glass container, her various weapons and notes packed around her. You carefully open the glass container, and nearly scream when she leaps out, somehow having placed all her weapons in their rightful places in the blink of an eye. Her notes are cleaned up too, you notice.
    "Welp, that was a nice nap. Hey you!" She yells, pointing her sword at you. You blink and look around, hoping she meant someone else.
    "Yeah you, you, the funny-looking one with the face!" She says again, lightly jabbing you with the hilt of her sword. You swallow and whisper "Yeah?"
    "Where are your rooms? I need a quiet place to sharpen me knives."
    You swallow again, trying to keep your eyes off the sharp sword and point to the a random room you hope is empty. If not, have mercy on the soul inside.
    "Thank you, my kind sir." She whistles and walks off. You inspect the container and your eyes widen in amazement as you realize it's not glass, it's wood. Painted wood. Amazing!

  19. Characters in this post:
    Please delete the following characters! Thank you. (;

  20. Characters in this post:
    XD I forgot to include these guys in the last delete. Anyway, these characters are all ready for deletion. Thanks!

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