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Crina Stela Thompson

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: BoredNeko19

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"Try me if you dare" is what she says to most. She is a spoiled brat who loves to get her way with manipulating people with her words.


Race: Half Vampire, Half Dragon
Age: 22
Hair Color: Pink
Hair Length: Shoulder
Hair Style: Curly at times but mostly straight and left down.
Eye Color: Golden
Scars/Markings: Two scars on her back were my wings come out at. A heart shape birthmark on my inner thigh, good luck seeing it. A rose bud mark on my left breast that grows and blooms as I do, b ut you'll probably never see it.
General Appearance: I have short pink hair that reaches my shoulders, I'm fit due to always exercising and practicing fighting, which in my family is taught as soon as we can walk. I love using swords and daggers as I was trained in them when I could pick my own weapon. My breast are still growing but are just about a c-cup, although nobody would be able to tell unless they got close to me. I stand at five feet and six inches and weigh roughly around one hundred pounds.


Likes: I love to party, flirt and tease, chocolate, cooking, flying, and I love to play with peoples emotions.
Dislikes: I hate being controlled by others and being told what to do. I hate little children, if I can't tell them to shut the fuck up or to fuck off then I hate them.
Strengths: I'm naturally strong due to both my kind and for training all my life. I'm also very smart when I put my mind to it but I hardly ever do. I'm very strong willed.
Personality: Well I guess you can say I'm kind, outgoing, adaptive, stubborn, impulsive, self-reliant, resourceful, individualistic, organized, compulsive, high energy, flexible,free of guilt, confident, self satisfied, and accepting.

Equipment / Abilities
Her powers mainly are Empathy based. This is what I can remember of her powers, as I haven't played her in a while.
  • She can feel what others are feeling.
    • If they have felt an emotion any time in their life she can manipulate it to grow or shrink at her desire.
    • She needs to look at the person though since she is young still but when she gets older (which I doubt will happen in the rp since older for her is around two thousand) she won't have to look at them.
    • If she loses control she can make large groups feel what she is feeling but that's only if she gets over whelmed with emotions. Thus she rarely loses control.
  • She can control fire a little, which will get stronger as she ages, since fire is the closest to lightening and storm which is her mother's main elements.
    • She can summon a small child like element that does her bidding or gets things for her.
    • Start a fire from nothing but her mana (which is nearly unlimited due to how much she eats and her energy level) and air.
      • Which she can control the fire she starts unless it turns into a huge fire, so a bonfire she could control but anything bigger than that she wouldn't be able to control, expect maybe long enough for people to get away if people were in danger.
    • Storms do cause her to act a little wild but not many people would notice a difference since she is a girl who loves to have fun and party.
  • She can shift into a large purple dragon with white lines that move along her body.
    • She can have large purple wings come out of her back while she is human to fly.
  • She can do the following
    • telekinetic mostly small things unless she loses control of her self.
    • cast small spells
    • make potions (mainly healing ones since her Uncle was a healer and taught her how)
    • Control the weak willed (or drunks) and most animals with her mind to do what she wants.
    • While she is feeding from someone she can read their mind if she wants.

Family: My mother is Roxas Thompson and my father is Zidane (at least thats who I'm told is my father but my mother has a healthy sex life so I'm unsure.)

History: Crina's life has been a bit weird for if one was to know her past then they would probably understand why she seemed so odd. For the first four years of her life they were normal, she grew healthy and was a spoiled little girl; after all anyone with a houseful of people who loved her would end up spoiled. It was on her fifth birthday that her powers showed up, then she started to get lessons on how to control her powers. At first it was a bit hard to do but as she aged she learned quicker and started to understand more about her powers. When she was six her mother started to teach her the basics of fighting, which seemed boring to her but she put up with it since she knew that she had to learn the basics before anyone taught her anything else.

She was home-schooled since her mother didn't want too much pressure on her daughter and she knew of troubles that could come from being in school. As the years went by she soaked up what was taught to her and more as she read different books from the library in the mansion. When she was seven was when she was allowed to start training in weapons, although she stuck mostly to guns since they were the most used by her family. By the time she was ten she had enough control and common sense to be able to handle being around more people than just her family. So she was enrolled in a local private school that was owned by her Uncle Chou.

During her time at school she grew and learned quickly going threw the grades, its because the school was more about learning rather than holding kids back and thus she finished high school by the time she was fourteen. As it may have seem liked she knew a lot but really she just faked her way though it as she often got others to do her work and she just tested well. 

Once she was out of school she returned to her mother and took up the title as Princess of the Air Kingdom. But the life in the castle quickly grew boring to her and she left. Her mother, who had taken over sometime when Crina was in school, didn't mind that her daughter had left; however Roxas did hire a guard to follow Crina around to make sure she is safe. Crina decided to travel the land of humans, as the Air Kingdom mostly only had creatures who could fly without any help from objects, to see what it was like.

Alright, although she is half vampire and half dragon really... her dragon side stands out more than her vampire side though.
  • She does drink blood, needs it once a week to keep from turning into a seductive little blood sucker that toys with any one who she takes a fancy too.
    • which the drinking blood would be the only part of the vampire side that has shown up yet in her, aside from her powers mainly being empathy based.
  • She requires a lot of food to keep her energy up, like a ten course meal with three more courses of desert.

2. She is an Air Kingdom Princess, the Air Kingdom is a floating island that only those who can fly can reach. It is forgotten about and considered a myth to most everyone.