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04-17-2020 09:12 PM
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    Action-packed adventures await you. We've got the rides, the views, the fun, the romance. All ages welcome. Come, let paradise be your one-way ultimate getaway!
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    13luice   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    Thaw the ice that hides your heart and let your smile emerge. Allow love to exist again.
    Ace / Arvin Kaiser   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    "Take advantage of me. I dare you."
    Aelhaeran Noel, The Coward   (played in Time Slayers: Lullabies of Tomorrow)
    I'm scared, father. I only wish I could have grown up to be that brave boy you always wanted me to be.
    Aelki [STAFF]   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    When things get rough, stick up your middle finger and screw the world.
    Aellai "Ali" Serode   (played in Of Knights and Dragons)
    It's cute how you think I care. I'm from Duufal, remember that.
    Aermil "Ari" Rretyn   (played in Dragon Age: Shepherds of Light)
    Bloodshed breeds bloodshed. Why raise a sword when conversation can save lives
    Aiden Z. DeKay   (played in Occultia Academy)
    Flame Alchemist + Sixth Year + Head of Class
    AJ DiBattista   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    Akina   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    The Dangerously Charming Loner's Butler/Pet/Friend Thing
    Akiyama   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    The Knight of Divination who fights for the The Black Dove Guard.
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