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The Knight of Divination who fights for the The Black Dove Guard.


Family Name: Saiki
12 Day Name: Akiyama
12 Year Name: Ronin
Pilgrimages Name: TBA
Nickname: Kin

Akiyama is a simple looking gentleman.  His mid-back length black hair has a bluish-purple hue to it and is more than often worn back in a messy pony-tail (but he does tend to let it hang freely).  His face is donned with a beautiful set of blue eyes that resemble a slender almond shape.  Akiyama's nose is a bit too angled and tends to look large in comparison to other noses (but it does suit his face, nonetheless).  His slender lips are often drawn tight or seen with a serious expression; however, they do know how to bare a grin and smile.  Hailing from Dromskra, Arascon, Akiyama was blessed with pale peach skin.  He has a rather muscular build, but is on the slender side of the bulk scale.  He stands close to six feet tall and tends to take on the skin-and-bones weight option.  Akiyama's shoulders, thought broad, tend to reflect those of a woman; most assume this is due to his petite looking size.

Although his looks deceive him, Akiyama is actually twenty-four.  Many people mistake the male for being of an older age because his face is often adorned with a stern look, which tends to make him look about thirty-five.  It probably doesn't help that he serves the queen as he is a part of the Black Dove Guard, which could be why the male's face often bares a brow wrinkle.  Akiyama prefers to don himself in the color black.  He usually wears a black kimono, but, from time to time, he will slip into a black button down long-coat with form-fitting black pants.  He enjoys wearing a white scarf around his neck, as he loves the feeling of the piece blowing in the wind.  This scarf is sometimes accompanied by a white headband.  The scarf and headband are his trademark looks, as is his purplish hair.  (A complete set of his outfits can be found here.)

As one might assume,  Akiyama rarely wears his armor, as he finds it too stiff to fight in.  Opting for his kimono, he prefers the looser outfit, which tends to allow the male to conceal more weapons.  He also admits that it fits him better than the suit of armor, commenting that the shoulder pieces are too wide for his feminine frame.


Birthday: 22nd Caleden
Star Sign: 

Akiyama is a rare breed of man as he operates on a different wavelength.  His patience levels are through the roof and, despite being a male, he is an excellent listener.  Akiyama often has a calm and insightful approach to situations. He has a good mind that seeks out the truth, making him a pursuer of knowledge.  His perfectionist nature goes nicely with his rational mind.  Although he is often filled with emotions and expression, there are times where Akiyama can come across cold and emotionless.  Because of this, people might not know the individual as well as one might have hoped.  

He tends to pride himself in being cautious upon entering foreign situations and will often take a back burner to heated conflicts. He's not really one to add fuel to a raging fire.

Some would say he's a very poised male.  He has a friendly aura that often lures people to him.  His charming antics and charismatic ways are highly noticed by others, which is why he is fairly well-known.  Akiyama is also highly involved and very committed.  His unwavering loyalty and devotion to helping others is what most people enjoy about the male.  He is not only compassionate, but he is also understanding and very kind.  He appears to have high tolerance levels and will often befriend and root for the underdog.  He believes that everyone was born with a purpose and that their destiny can be altered based on the interactions of those around him or her.

Despite his gender, Akiyama pays great attention to detail.  He's the type of guy that will remember your birthday and will ask how your family is doing.  He is, in simplest terms, people-oriented.  This trait is often enhanced by his selfless desire to help others.  He has a huge capacity for responsibility and is always ready to assume more than his fair share of the work load.  He's generous and, because of his devotion to helping others, Akiyama often represses his own needs.  This inability to show aggression for himself causes a bit of resentfulness in the lad, as he hates his inability to turn people away.  Although these qualities are often good, people can take offense to his constant sense of devotion.  Meaning, not everyone likes how much Akiyama interferes with their personal lives.  He also have a very strong presence and can come across as possessive.

Although Akiyama is driven to help others due to his sympathetic and affectionate nature, the male does have his not-so-hot downfalls.  He can become too attached to people, which causes emotional flare-ups.  He also tends to be one of those non-stop talkers when he is surrounded by people he knows.  Akiyama also has a tendency to fail at meeting deadlines.  He also, at times, can appear very self-centered, though this is not usually the case.  The male is also terrible at adapting to new situations.  He enjoys following a very straight-forward and well-followed path.  He prefers systematic and diplomatic approaches to life and will shy away from spontaneous interactions.  He's also horrible at making decisions as he fears he might offend someone if his desires to not align with those around him.

All in all, Akiyama is a well-tempered and friendly guy.  He has a big heart and doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word "no."  He is driven by those around him and can appear to be very submissive, heeding no attention to his own desires or needs.

Equipment / Abilities

Holy Weapon: 
The Scythe of Destiny

Magical Abilities:
    • Empathy - This is the ability to discern what others are feeling.
    • Precognition - This is the ability to see things before they occur.
    • Scrying - This is the ability to locate objects, people and places by use of a pendulum, detecting rod, mirror or crystal.
    • Psychometry - The ability to learn about the past of an object by touching it.
    • Mediumship - Ability to see and communicate with the dead (i.e., ghosts).

    • Tracking and hunting
    • Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and wielding a scythe
    • Persuasive tongue and manipulative mind
    • Listening (it's a great skill to have)

  • He has the ability to keep his tongue still even in the most offensive situations.
  • He has the ability to be selfless and self-sacrificing.
  • He is very protective of his knightly kin.

  • Tends to lure in too many romantic partners, which causes more drama than he wants to handle.
  • His selfless and self-sacrificing antics tend to get him in trouble.
  • His emotions, though a great gift, will more than likely bring about his demise.


Family & Birth
Akiyama was the first born child to Blackwell Aras Allen (Arallen) and Saiki Kiyomi Riva (Kiva).  Arallen hailed from the city of Redbend, Arascon and grew up as one of two children.  When he was of the proper age, Arallen set off as a traveling merchant.  His journeys and trading brought him around the globe, which is why the male has such a soft nature to him (these traits were passed on to his son).  It was during these travels that the male encountered a woman in Dromskra that would forever change his life.  As if destined to be together, the traveling man decided to ask the woman if she would accompany him on his journeys.  Sadly, the woman declined as she was not interested in living such a free life.  Kiva was born and bred a priestess as she was the only child to a pair of priests.  Pleased with her decision to stay in her homeland, her parents allowed the woman the honor of finding her own lover, as they knew she would put her faith in the gods above the reckless nature of the lustful.

As the years went on, Kiva soon realized that her heart longed for a man that lived life to its fullest.  A man who was kind and passionate in all that he did.  Kiva was a self-less woman who sought out a compassionate and friendly man. To her luck, the perfect man came wandering into her life.  When she discovered it was Arallen, she immediately told her parents.  Although they were not pleased that she would not marry a more educated man, they were thankful that Arallen had kept his body pure and only wanted to court their daughter.  This act, to them, was noble and it earned the young pair a great many blessing.

About a year later, the two were wed.  A little less than a year later, they had their first child of three.  Akiyama had his mother's pale features, but his father's dark hair.  As his mother would say, "Akiyama was born with his father's kindness and free-spirit.  But he got my good looks and self-less heart."  His family picked the name Akiyama as it meant mountain.  They knew that there son would grow up to be as strong as a mountain and that he would always reach for the sky above him.  He would be a dreamer and a free-spirit who had a strong base and great moral core that would keep him grounded and safe.

The Saiki's other two children are Rika (Saiki Riley Malika) and Garth (Saiki Garth).  Rika is ten years Garth's superior and Garth is only eleven.  Rika is currently engaged to Kaegin (Morri Kaemon Gin).

Birth to 12 Years
To some, Akiyama's life might have been deemed boring and worthless.  To others, Akiyama's life helped mold him into the man he is today.  But neither set of opinions matter, as it is solely up to Akiyama to determine whether or not his childhood had meaning.  As one might expect, the male is thankful for all that he had been brought up with.  He learned love, friendship, and kindness from his father.  His mother blessed him with the lessons of sincerity, knowledge, and reliability.  Between the two, the handsome lad learned of courage, hope, and light.  Neither one of his parents were considered sinister people.  Each were both very loving and were blessed by the gods for their faithful devotion.

Being the first born to a pair of inexperienced and youthful adults, Akiyama was more or less a lesson that new parents were forced to learn.  Though they asked a great many questions, the two knew not everything could be asked.  Learning was a crucial road of the adventure of life.

If one were to ask Arallen and Kiva what they would do again, they would simple laugh at the foolish question.  "Though our son was not given the best of the best, we did what we must to keep him healthy, safe, and strong.  We regret nothing for we know that he turned out to be better than we ever would have imagined.  He's our blessing and we love him dearly, no matter."  As assumed, the Saiki's love for their son was deeply rooted.  Nothing, not even his somewhat rebellious attitude, could sway them away from their happiness.  He was their pride and joy, as were his younger siblings.

As a little tot, Akiyama was brought to the temple with his mother.  There she would preform her duties (she's a Stormbringer) while her son played happily in the pen beside her.  Everyone used to comment on how sweet he was.  Someone even mentioned that he might, one day, grow up to be a politician of sorts.  He was personable and very friendly, two traits that were rare to find in a newborn.  Not only was he kind and sympathetic, but he was also peaceful and without screaming fits.  A smile was always on the baby's face and, even if he got hurt, he would immediately resume to giggling.  People often commented that Akiyama was "The happiest little baby I have ever seen.  He's quite the blessing."

As he grew and became a little man, Kiva realized she wouldn't be able to keep a watchful eye over him anymore, as Rika had come into their life.  Arallen, who had always had a soft spot for kids, decided he would bring Akiyama on his travels.  Despite Kiva's scorn, the father and son pair set out to explore the world and open their eyes to a new sect - The Journeymen.  Having a knack for understanding people and a thirst for knowledge, Akiyama became a great tool in his father's belt.  Whenever the boy fell silent, Arallen would know something was afoot.  If the lad was gay and giddy, the male would know they were in good hands.

Having Akiyama with him also proved to be a great lure to getting people to the cart for trading purposes.  Being quite the chatterbox, Akiyama was always telling people stories about his travels and his mother's kind touch.  He would give a friendly wave, which would draw interested merchants near.  It seemed as if Akiyama was doing all the work.  Arallen would always joke that he was blessed to have such an inviting child at his side.  Together, the pair was able to rack in more than enough money.  

Able to return home from about an eight month long trip (Akiyama was about eight at the time; he started traveling with his father around the age of six), the boys were greeted with open arms.  Kiva and Rika had grown close and were overjoyed to see the boys were finally here to stay.  Akiyama was enrolled in a priest school (the same on his mother belonged to), but his father pulled him out less than four months later.  Kiva, believe it or not, agreed that the priesthood was not Akiyama's calling.  Together, the two searched for a teacher that would suit their son.  This search brought forth an educated man by the name of Morri Hanzo Aiden (Hazen).

Hazen was a new face in Dromskra, Arascon.  He can with one other person, his son Morri Kaemon (later Morri Kaemon Gin or Kaegin) who was the same age as Akiyama.  As if destined to be together, Akiyama and Kaemon become the best of friends.  The two were always together.  They would play together, learn together, eat together, and even sleep together (in a nonsexual way).  Hazen took on the daunting task of educating the boys, who, at this time (they were about nine) were more than rebellious and wanted nothing to do with learning.  So, Hazen bribed them with an art.  They were to lean under him until the age of fourteen and, all the while, they would learn the ways of the sword.  Enticed by such an offer, the boys said yes in a heartbeat.  To them, this was just a game.  Little did they know that the sword would prove to be more than just a toy, but that tale is for later on.

12 Year Friend
As one would assume, the two became the best of friends.  Akiyama and Kaemon became an inseparable pair.   Wherever one went, the other was sure to follow.  Learning together under a great teacher, Hazen (he was actually licensed teacher), the children began to get a grasp for the ways of life.  Although Akiyama tended to catch on faster than his comrade, he never let this show.  To Akiyama, equality was everything and boasting was nothing more than a sin.  He was not a haughty man and, because of this, Kaemon would poke fun at him saying things like "You could really be something better, but you always stay back.  You'll be the finest friend yet!"

Having a mother as a Stormbringer and a father as a Journeymen, Akiyama decided he would seek out a sect that would not upset either parent.  It was actually Kaemon who suggested he and his friend follow the Order of the Fist and Shield.  Approving immediately, the two begged Master Hazen to teach them the ways of this group.  Sure enough, and without a waver, he taught the two boys of a code unlike any other.  Fighting for the weak and defending the underdog.  These were the laws Akiyama and Kaemon decided to follow.

Months turned into years and, in no time, it was Akiyama's 12 Year Birthday Eve.  Kaemon, who is about a month younger than Akiyama, was granted the privilege of giving Akiyama a new name.  Since their first meeting, Kaemon had picked the name he was to bestow upon his best friend, Ronin.  As he presented the name to Akiyama on the day of birth of his friend, he explained its nature and said, with tears in his eyes, that "Akiyama is, without a doubt, a wandering warrior whose blade has no fear of defeat."

Although Akiyama does not use this as his primary name, it does not mean he does not adore it.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Not wanting to tarnish the name or allow anyone else the honor of calling him Ronin, Akiyama only allows Kaemon to call him by the name.  Akiyama states that it is this way because, "Gin and I share a special bond.  I cannot allow anyone to come between us.  Though born apart, we are brothers at heart."

No less than a month after Ronin was given to Akiyama, Akiyama was presented with the task of naming his friend.  Gin was given to Kaemon because, according to Akiyama, his friend had a "heart of silver."  Morri Kaemon Gin would eventually decide to be referred to as Kaegin; however, Akiyama still calls him Gin.

Obtaining the Holy Weapon
By the age of fourteen, Akiyama had become the man he was going to forever be.  His father took him about and showed him the horrors of life as well as the joys.  A woman was produced for Akiyama, but she ended up dying of a heart attack before Akiyama was able to engage in any pleasurable activities (because of this, he is fears loving people and is still a virgin).  Although his day was more than awkward, it did have its perks. When he was allowed to pick but one gift, he, without hesitation, choose the sword that belonged to his great-great grandfather.

Upon picking the katana, he was enrolled in the militia and was to serve and protect his people.  Put under the wing of a handsome young looking man by the name of Blackwell Cai Ilynn (Cailynn), Akiyama was to start his new life as an apprentice to a master swordsmen (twenty-two at the time).  Already having a basic grasp for fighting (he had Hazen to thank), the male flew through the ranks and eventually landed as Cailynn's right hand man.  Kaegin who, too, chose the military lifestyle, worked right along Akiyama, serving as Cailynn's left hand man.

The three were eventually removed from the militia and were sent on to patrol the nation.  Cailynn, Akiyama, and Kaegin were more than excited to accept their duty to serve and protect.  Embracing the new job, the eighteen year old Akiyama set off on a journey that would forever change his life.  His strength, thought not the strongest muscle-wise, laid in his heart and charm.  His speed and nimbleness were further enhanced as were his witty tactics.  Although he was not the brawn of the group, he was, without a doubt, the well-spoken and keen leader.

Four years had passed since the three had become patrol men.  From time to time they would escort caravans, assist hunters, and even aid the wary back toward the cities.  Although they were all kind men, they had earned themselves a nifty little title as the "troublesome trio."  Granted, their troublesome ways weren't because they were ill-hearted or evil.  No, they were troublesome because whenever an enemy came into their path, they (the enemy) would beg for mercy.  The three swordsmen were, without a doubt, peerless in their time of reign.  And, because of this, Kaegin and Cailynn grew cocky, but Akiyama always kept his pure heart and continued to fight for the less fortunate.

It was one day when Cailynn and Kaegin were sparring that trouble came knocking.  A man with golden eyes were leading a group of men toward the city they were to protect that evening.  He took down Kaegin without breaking a sweat and Cailynn fell just as easily.  Akiyama, who was away getting water, came flying back to see the male swing his blade to deliver the final blow and take Kaegin's life.  Panicking, the male thrust his blade toward the enemy, knocking the spear from the yellow-eyed fiend's hands.

Heart racing, but in the right place, Akiyama told the man that he would be his opponent and to pay no attention to his fallen comrades.  In a final act of compassion, he demanded that his friends seek out help.  Reluctant to leave, the two eventually limped off.  They would later run into an army and beg with their lives that the troops follow them.

While the two were busy working up a rescue mission, Akiyama was holding his own ground.  At the age of twenty-two, Akiyama had become one hell of a swordsman and even surpassed his superior, Cailynn.  Fighting tooth and nail, Akiyama finally took a blow that knocked the wind from him.  Just as he was laying down to rest, the white light that was before him seemed to call out to him in a godly sounding male's voice.

Do you believe you can create your own destiny? If so, grab on and allow me the honor of changing your fate.

Confused, but eager to save his friends, Akiyama reached outward and seized a long shaft that had a curved blade attached at the end.  With his sword nowhere to be found, the lad popped onto the balls of his feet and prepared himself for his last stance.  It was almost as if luck was on his side because the swing that came next seemed to cripple the enemy.  Just one blow and they were defeated?  It was unbelievable.  Jaw ajar and body broken past the point of mending, the handsome fellow collapsed in a pool of his own blood.  When he would finally come to, he would be in the arms of Kaegin and Cailynn with a scythe strapped onto his hip.

To this day, he does not recall the fight he had and still does not know how he is alive.  He remembers greeting death and he finds it hard to believe that his soul was saved.  Nonetheless, he is thankful and, to this day, he fights in the name of Alos and the ever-changing destiny that lies before man.  Although he is the holder of the Scythe of Destiny, Akiyama does his best not to use the weapon as he sees it as being arrogant and boastful.  He only fights with the scythe when his blade is no longer able to fulfill its duty.

Quest for Knighthood
Compared to the rest of his life, this is, by far, the easiest aspect of it yet.  Upon awakening from his comatose state, Akiyama was greeted by a group of people called the Black Dove Guard.  Kaegin and Cailynn were then shooed from the room for they were no longer needed.  Sad to see his friends go, Akiyama was able to force a friendly smile on his face as a way of saying thanks.

With the two men gone, Akiyama's attention fell on the Black Dove Guard.  More specifically, Ira and Kite.  He had heard of the two, but had never imaged in all his years of life that he would be graced with their presence.  A bit awestruck, he couldn't help but gawk at the heroes before him.  As they explained his duties, Akiyama could only continue to gawk at the two.  He was before Ira and Kite.  It was almost a dream come true!  Although, he would soon discover that this dream had its downfalls and hardships, but they were to be expected upon joining the Black Dove Guard.

To this day, he still hates the fact that he was so easily taken in to serve as a knight for Her Majesty.  It didn't seem fit.  It was almost too easy and it left a bitter taste in his mouth.  Nonetheless, Akiyama had become an official member of the Black Dove Guard.  Serving for only two years, the young adult is still trying to understand his role in the grand scheme of things.  He often wonders if there is more to being a knight than being hand-picked due to the ability to wield a sacred weapon.  With his heart sent on a quest for knighthood, Akiyama spent the first two years of his service proving his worth to the Queen.  Although he is not the strongest member of the group, or even the fastest, or even the most beautiful, Akiyama likes to believe that he is just as important as his kin.  His destiny, he believes, is up to him and he will carve it as he sees fit.

My Curse:  The Ghost of Me
This will come into play later.  For now, this shall remain without a story.


It should be noted that Akiyama is left-handed.

Attribute Rankings:  
  • 1 - Intuition
  • 2 - Charisma
  • 3 - Agility
  • 4 - Stamina
  • 5 - Wisdom
  • 6 - Speed
  • 7 - Intelligence
  • 8 - Physical Beauty
  • 9 - Strength
  • 10 - Constitution