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Ace Jaeger-Gamble

Roleplay: "ISOS_Xavi"

Player: Xavirne

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My Name is William Ace Jaeger-Gamble, and I am 17 years old.  Within the town of Sunnydale, I am seen as a Junior in high school who's a member of the Mystery Club, which is an important role within this story. My heart leads me along the lines of life towards, women, which may come into play as things unfold. When blessed by magic, I was given the gift of water. There is something else you should know about me, I have icy blue orbs and midnight-black hair with shades of blue.  Regarding height, Im an even 6-feet tall.


From what I've heard, people claim I'm a funny, stand up kind of guy. Some say I can be a bit dry whereas others say I'm too distant, too detached. Personally, I think I'm just right. I try to remain level-headed and see the story from all sides. I will admit that I do tend to give off the "cold shoulder" vibe, but it's not because I think I'm better than you. No, it's more I don't want to be bothered with you. And I'm not trying to offend. It's just, my time is precious. I would rather not waste it on someone I don't really want to concern myself with.

Although he might appear haughty and arrogant, Ace isn't really that type of man. He really is indifferent, caring little about relationships and socialization. That's not to say he doesn't hang out or have friends, he does! He just doesn't need them 24/7. Some might call him a lone wolf. Growing up in a hectic environment where he has little time to himself makes Ace crave his individuality and alone time.

A word of warning, he's quite sassy. Having grown up with a sister who was one of those "wannabe plastics," he learned how to hold his own against a horde of bitchy, whiny, needy, princesses.

Equipment / Abilities

Water /noun/: "a colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms."

The day I earned these powers is the day I lost my ability to taste and smell. Although some would argue it a hefty price, I say it's not enough. I understand the element that I command. I've become indifferent, lacking outside prejudices that could cause me to falter. Due to this, I have perfect control over water. I can pull it from the air to create whip-like arms or form a liquid barrier to absorb any damage cast my way. I can also create ice by turning down the temperature of the water I collect. This ice can become the sheet beneath your feet that makes you slip or lithe little blades that slit open your flesh. Fret not, my ice can also become a solid shield that shatters upon impact, voiding the attack of all that it was worth, so no harm will come onto me.

As you know, there is a third phase for water--gas. Yes, I can control it. I can roll in an ominous fog or turn up the heat to give you a nice day at the spa. Really, it's your choice and my pleasure. Though don't test my patience for I have a quaint little trick up my sleeve. Recall the dictionary definition of water? Namely, that part about being the basis for all living things. Yes. Oh yes, I can. Will I? No, not likely. I don't really enjoy the darker side of the force.

And although you might think I'm overpowered, let me remind you that I cannot create water for energy can neither be created nor destroyed. I can merely manipulate it and bend it to my will. If there is not enough water in the air, I can't make it expand into something I can use. Simply put, I need humidity, a pool, a lake, a river--anything water-related to shine. If it's too dry or I'm not near enough water, I'm absolutely useless.

One more thing I would like to note. The time of day heavily impacts my abilities. Like tides, I have highs and lows. During high tide or a full moon, my abilities come naturally to me. They require little to no effort. During low tide or new moon, I have to force the water to listen to me. It's hard to make something move when the earth sciences work against you.


I was born William Ace Jaeger by two people I've never met. Not wanting to cut ties with my past, my adoptive parents--who I call mom and dad--decided they would simply amend my last name so it matched theirs. Hence, Jaeger-Gamble.

Now you're probably expecting a sad story as I'm an orphan without a family, right? Well, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. My parents are amazing. They adopted me around the age of four. I wasn't their only adopted child either. Mom couldn't have babies of her own due to dad's sterility. Hence, adopting. They always wanted four children and so they got four children.

I grew up with Lahela (14), their second adopted child. Although he didn't live with me, for he was 22 and in college, Jiayi did visit from time to time. When I turned 16, mom and dad decided to adopt their last child, as Lahela was leaving for college. Her name is Oichi and she's turning two soon.  (I can speak and almost write mandarin, I know a lot of the lingo and basic sentences in Hawaiian, and Ive been teaching myself Japanese for the past few years--I can read and speak it).

Growing up as I did, I learned a lot about humility and patience. I also learned charity and kindness. We were always volunteering or setting up donation drives. We really learned how to manage our homework schedules as there was no arguing when it came to helping others out. We weren't allowed to let our grades slip either. We had to maintain As if we wanted to get into college for "free." If we got Bs, they would pay for 75% of the bill. Cs, 50%. Ds... nothing. I've been maintaining a 93 to 96 average so I'm pretty safe.

Up until recently, my dad was an EMT. He spent a lot of his weekends working and saving lives. Now he works at a garden center part time. He loves it. Mom's always worked with the school as a Special Needs Teacher. Her specialty is speech development. Jiayi is a neurosurgeon in the next city over. Lahela is a photographer. Me? I still don't know what I want to do yet. Good thing I have another year to figure it out.

Speaking of school, I'm a member of the swim team; holding a lot of records and awards to my name. I'm also a part of the National Honors Society and the Quiz Bowl. Both are smart kid clubs. NHS revolves around leadership and volunteering (I'm the VP this year), Quiz Bowl is a nerd competition where we're asking trivia questions (I'm the Second Chair so when Chair One can't answer, I answer on behalf of the team). It's a 4-man team against another 4-man team. You push your buzzer if you think you know the answer. Get it right, you get a point. Get it wrong, you lose 1/2 a point. When the time runs up, the team with the most points win.

Despite being a Junior, I take a lot of Senior classes. Some are easy whereas others are hard. I didn't really get a say in my schedule as I was absolutely determined to take German. German is only offered at a certain time and, to put it in my schedule, I got shoved into a lot of Senior classes. Not that it matters. I was already on the "accelerated" path (meaning I'm a year a head of most students in my grade) but there is a bit of a learning curve for me. I rarely get any fun time, which is why I joined the Mystery Club. It was my excuse to do something other than sport-heavy or academic-heavy work.

Let the music of my soul be heard in the form of "Why Worry" for all eternity.