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Aelhaeran Noel, The Coward

Roleplay: "Time Slayers: Lullabies of Tomorrow"

Player: Xavirne

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I'm scared, father. I only wish I could have grown up to be that brave boy you always wanted me to be.


NAME  Aelhaeran (Al-haran) Noel Eberhardt (Ever-heart) 
NICKNAME  Ael, Aelnoel, Noel 
AGE  Twenty-four
HEIGHT  6-foot, 3-inches

When it comes to looks....
Ael has golden locks and matching amber orbs.  For the most part, his hair is slicked back, but the fringe often falls forward and covers his forehead some.  Compared to his brother, Ael has softer features that mimic his mother's gentle figure.  His nose is rounder and his lips are fuller.  Ael's build is more like his father's though.  Tall and well-built, Ael can carry his own weight and then some.  He's always been a bit of an athlete, especially in physical sports.

Regarding his attire, Ael prefers to wear a white oxford with a brown vest and brown trousers.  To accessorize, Ael has a loop in his right ear (helix) and a tattoo on his left forearm (it's barbed wire mixed with flames).  Ael also wears a beaded bracelet that his little cousin made for him.

Shall we discuss my personality....
Kind, compassionate, and sweet.  He's a rather nice guy who everyone loves to hang around.  Ael's sensible and he grasps the limits of man, making him easy to get along with.  Most people think he doesn't have a bad bone in his body, if only they knew that he could be stubborn and abrasive to his older brother.  Ael and M-Ry usually get along, but the two do butt heads from time to time.  Ael's smart, but in the way of people.  M-Ry's smart in the book and street smart ways.  These brothers often have clashing views, which can lead to heated arguments.  Ael, however, is able to forgive and forget while M-Ry fumes for days.

Even though Ael sounds like a swell-guy, Ael can be quite the coward.  He does not enjoy confrontation and he absolutely hates when people get hurt.  Ael is not a fan of gore and blood, either.  He would much rather see the happier side of life.  When it comes to his fear and cowardly ways, Ael will often flee or beg his brother to do something.  Ael's always been one to hide behind M-Ry when things get too rough or tough.

Equipment / Abilities
Precious Item    Upon losing his father, a ring with the words "The strength of brothers is an unbreakable bond" was formed to fit his right pinky finger.  Although it pains him to see his father as nothing but a ring, he embraces the duty cast unto him and hopes that his father's wisdom will guide him on his journey.
Greatest Fear    Thunder and lightning.  Ever since Ael can remember, he's hated lightning.  Whenever it's stormy, he runs into M-Ry's room and hides under the sheets with him, even as a grown man.
With Fear Comes Strength & Courage (Power)    The night his father died, it was storming.  It was probably a sign that something bad would happen.  When Ael eventually discovers his power, the power of lightning, he is all but thrilled.  Having the ability to control the thing you fear is hard and not something he wants.  He will try to avoid using it, but he knows that he will have to throw away his cowering nature to protect the one he clings to most, M-Ry.
Awakening Transformation    In order to use his powers of lightning, Ael must transform.  Upon screaming to the skin and punching the ground, his body becomes nude.  White light, lightning, engulfs him and slowly creates his armor.  Metal plating forms around his chest and becomes gauntlets for his arms.  A spine-like metal cord races down his spine and connects with the back of his legs, forming a pair of metal boots.  Also coming off his hip is a belt of metal that flows from metal features into real features off his left hip.  To finish off his look, black pair of baggy pangs appear and are neatly tucked into his metal boots.

Regarding the past....
Brother cut from the same cloth as his father, Ael was lucky enough to share in his mother's softer, kind features.  Merrimack folded into a nasty, hate-breeding mess while his blond brother found salvation in the light and joy of others.  At least, that's how it was until everything changed.  When mother became ill, Ael's world started to collapse.  Kicked out of home and forced to attend school, Ael never got to see his mother again.  Merrimack moved and took their dying mother with them.  Life was passing Merrimack by and his heart darkened.  Ael, alone and without knowing anything that happened between his brother, mother, and father, forced himself to indulge in things that made him feel alive.

Then a week before the largest storm in history rolled into town, a miracle happened.  Merrimack arrived at school to pick up his brother.  Mother requested one last look at the boy she brought into this world.

All seemed well until one night Merrimack and father went at it.  Pissed, the two stormed off to their rooms.  Mom died that morning and both of the sullied men couldn't face the truth.  A crack of lightning scared Ael so he fled after his brother.  If it weren't for the flood of tears, Merrimack might have turned him away.

Thankfully, that didn't happen.  Had it?  Merrimack would probably be dead.  Ael would be dead too.

The calm that came the next morning showed the truth.  Blood was everywhere and the body of their mother was gone.  Dad's body was gone too.  Nothing but a note on the wall remained in the storm-damaged house.  "Together, you'll survive."  Sitting before the blood were two rings -- one of bronze with a pink hue (for Merrimack) and one of gold with a blue tone (mean to Ael).

Theme Song    Antidote by Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party
Likes    Playing sports, hanging out with friends, dancing, and singing
Dislikes    Cleaning, yelling, storms, blood, gory movies, and rain
Favorite Color    Gold (his dad's favorite color)
Favorite Animal    A sloth because they are cute, slow, and silly