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AJ DiBattista

Roleplay: "ISOS_Xavi"

Player: Xavirne

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My Name is Adam Jackson ďAJĒ DiBattista, and I am 18 years old. Within the town of Sunnydale, I am seen as the new guy who started the Mystery Club, which is an important role within this story. My heart leads me along the lines of life towards women, which may come into play as things unfold. When blessed by magic, I was given the gift of earth. There is something else you should know about me, I have bleach blonde hair and soil colored brown eyes.  Iím 5-feet, 10-inches tall and have sun-kissed golden skin.


Despite being the new guy, Iím quite popular.  Iíve always been popular.  Not to be cocky or anything, but thatís just who I am.  I play guitar and I sing.  What girl doesnít dig that?  I donít have time to play sports as I have a part time job; Iím the farmerís son.  Iím capable and handy.  Need a tire fixed?  Got it.  Need help painting?  Been there, done that.  Not sure where to plant those flowers?  I got you.

Iím not Einstein, but I get decent grades.  Bs usually.  I figure I donít need to get As with where I want to be when high school is over.  Ideally, I would love to become a country singer.  Mom works in Hollywood.  She works for a record company.  I have my inÖ if only she would listen to me sing.  Dad says as soon as I get my high school diploma, heíll let me pick up singing.  Full time.  Until then, I have to maintain an 80 or higher.  If I donítÖ heíll make sure I never sing with Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Taylor SwiftÖ all those stars.

Equipment / Abilities

I own the earth.  Literally.  The dirt beneath your toes, I can make it crawl or ripple.  I can create large waves of nothing but soil.  And, if you know a thing or two about the earth, itís pretty impressive.  Water makes it thicker, more defensive.  Fire, if Iím using sand, turns my earth to glass, making a lovely little weapon.  Air, though it might try to scatter me, just allows me to envelope my enemies completely, creating a tomb, if you will.

Granted, my powers have their setbacks.  I cannot flip from mud to sand to dirt to easily.  Clay is also a bit of an issue.  Alloys too.  Marred or soiled earth is also impossible to control so if contamination, letís say due to chemicals from overworked land, is present, I canít shift that earth.  And another metal bending is cool, I canít do that either.  Iím just mud, dirt, or sand, sadly.

Now, with earth, comes the ability to play with the plants that grow.  I canít really make trees appear.  I can make them grow or help them bend awkwardly to shield me from a storm.  But I canít force grass to grow.  I canít make pretty flowers magically appear beside her dainty toes.  I can just enhance what already exists.

A huge downside to my plants is that I need to understand my plants.  For example, I need to know leaves of three is poison ivy and that I should not touch it.  Yes, even though I can make it grow, it will still give me the itches.  The berries we want to dye our skin with?  I need to know if they are poisonous.  That being said, I need to brush up on my flora*.  Iím afraid Iím no botanist.  Wouldnít want to accidentally kill someone because I cracked open a plant with toxic spores.  Oi, that would be a nightmare.  Perhaps I should leave the shrooms aloneÖ..

*It should be noted that AJ knows his crops and flowers.  He just doesnít know wild plants and trees.


Iím not going to lie.  I miss the water.  I miss the beaches and the babes.  Iím originally from Cali.  Moving out to hick countryÖ eh.  It wasnít what I wanted.  But my dadís brotherís wife needed help.  Her husband (my uncle) died about a year ago to cancer.  Not wanting to lose the farm (itís been in the family for generations), dad decided it was time to move back home.  Sadly, this meant leaving mom and her world of famous celebs behind.  Yes, you read that right.  Mom refused to move.  Said she couldnít stand that country boy thing.  The divorce hasnít happened on paper, but itís pretty much Facebook official. Or at least on momís side.  Dad?  Heíll never leave her.  Heís loved her since they were kids.  Heíll stay single if it means he can call her once a week.  Heís a nice guy like that.

Anyway, I didnít have much a choice but to move with dad.  My aunt-in-law (Madison) needed help.  Or rather, my dad did.  Heís getting up there in age and I donít want to find outÖ yeah.  Letís just say I moved to be the muscle.  Heís farmed his whole life.  But his body?  Iím not sure it could take the heat.  I can.  I will.  I shall.

We live on 250 acres of land.  Moved right in with Auntie Madi and I start my first day at the new school tomorrow.  While in Cali, I was part of a rad group called ďPMI--Paranormal and Mediumship Investigators.Ē  We would go to graveyards, haunted houses, etc.  Iíve always liked the paranormal.  The weird.  Figured why not start a club here.  Rumor is this quaint little town isnít as quaint as it seems.  Trust me, I know.  I read the books of legend the entire flight here.

Oh, and letís not overlook my best buds Marlo and Mandy:

And I know I only just moved here, but I already made a new friend.  This is Strife:


Let the music of my soul be heard in the form of ďBarefoot Blue Jean NightĒ for all eternity.