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Ace / Arvin Kaiser

Roleplay: "ISOS_Xavi"

Player: Xavirne

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"Take advantage of me. I dare you."


Birth Name: Arvin Kaiser
DR Nickname:  Ace
Date of Birth:  July 23rd
Years of Life: Seventeen
Grade:  Senior

Height:  5'11.5"
Weight:  160 lbs
Eye Color:  Yellow-green
Hair Color:  Acid-like green
Sexuality:  Heterosexual

Uh... I'm really not sure what to tell you.  If you have eyes, you can see that I'm an 11 out of 10 on the hot scale.  I have bright green hair and vivid yellow-green eyes.  I'm an average height with a toned build.  I have a confident skip to me steps.  I tend to prefer neutral colors, especially blacks and whites.  Love to wear greens, golds and coppers too.  Most of my wardrobe has that sporty/preppy look and feel to it.  And and I almost always have a smirk on my face.


For starters, I'm damn good looking but you'd have to be blind not to notice that.  And, if you were blind, you'd totally miss out on my wicked sweet hair.  Yes, it's green.  Bright ass fucking green.  The whole stealth thing might not work to my advantage but damn does it make me the center of attention -- and I am absolutely all for that!

If you haven't put two and two together yet, I'm very full of myself.  A cocky lil' bastard.  A cheeky fellow!

I mean, have you seen me?  Can you honestly blame me?  If looks could kil-- oh wait, they do.  ;)

Okay, okay I'll take this seriously.  Which is hard to do because I'm usually more of an upbeat joker type.  Like to laugh.  Goof around.  Pull pranks.  I'm a bit of a punk too so doing that rebellious stuff is fun.  Besides, my sisters tell me girls like men with roguish traits.

As I was raised by perhaps the sweetest man and then later my total badass sisters, I've really come to respect women.  Yes, yes, I sleep around but I hear no complaints.  I know exactly what to do and how to charm them.  I'm the perfect one-night-stand kinda guy.

I coooouuuullllddd do one of those relationship things but, after seeing how my dad's passing destroyed my mom, I'm not sure I'm up to being the committed type.  And besides, there aren't any girls that really catch my eye in that regard.  I'd want someone tough and strong so... if I ever suffer the same fate as my father, she wouldn't be a depressed widow.  No, I'd want her to be like my mom -- dive headfirst into her career and never look back.  Heartless but cool nonetheless.

Uh, so yeah.  Coolness. That's a huge part of my life.  I only hang with the cool kids.  Rroy is pretty much my twin as, hair and eye colors aside, we look like brothers and he's hella awesome.  Varun is my bestie; I met him recently and we've totally meshed.  Melik is the princess type I live to serve and Fritz is hilarious.  Oh and we can't forget Nieko; he kinda keeps us all together and that makes him all right in my book.

You know... I should probably tag on some flaws because I'm far from perfect.  Because I'm an cocky little d'bag, I can get into all kinds of trouble at school.  I've also got that "playa" style that the guys hate (they're just jealous they can't score with the ladies).  And I've kinda mentioned this but I can come across a little disconnected.  I'm not really looking to make friends.  I've already got the best so I keep everyone else at an arm's length.  I don't want to get hurt and I want to keep them from getting hurt too.

Equipment / Abilities

I wear the Mask of Ligeia, the Siren.  Her attacks are lightning based and since she can fly, she cannot be effect by earth attacks.  She's famous for lulling her enemies to sleep with her clean-toned voice.  Then, once her foe has fallen asleep, she lets out a shrill so loud that it raises my attack AND defensive stats.  Meaning, I become more badass when I hear my fair maiden scream!

P E R S O N A ' S   W E A K N E S S
Ligeia, despite having a chilling song, is actually weak to ice.  She's also weak to light/holy attacks.

For my melee attacks, I use a simple Katana.  For my ranged attacks, I have to setup.  I have to "leave" the battle to get into position.  Then, on my next turn, I fire a shot that is a guaranteed kill.  Yes, that's right.  I have an explosive sniper rifle.

I'm considered a ranged weapon master.  That means that anyone can pass me their ranged weapon and I can use it.  And on top of that, I don't deplete their rounds.  I get free shots!  The only downside is that, once someone passes me their weapon, they can't get it back until the battle ends.  But the perks greatly outweigh the loss of a weapon!

If we're going up against a robotic enemy, I have the ability to hack them.  I am also really good at noticing traps and can alert the team to them before we go and trip them!

I have the lowest health on the team.  Furthermore, my defensive stats are utter shit.  Meaning, I need to be extra careful.  Two attacks and I'm dead.  So I need someone to constantly shield, draw fire, or heal me.  Sorry.  :\


Like most boys, my father was my hero.  I wanted so desperately to be just like him.  He was awesome.  He was a hacker for the government and was constantly earning praise for his efforts.  But he wasn't just a hacker.  He was also an instructor.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays he would teach college kids the ins and outs of cyber security.

I never really understood what he was teaching me but... well, I guess it stuck because even after all these years, I can still pick up his code and finish where he left off.

Er, if it wasn't illegal.  Though I have been approached by his former employer.  If I continue to show promise and attend the college they request, I'll be able to follow right in his footsteps!

I-I like to think he'd be proud of me....

I lost him 5 years ago when I was 12.  

It was unexpected.  I remember Alex and Ani coming to get me from school. Saying it was an emergency.  They were crying so I started crying too.  I knew something was really wrong.

It broke my heart.  I didn't understand it.  He was so healthy and full of life.  What happened! I didn't understand blood clots. I didn't get why it had to be him!  I didn't get why I, the child with the perfect life, had to lose the man I loved with all my heart.

But I eventually learned and would find myself at a loss.  I felt so alone.

My mom was so devastated that she swore she'd never love again.  She also couldn't stand to see me.  I'm a spitting image of dad and it broke her heart to see me.  She loved him to the moon and back.  So she did what she did best.  Joined the CIA.  I haven't seen her since.

My twin sisters, 10 years my senior, had me dumped on their laps.  They were 22 and had only started their lives.  And now they had to raise their little brother (I was an oops child, by the way).

But it's okay.  I love my sisters.  I spent my entire life with them and dad.  They were always raising me to be a gentleman.

With dad's passing, the had to teach me about the "birds and the bees" so that was awkward.  But it was also kind of neat.  They went into more detail than I probably needed to know but, hey, I know how to make things not painful!  So woo, perks of sisters who literally tell you anything.

They taught me how to dance.  How to romance.  How to braid hair.  How to do just about everything a woman would want in a man.

And their reason?  Ani wanted to make sure when (more like if!) she ever brought a man home, he would know the expectations.  He would have to be better than me and, to them, I was perfect.  The ideal boyfriend.

Now don't think I just learn things to make me prince charming.  I also learned a lot of things to make me kick-ass too.

Alex is an ex-Marine.  She's tough as nails and a total badass.  Seriously, she scares even the boldest of thugs.  She graduated the top of her class and was so well respected that she now teaches basic.  Yes, as a woman.  How neat is that?!

Oh and her girlfriend, Amber, is drop dead gorgeous.  Sweet as could be too.  She's a nurse.

Yeah, Alex is a spitting image of your stereotypical bisexual.  Short hair, butch, independent as hell, and all around epic.

Ani is just as awesome.  Only, unlike Alex who sports the short hair and masculine getup, Ani is all about being pretty.  She has long, lovely locks and wears the most elegant of outfits.  She loves flowers and always makes sure we have a fresh bouquet on the table.

You'd think she's work at a flower shop.  But nope.  She doesn't.  She works at the local gun shop and range.  Oh, did I not mention she was an ex-Marine too?  Huh, wonder how that slipped my mind ;)

She's the instructor for the local conceal and carry classes.  She also teaches judo in her spare time.  Oh and she teaches women's self-defense.

Yeah, she's awesome.

So I grew up with a dad who was soft and sweet as could be.  And three of the most badass women I know.  They could all flip like a table and wouldn't break a sweat.  So being upstaged by a chick, it's sexy as hell.  I grew up with it so it's only natural I'd like it!

Significant Other Traits:  I hate to admit it, but I ultimately want a woman who will take care of me.  I... I hate always being the hero.  I hate having to do all the heavy lifting.  I just want someone to cater to me and treat me like, dare I say it, a princess?  I also want someone who's impervious to my ridiculous jokes and someone who calls me out on being an ass.  Someone who's blunt and does everything to help me be a better man.  But also someone who's soft and kind, when it's just us.  Someone who's not afraid to run headfirst into danger with me.  A knight in shining armor and my best friend.

Likes:  Flirting, joking around, putting puzzles together, shooting, playing FPS games, history (specifically wars).

Dislike:  Rude, arrogant men who think they can bully women around, being yelled at, losing in a game, finding out someone stole my dinner, and people who interrupt me.

Favorite Holiday:  You're all going to assume it's Valentine's Day but you're wrong!  My favorite holiday is...!  Friendsgiving.  I love eating with my friends and being surrounded by laughter and lighthearted discussions. Plus, Rroy's food is amazing so I would never pass up an opportunity to eat what he cooks!