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Aellai "Ali" Serode

Roleplay: "Of Knights and Dragons"

Player: Xavirne

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It's cute how you think I care. I'm from Duufal, remember that.


O hai~!  My name is Aellai Serode, but please call me Ali.  I'm from the Air Kingdom of Duufal.  I'm 21 years of age and have naturally white hair.  However, white looks bad against my pale skin so I dyed my hair purple.  My eyes are the color of the sky and my lips are always the color of cherry blossoms.  Speaking of cherry blossoms, I work on a farm.  A fruit farm to be exact.  It's because of all that slave labor (mum and pops don't pay me to work the family business), that I have a lean, toned body.  I can certainly pull my weight--and then some.

I tend to wear a tank top or tube top with short shorts.  What can I say, I like to show off my skin?  I look good.

Oh!  I'm also a 5-5.

True Chaotic (Chaotic Neutral)
As Ali has always grown up free to do as she wishes, she places little to no value on the liberty or freedom of others.  She demands her own freedom but won't strive to help other achieve it for it is not her problem.  She follows her own heart and does what she thinks is best for herself.  Again, caring little for the world around her or who she might hurt/help.  When push comes to shove, Ali will often align with good for she doesn't enjoy seeing others suffer.  She is free from societal restrictions and isn't obliged to be a do-gooder, making her a very dangerous woman.

Her Personality
Ali has been and will always be outspoken.  She doesn't really care what people think.  She just says what she believes in, even if it's painfully true.  As Ali has never been afraid to flaunt her stuff, it is safe to say that she is a very sexual woman.  She's also very open.  She doesn't believe in holding things back.  If someone asks, she'll tell.  She has no secrets to keep to herself as that just ruins the fun.  It also makes things difficult, and she doesn't like difficult.

She does have an airhead personality at times.  She can also come across goofy, silly, and clumsy.  Don't let her antics fool you.  She's not that ditsy.  She acts that way on purpose.  It helps draw more attention to her.  She likes the attention because, well, let's face it, that's just who she is.

Showing off, being loud, and coming across overly dramatic are just some of her personality...quirks?  Calling her a bitch wouldn't be insulting.  She can also be very sarcastic and a bit too carefree at times.

Growing up with all the freedoms in the world, Ali has little attachment to things, places, or people.  She floats around as she sees fit.  When things get boring, she goes onto the next thing.  Because of that, she doesn't have many close friends.  If anything, she's known for her plethora of one night stands.

Equipment / Abilities

The weapon that called my name is a....
Crossbow.  I saw it glistening in the candlelight and couldn't pull my eyes from it.  Although manly and plain, I really enjoy it.  I've since found out that, when I'm holding it, I can run a whole lot faster.  Almost as fast as the wind.

Skills worth mentioning....
I'm a farmer's daughter.  I know a shitton about the land.  I know what fruits to eat.  When to plant the seeds.  What materials you need to make a fire, sew clothing, build a bucket.  Ya know, just good old livin' off the earth kind of things.  I can track and read the stars.  Since I'm used to moving around a lot, it makes sense that I know how to turn the world around me into my compass.  It's one less thing to forget to grow attached to.  Why not love the land?  It'll always be there.  A compass?  I might accidentally trade it.

Dancing.  Whether it be pole, belly, or just straight up dancing.  I'm good at it all.  I've always loved swinging my hips to a beat.  Thought about going into dance but realized I could make more selling fruit from the floating orchards my parents own.

Cooking.  It's one of those, no duh, skills.  I grew up on a farm.  I know how to cook.  And not just a little.  Like... a lot.  And yes, it's fit to feed a king.  My cooking is goddamn awesome.

Skills we should never speak of (as they are not skills but things to fear!)....
It is wise to avoid asking Ali to hunt.  She's a vegetarian and cannot stand the sight of fresh meat.  As sure, she refuses to hunt.  Gather berries, yes.  Kill that poor little cute deer over there?  Hell no!

That being said, Ali has never held a weapon.  Ever.  She has no idea how to use one.  Heck, she's never even seen one.  The Air Nation has little use for weapons for very few feel the urge to defend something.  If it's not meant to be, they just let it go.  They don't really do the whole 'owning' thing.

Ali is an awful singer.  For the love of god, do not let her sing.  Her talking voice is gorgeous.  But singing?  Eek!  She sounds like a dying frog.  However, it should be noted that she can copy any bird call or whistle with complete accuracy!

Her planning.  Do not let Ali plan anything.  It will be half-assed and it'll probably be missing an end.  She tends to get distracted and forgets to follow through with things.  It's best to give her little tasks than have her dish out orders.


The Ways of the Beloved Bat of Duufal....
I do agree, Aellai is no knight.  Not yet.  Her lack of experience when it comes to fighting or war makes her weak, naive.  But she has a strong heart.  Although she has never truly bonded with something, feeling an urge or need to claim it as her own, I do know that Aellai will not let her kingdom fall.  For she knows that if it does, her freedom will crash and literally burn with it.

Aellai is stubborn.  She will struggle but she will grow.  When her fellow knights need her most, Aellai's wings will open and she shall show all the might of Duufal.  Her fierce attitude will cause her enemies to turn in fear.

My little fruit bat will serve us well.