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Aiden Z. DeKay

Roleplay: "Occultia Academy"

Player: Xavirne

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Flame Alchemist + Sixth Year + Head of Class

Full Name: Aiden Zador DeKay
Nickname: Aiden
Species: Flame alchemist
House: Alchemist
"Harry Potter ain't got nothing on us. You think his school was cool? Psh, please. Ours is better. We don't have a talking hat, but, hell, we have a demon rabbit teacher. We also have one of God's ex-right-hand men. There are a few gifted vampires among the staff. Oh, and have you heard, our headmaster is of an even rarer breed. You will enjoy your stay here."

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: Twenty-one
Year Level: Sixth year

Height: Six foot four inches
Weight: One hundred eighty pounds of pure muscle and bone
Eye Color: Yellow-green
Hair Color: Blonde

Personality: A real ass.  He's cocky and he loves to flaunt it. He knows he's attractive and he does everything he can to make all the girls swoon at him.  Aside from being a cocky jerk, he's also brilliant.  Top in his class and a master of fire, it's no wonder he landed the position of "student head of alchemists."  This little title further boosted his ego, which was already big enough as it was.  As one might predict, Aiden's hot-headed and feisty.  He's not one to obey commands and he really likes to show off.  He's good looking, cool, and smart, and he knows it.

Equipment / Abilities
Abilities: Aiden is one of the rarer breeds of alchemists that is one that can control an element. Being born with the name of Aiden, it only makes sense that his power be of fire, as Aiden means flame. He is able to transform just about anything into a ball of fire. He personally likes concentrating on the air before him and using the oxygen to create a flame just by snapping his fingers. Aiden also enjoys sacrificing objects to create items that enhance his fire casting abilities. He finds it rather amusing that he can turn a pencil into a flaming sword.
Weaknesses: Water. He is also not fond of dirt or anything else that can extinguish a flame.
Weapon(s) of choice: Just about anything fire related. He also enjoys fighting with a sword. He's known to use objects around him such as a stop sign, a toothpick, cafeteria trays, cell phone, and a stray cat.

History: He's not really one to talk about his past.  He claims it was 'okay,' but other than that, it's all he'll readily admit.  Rumor has it that his parents work for the CIA as they, too, are alchemists.  According to some other upperclassmen, Aiden's mother is an Ice Alchemist and his father is Lightning.  How they managed to get a fire child was beyond them.


 Smoking, ignoring people, pissing people off, and being a total badass
Dislikes: Anyone that has a crush on him, anyone that gets in his way, and anything that cramps his style
Theme Song: Burn It To The Ground
I Sound Like This When Singing: All These Years

Gets Your Heart Racing: A woman who isn't afraid to approach him. Someone who is edgy and rough, yet sassy, sweet, and sexy. Pretty much anyone that isn't afraid of a little S&M.
Unfavorite Subject: Gym
Other: He enjoys making out with women.