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Roleplay: "Nonu Maihel Online"

Player: Xavirne

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Thaw the ice that hides your heart and let your smile emerge. Allow love to exist again.



Alaska, America
Dmitri Ishild Krikov
Icy blue eyes
Pale ass blonde hair
Five foot eleven inches
Toned yet skinny

 The Good 
Shy - I hate it admit it, but I'm not wild tiger or lion heart.  Even though I wish Bluice to be an extravert, I just can't seem to make him be one.  It's so… weird talking to people.  My voice gets carried over into this world and I just seem to lose the ability to be brave.
Sincere - My best friend always used to tell me that people would eat me alive because I'm overly nice and sincere.  I like to think she's wrong.  I'm just proving to the world that kindness and sincerity aren't lost, especially among men.
Passionate - In all that I do.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm always one to think with my heart.  It's gotten me this far in life, I suppose it will continue to lead me down the right path.  I hope…. been really good at rallying people.  Apparently, people like what I have to say and want to follow what I do.  No idea why.  It's annoying and, quite frankly, I wish they would just go away.

 The Bad 
Gullible - Eh, not my best quality.  But I tend to get taken advantage of… a lot.  Not to mention, I'm one of those guys that can get tricked easily, especially if a pretty lady is involved.
Naive - Goes hand in hand with gullible.  Sometimes I just don't get the advances and this can upset people.  It's not my fault I don't always get what people want.  Their vagueness needs to be less vague!  If they want me to do something, they just need to tell me.
Irrational - I know, it doesn't go with any of the above but, once a line has been crossed, I can snap into this ugly man.  I can be hot-headed and irrational, doing things I normally wouldn't.  I've been known to get a little rough when this line is crossed.  I just hope I don't blow my top in NMO.  That would be embarrassing...

Equipment / Abilities
Class:  Spellcaster > Elementalist
Weapon:  Sword

Abilities:  Hunting and trapping, tracking, canine taming, ice fishing, and fire building
Specialties:  The ability to cast ice and blizzard

History: - Dmitri's life wasn't anything complicated.  His father was a climatologist, working for the government and permanently stationed in Alaska so he would have easy access to the northern ice caps.  His mother, a medicine woman, was very happy with her life in Alaska and still loyally serves the Alaskan people.  Dmitri's older brother, Rex, moved to San Francisco about three years ago after he graduated with a law degree.  Dmitri never drifted too far from home, traveling between Alaska and Russia (where he attended college).  The twenty-six year old male has a degree in Fine Arts with minors in Russia and American History.  He currently works as a freelance artist and is hoping to self-teach himself web design as he thinks it would be a fun interest to pursue.
Thoughts: - The only reason he joined was because he heard there was a HUGE global reach for the game.  He was hoping he might "bump" into an UK player and befriend them enough so, in the future, he could visit the country and seek out a female friend from his past.
Dream: - 13lueice has always wanted to visit England to see if he could find his long lost friend (and perhaps lover).  He can't help but wonder if the English woman has moved on and found her own life while he lingered in the past and clung to a silly dream.


Personal Preferences - Such an odd question.  I guess I enjoy solitude but I wouldn't object to finding friends to complete the main quest with.  I like the wintery months and have always wanted to hike up to the top of a mountain, star gaze by a warm fire, and kiss a girl under the stars.  I'm afraid I'm a bit shy though… so it's probably never going to happen.  But that's the type of things I like.  Cozy, sincere, and sweet.
Precious Item - My scarf.  It has many uses and it would be rather handy in this game.  That and it belonged to my best friend who moved to England ten years ago.  This scarf is the only thing I have left that reminds me of her.  I wonder… does she ever think of me?  I gave her my watch.  I wonder if she still has it....
Face Claim - Nier, Male, NieR