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Aelki [STAFF]

Roleplay: "Nonu Maihel Online"

Player: Xavirne

Private,   Enabled,   Approved,   Owned

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When things get rough, stick up your middle finger and screw the world.


Oregon, America
Kaleva Aeron Shimane
Piercing yellow eyes
Silky smooth brown hair
Six foot two inches
Average sized and muscular

 The Good 
Charming - In game and out of game, I'm one charming devil.  I've got that suave saunter and a dashing grin.  Men want to be me and women want to get with me.  I pretty much live the easy life.
Play the Man/Woman - I enjoy making people laugh.  I can be a total goof or a sexy gentleman.  I know how to play people and give them what they want.  This really links right back into being charming.
Do Gooder - I'm a good guy.  Legit.  I can't be bad nor evil.  I enjoy helping people and using my powers for the betterment of others.  It's one of the reasons I was elected STAFF.  I'm the people's choice.  All the beta testers elected me as the "MOD OF THE PEOPLE" because, as a beta player, I had the other players interests at heart.  That and the 1000 beta testers (myself included), all loved me.  Said I "made the game awesome."

 The Bad 
Cocky - I suppose this should be one of my flaws as I am, indeed, quite cocky.
Hipster - It's true.  I'm a hipster.  I wear fancy clothes, drink Starbucks coffee, wear skinny jeans, and have a ton of Apple products.  I'm the kind of guy that makes things cool.  I'm pretty much a trendsetter, especially with regard to fashion.  And, being a guy, I feel like this is a bad thing.  However, I refuse to change.  Classy is sexy.  And ladies love sexy.
Tease - Yeah, I'm a tease.  I'm like that big brother you've always wanted.  I can be a real nag and a total pain in the ass.  I can also be that ideal boyfriend you've been dreaming about and, just before things get too serious, I magically slip away.  Don't get me wrong, I want to settle down.  I just need to find the right dance partner.

Equipment / Abilities

Class:  Warrior > Knight
Weapon:  Bladegun - Glows green
Abilities:  Horse back riding, cooking, scouting, and moderating
Specialties:  Due to his STAFF position, Aelki can use both fire and lightning attacks simultaneously despite not being in the spellcaster category.

History:  Life hasn't been too bad for Aelki.  His parents stayed together and helped raise he and his sister, Iris (another player on the server).  His father was a mechanic and his mother was a florist, both bringing in simple yet sustainable salaries.  They didn't live in a large house but where they lived was in a nice, quint neighborhood in Oregon.  When his grandmother lost her husband, Aelki's parents took her in and she nannied the kids from the age of five to eleven (when she passed away).  Overall, Aelki's life was pretty straightforward and simple.  Growing up in Oregon, the male never really left the place, except to pursue a college degree which he earned at an Montana university.  It was just a simple computer major paired with a communication minor, but it was enough to get his name out there.  NMO eventually caught onto his reputation and immediately offered him a STAFF position as he had "excellent leadership, computer, and communication skills."
Thoughts:  Aelki loves it.  At first he thought it was a stupid idea but, after helping develop some of the interfaces and site rules, he's become fully immersed in the world and cannot imagine life without it.
Dream:  Ideally, he would love to meet someone in game and, eventually, meet outside the game.  If all went well, settling down with his user would be fantastic.


Personal Preferences
- Single, hot, and smart.  Oh, we weren't talking about ladies were we.  Heh, well then I supposed I would have to say that I enjoy the fall or spring as the land looks its best.  I also love it when MEMBERS obey the rules and make my job easy.
Precious Item - I don't really have a precious item.  So I'm going to go with something I can't live without.  My mask!  When I'm in STAFF mode, I wear that mask.  When I'm trying to be deceptive (which is almost never), I go without it.  Why do I like the mask so much?  Well, I like superheroes.  Unlike Tony Stark, I would rather keep my personal identity to myself.  Hence, the mask.
Face Claim - Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, Male, Tiger and Bunny