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    Occultia Academy - Closed
    Occultia, sometimes called O'cult, is a private academy that hand selects students to enroll. Those selected receive a letter in the mail that requests his/her enrollment. All fees and tuition costs are wavered, making travel the only monetary issue.
    When power falls into the wrong hands, the guardians of the land come together to select the knights best suited to summon the most feared creatures of all - dragons.
    With the bite of Fall 2013 crisping the air comes a tale like no other as the Hallowed Folk extend a plea for help. It if up to you to save these normally peaceful, yet deadly people! What will you do? Will you fight the plight or sit back and watch a group of people fall into a forever darkness, never to return again?
    America is losing the war against the spiritual beasts. Her hope lays in the hands of those chosen to wield the monsters from the past - the mecha. Should these select heroes fail, all shall perish.
    S7Nera - Closed
    "The good guys always finish last. And, by then, the world will be gone. Hence, the need for the bad guys who... don't give a shit about the rule book."
    Silver_Xavi - Adult
    One x one for Silver and Xavi
    Sinz_Xavi - Adult
    Lawlz, that title makes it look like I sin. xD
    A group of young adults take a trip to Tokyo, Japan in hopes to live out their wildest anime inspired fantasies. But instead of a fun-filled vacation, they find themselves dead center of a zombie outbreak. This is not the genre they were planning on experiencing. Now they have to find a way to survive, and maybe a way back home!
    It was 2582, and Humanity had found another new galaxy to explore. The New Frontier, they called it! A place where anything can go, and the rules are simple: There are none. Anyone was welcome to go, all they had to do was sign up for the new ships leaving for the new colony and they had a new life.
    The lullabies of tomorrow bring about the end of time. Slay the lost and bring back the ticking hands of time.
    Witch Hunters - Adult
    Blood? Check. Violence? Check. Good old fashioned ass-kicking? Check. You game?
    Xav x Wist - Adult
    This is a one x one. Please do not ask to join, submit character's, or post. Thank you.
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    13luice   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    Thaw the ice that hides your heart and let your smile emerge. Allow love to exist again.
    Ace / Arvin Kaiser   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    "Take advantage of me. I dare you."
    Aelhaeran Noel, The Coward   (played in Time Slayers: Lullabies of Tomorrow)
    I'm scared, father. I only wish I could have grown up to be that brave boy you always wanted me to be.
    Aelki [STAFF]   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    When things get rough, stick up your middle finger and screw the world.
    Aellai "Ali" Serode   (played in Of Knights and Dragons)
    It's cute how you think I care. I'm from Duufal, remember that.
    Aermil "Ari" Rretyn   (played in Dragon Age: Shepherds of Light)
    Bloodshed breeds bloodshed. Why raise a sword when conversation can save lives
    Aiden Z. DeKay   (played in Occultia Academy)
    Flame Alchemist + Sixth Year + Head of Class
    AJ DiBattista   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    Akina   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    The Dangerously Charming Loner's Butler/Pet/Friend Thing
    Akiyama   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    The Knight of Divination who fights for the The Black Dove Guard.
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