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The Coming Darkness 2

Finish your journey in this anime-themed roleplay.......

Tags: action, adventure, anime, awesome holy crap moments, drama, fighting, life, magic, romance, school life, swag, yolo

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: IamEnzo

Created: 12-22-2012, 07:18 AM


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    Acies followed the pair in and as he closed the door the driver took off almost immediately. He would hand him a 100$ bill in silence and patiently awaited the end of the ride which would - undoubtedly - come in due time.

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    stubborn xxxxx magical xxxxx tomboyx
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    The pain, was nothing she had felt in her life. It was worst then the emotional pain she felt, when she lost her family. Worst then the cold nights on the streets. And even not a fraction, of what she felt, when she was hungry and looking for food at night. Faye's screams continued to echo out, those blue lines quickly streaking up her arm, spreading out, like a virus. While her hair continued to shift colors. When Voli had picked her up, she barely noticed it. As her body bucked against his, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Yet once he ran outside, away from the hideout, did the pain lessen. She whimpered, her screaming dying down into just simple whimpers of pain and groans. When he finally got outside though, he would noticed a major change. No longer did Faye had black hair with white bangs. Yet a whole head of short silver-white locks.

    Faye panted, eyes clenched tight, as the blue lines in her arms started to fade away. The pain that originated there, was also going away. She could hear Sinbad whimper as well, when she did. Groaning, Faye leaned her head back, hanging off of her shoulders as she spoke in a hoarse whisper. "L-Leave....me......g-get....b-b-back in...." Even though she was in some way harmed. Faye stubbornly thought she was in the clear now. Panting heavily, with her new colored hair as she was limp in Voli's arms.

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    Dass arrived to his office after leaving all his things in the warehouse or in his acommodations. He looked around and smiled, he liked the place. Then, he walked towards the chair behind his desk and sat down. Letting out a little sigh, he took all the papers and reports about the project and began reading them.

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    "Shit!" Sasha felt her leg being kicked out beneath her, and subsequently fell to the ground, her whip crashing and disintegrating back into her suit. The female coughed, tossing a few swears out under her breath as she struggled to regain her stance.

    Manilla slid in after Angelo, plopping herself down in the middle seat. She looked towards the other male, this Acies person, waiting for him to come inside as well.

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    Volitaire was ready to join Enzo but was stopped by a pained screaming behind him. He turned to find Faye on the ground in a excruciating looking pain. It happened so suddenly Voli had no clear idea on how to react. All he could muster up was that Faye's been acting a little off since they've arrived at the Brotherhood hideout. He held Faye's shaking body up in his arms, deciding to take her back outside from the noise of the bloodthirsty crowd so he could finally come to focus. Running back through the isles and up towards the entrance door, Voli had broke through it, keeping Faye in his arms as he forced himself to think more on what he could do to ease the girls plain.
    Angelo climbed into the taxi cab, moving all the way to the left seat leaving the middle for Manilla and the right seat for Acies. If Angelo knew this was an effective way of travel then he would've gotten used to calling a taxi a long time ago... Though, he had no money to order one with.

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    Both Silver and her illusion watched as the girl's whip grabbed a hold of the illusion, causing it to disappear. Silver frowned, but didn't really have much time to think about it since the girl was coming at her again with a kick. This was her chance. Silver narrowly avoided the kick by moving down, and swung her sword back up towards the figure, attempting to hit the girl's leg.

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    Two..pairs of footsteps?

    Sasha's scowl intensified as she attempted to differentiate the two patterns of bootsteps scattering around her.

    "Pah, fuck it."

    Sasha's whip swung around, knocking into the sound on her left, while the female darted to her right, aiming yet another kick in that direction.

  8. Characters in this post:
    Silver tried her best to regain her balance after that hit, but once she did, she saw the figure shooting at her again. Unable to dodge, she tried to put up her swords to prevent herself from being damaged too much, but it wasn't very effective. She felt herself falling back, reaching down to try to flip herself backwards onto her feet again. Unfortunately, she wasn't expecting more kicks, and ended up getting kicked back into the barrier as soon as she got back on her feet. Silver stood there, leaning against the barrier as she tried to catch her breath again. Her eyes darted back and forth, seeing which side she might be able to go to prevent being attacked again. Silver had no choice, she had to use her illusions again. Despite the other being blind and Silver not realizing it, she used her illusions to make two of herself, which would trick the female into hearing two sets of footsteps instead of just one. She took this as her chance and darted one way while the illusion darted the other way.

    Candy simply smiled and nodded as she watched Dass leave, waving her hand a bit. "It's no problem, really," she muttered after he left. Shrugging, she turned to grab her purse. As she left her home, she took a different route to get to Mr. Tormod's office. Upon arrival, she stared up at the tall building, smirking slightly as she went inside and up to the top floor where his office was.

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    Tch. From the sound of it, Silver had dodged her attack. Sasha let out a low growl, and listened for the movement of the female. Close...closer...There. Sasha dug her feet into the ground for a moment, gathering energy for her attack. In another second, the female had shot from her standing place, careening into Silver and doubling the attack with a few kicks.

    Manilla gave a quiet nod as her hand dropped back to her side, "I see." The other male had called up some sort of vehicle, and asked Angelo if they should go. Manilla was unsure about whether or not they should get into the car, but waited for Angelo's answer.

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    Enzo felt good about the outcome of Silver's battle. Not a single second went by that he doubted her, however, it wasn't totally over. A single, familiar voice was heard about the rest, which made Enzo's eyes snap directly to the person it came from. Sasha?! What is she doing here?!

    What made matters worse, is when Sasha attacked Silver. The Mist Guardian held her ground against Cloud's attack, but he knew this battle wasn't going to end very well. Volitaire had been heard beside Enzo. He turned to Volitaire with urge and panic. Looks like they'd have to find out about who the mysterious attack was, after all.

    "That girl, that's Sasha! We have to stop this fight, Volitaire!" He shouted. Without waiting for an answer, he darted back through the crowd in search of a way to deactivate the magic nullification. Had he been a little calmer, he would have noticed Faye's scream above the cheering from the bloodthirsty crowd.

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    stubborn xxxxx magical xxxxx tomboy
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    The more the two of them entered inside of the Brotherhood hideout, the more the trembling and burning became. At one point, Faye was clutching her wrist against her stomach. Hoping to try and drive away the pain that was there. But no matter what she did, it still continued. Making it even worst for her. As they came once more, inside of a area, Faye blinked in surprise as the burning stopped. What the hell? It took a few seconds to try to figure out why that happened, as Voli ran towards Enzo, when her eyes widen. The pain came back, but it felt like something was being ripped out of her body. Letting out a cry, Faye fell to the ground in a heap. Her eyes wide, and body trembling, she stared at her palm as the tattoo seemed to spread out. The points of that sun, seem to dig into her skin more, almost trailing up her arm.

    She heard it then. Sin yelling out. Screaming inside of her body, her soul. Faye let out a hoarse cry herself, curling up into a fetal position. Her eyes still a wide appearance, as her spiritual powers were going wide. Due to housing Sin inside of her, who was pure magic and spirit energy, it was being affected by the damping. By being harmed by it. Slowly, the white of her bangs, seemed to grow, almost spreading across her black hair. Faye let out another cry, this one a little bit high pitch, as tears came to her eyes. Soon enough, she was jerking. As if she was having a seizure from the pain of Sin slowly getting harmed, and dying, from inside of her body.

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    "I see..." Acies nodded calmly. On a desolated island, it was useless, but in the civilized world, money had a worth. To further explain, Acies had stumbled upon a treasure during his countless adventures and used his summoning magic to have it ready whenever necessary. Roughly, this was the equivalent of having an ethereal, near bottomless wallet. "Taxi!" He'd call out, raising his arm and - being within the vicinity of an airport - it wasn't long before the vehicle stopped before them. "We're heading north-west, we have no luggage." With that, he would turn to Angelo with his expression of stoicism intact, so much so that it was difficult to believe he had been so expressive earlier on the island when he'd been starving. "Shall we?"

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    Dass left his things in the ground, near the door. He had just realized that he couldn't take his creations to the complex, he had to rent a warehouse or something. "Thank you, but I'm fine." He took out his mobile and searched the web for warehouses or garages for rent near the TFI complex. He found one that met his needs and called the owner, arranging a meeting half an hour later. Then he took his bags again. "As I said, thank you for everything." He smiled at her, exited the house and called a taxi.

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    As he entered he felt more of the strain of magic on his body, at this point he could barely muster enough manna for a simple spell. He figured this was for a security measure but it was something quite extreme he felt. Taking his attention away from the manna withdraw he noticed the room was a giant ring with a spectating crowd. The geography of the Brotherhood hideout was something far from what he thought it would be. The prestigious Brotherhood of Magic, an arena? It felt absurd and a little barbaric of people of such authority to take a weird turn but he didn't decide to question it he had a job to do. Upon further exploration he found Enzo watching the ring from the outside. His eyes blinked open at the sight of his friend, but he seemed troubled. Concerned, the dark haired mage ran to Enzo's side turning face to the inside of the arena where he found Silver and some... Odd looking female in the ring with her looking ready to battle. A wicked laugh followed up with a sadistic grin and abnormal outfit made him worry of Silver's safety in the ring with this unknown field dampening their manna reserves. "What in Gaze is going on here, Enzo?"


    Angelo ceased his Flame detection at the tug of his sleeves and Manilla's soft but empty voice. He turned to her with his Flame withering away, nodding in response to her question. "Yes, we can't just stand around.. We gotta see what's up with them. Thing is, they're.. Northwest of my direction now. But.. How are we gonna get there fast without flying?" His lip curved at his own question. He had little knowledge of how public transportation worked, considering he flew around where ever he liked.

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    Silver was glancing around to try to find a way out, when suddenly she hear a voice. The voice sounded familiar, yet, different.. But who did the voice belong to?... As she turned to try to answer that question, she put her swords up, realizing she was about to be hit. The hit made her stagger back a little, since Silver wasn't expecting the attack in the first place. She figured talking was out of the question since the other seemed so eager to fight.

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    She heard her voice first. That familiar sound...Silver. Sasha's lips spread into a grin. Attacking the person who'd helped that idiot (aka Enzo) torture her would be fun. No, more than fun- it would be revenge.

    "Gahaha, I suppose it's your turn now," she laughed, the octagonal whips forming around her once more as the suit glowed red. Sasha didn't even wait for the other to react, she merely just- well, she attacked.

    Manilla gazed at Acies with a similar blank expression. She didn't know whether or not to 'trust' the male- whatever trust was, that is. The female tugged at Angelo's sleeve, "Are we going to find Sky now, Mind?"

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    stubborn xxxxx magical xxxxx tomboy
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    Mentally, Faye was a little worried, when Voli would speak up to say that she was okay while winking to her under his hair. The whole time, she kept a blank face, when the informer looked at the icon, then looked back as he nodded towards the gate. As he unlocked it, Faye would let out a slight sigh as she pushed her cellphone back into her pocket. Her right hand, would continue to tremble.

    Frowning down at it, she would look at the tattoo marking on the inside of her palm. Staring at it for the longest time, she felt that it was burning. As if, something was wrong with Sin. She felt cold, at the idea that her guardian had something wrong with it as they entered through the gate. The burning feeling only got worst, and she had to hold her hand tightly to her chest. Faye made a face, clenching her teeth a bit, to try and ward off the burning sensation. "Damnit....what the hell is going on...."

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    The homeless man closed an eye and peered into Faye's cellphone. The light was pretty bright, so it took a second before he stood straight up. His eyes shifted from Faye to Voli, and then back to Faye. "That's a new way of showing you know Smough. Come on." He bobbed his head in the direction of the gate, then unlocked it. Two more odd people who had requested to see Smough. How he would react, however, was entirely unknown.

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    Voli had kept his eyes on the lookout below him. He figured if he reacted questionably to Faye's figure the lookout would feel something is off between the two if Voli hadn't even known what her sources were. However he was pondering about what the figure was and what it meant to the lookout and the Brotherhood in general. Blinking and focusing back to the lookout while holding his thoughts he decided to back up Faye. "She's with me. I've dealt with the Brotherhood before, I wouldn't bring a threat in their midst." He stated in hopes of getting the lookouts favor while winking to Faye under his hair.


    Leading Acies out the airport, Angelo had little guesses as to where Sky and his Guardians were located. As far as he remembers they drove away into the forest on the night of the soldier ambush but left no information on where exactly they'd be headed after that. A stiff frown fell over his face as he thought hard to where they'd run off. His only other option would be to seek out a Flame within the vicinity but he felt Sky would be too far from his field of detection. Angelo huffed as he narrowed his options down and finally came to the decision of scoping the Flames out. If the Guardians were all nearby he'd probably would be able to get a hold of them through the massive congregation of Flame. A small magenta Flame sparked at the center of his forehead with his eyes changing hue, he kept walking as to not cause some sort of confusion if he came to a sudden halt. He didn't want Acies to think he was lost. The Flame sparked in a awkward pattern that worked as a sort of sonar that would tug at his Flame in the direction of the closest foreign Flame. After a few minutes of walking he had exited the parking lots of the airport and a indigo and orange hue came over his eyes one after the other. They were a little far out, but he now knew of the direction of Sky and Mist, who he had yet to meet.

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    stubborn xxxxx magical xxxxx tomboy
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    Faye moved to grab hold of her shaking hand, holding it down against her stomach as she took in a slow deep breath. She would watch, as Voli raised his hand up to show off his ring. Showing the flames that came off of it, and the 'Homeless' man would move while shaking his head. But before he could show off the entrance, he would point towards her. Faye sighed, she knew this wasn't going to be easy. Reaching around inside of her pockets, she soon pulled out her cellphone. Hanging on it, was of course little anime figures and such. As she looked through them, she went and pulled one out of the rest.

    "I'm clean, look." The little figure, was a little gasmask character of a video game. It was also a figure, that she was given, to show to any member that she had been talked to before about joining. She didn't have wanted to use it, but she didn't want to cause problems for Voli by being a unknown that showed up and all. By now, Faye's right hand was throbbing. Her blue orbs would look at Voli from the corner of her eyes, seeing what his expression would be at seeing her pull something so simple out to show to the man.

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