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Acies Vitale

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness 2"

Player: AlexSilverX

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"If you want to fight me you might want to start trying your best... oh, you were..."


Nickname: Silver Crow

Age: 21

Birth date: 13th of August

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Built: Lean but toned with elongated limbs

Race: Caucasian Human(87.5%) Golem (12.5%)

Skintone: Fair

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Silver Gray

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 168lbs

Measurements: 40.5"/31"/35"

Handedness: Sinistrality (left-handed)

-A plain silver pinna (upper rim of the ear) piercing on his left ear
-A silver conic stud on each ear lobe
-A silver ball tongue piercing

-A cruciform scar over the spine
-A thin scar around the neck (barely visible)
-Several (7 in total) scars over the right arm

Birth Marks:
-Mole under the left eye

-A silver crow on his left shoulder blade

A rather laid-back and jaded young man with a composed personality and somewhat stoic behavior, Acies does not harbor particularly social or antisocial traits and is as happy in a group as he is alone. An adapter, he doesn't rely particularly on either instinct or thought, believing that they both have their strong and weak points, and seems to be able to seamlessly alter between them depending on the situation. He is not a particularly outspoken character, but is far from verbosely handicapped and can go on quite a rant when the situation calls for it. He has some flirtatious and joking tendencies, but due to his rather stoic behavior it is sometimes difficult to tell if he is joking or not. He seems to be driven by a need for a drive, as paradoxal as this might seem.

Equipment / Abilities
-Silfur: A silver saber with a thin but straight single-edged blade. It's hilt is a purple heart helix, it's pommel is decorated with 3 silver feathers, it's guard is in the shape of a folded wing and the blade itself is 40" long and 2.2" wide. It weights a mere 5 pounds but it has been sharpened in such a manner that the blade faces no resistance whatsoever from the wind, thus allowing blows of frighteningly astonishing force similar to those which would be led by a blade four times its weight.
-Svart: A pair of slacks with a silk-like black fabric which allow the wearer to "walk on air" via the creation of small circular platforms just below the foot at the moment of a step or jump. The feathered design at the ankles of the slacks is very similar in nature to the one depicted within the small silver platforms of energy created at the moment of the step. The fabric self-washes, so Acies can wear it constantly without hygiene issues, and is coated in diamond-fiber, allowing it to remain flexible while functioning as full lower-body armor.
-Tjn: A ring worn on his left index finger, It is imbued with a passive momentum-augmenting spell which allows Acies to strike with inhuman force. However this is limited to his left arm.   
-Gegn: A ring worn on the right index finger, it is imbued with a shielding spell of great strength, however the silver spell aura's boundaries are limited to a foot-wide radius around Acies's hand and the item is thus limited in its defensive capability.
-Clywed: His ear piercing, capable of magnifying sounds and amplifying their precision, allowing Acies to pinpoint their location without difficulty. While worn, Acies's ears become as capable as his eyes if not more. 

-Empathy: Has a comprehension of human emotions greater than the average human (but not superhuman)
-Eidetic Memory: Can remember anything after a first encounter and (under the condition that he has the physical shape necessary to do so) mimic any movement or sound he has heard or seen.
-Awareness: Has a particular awareness of himself and his surroundings.
-Survival: Has basic knowledge of all things required for human survival (cooking, first aid, cleaning, etc.)

-Swordsmanship: Has a professional level of swordsmanship containing five styles originating from across the world which he combined into his own unique style.
-Acrobatics: Is particularly acrobatic, capable of summersaults and similar feats.
-Flexibility: Can perform the split and other less straining feats.
-Martial Arts: Has knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, though it is less extensive than his knowledge of swordsmanship, it remains significant.
-Reflexes: Trained his reflexes to the human maximum, sufficient to dodge a bullet in optimal conditions.
-Grip: Trained his grip to be able to apply 180lbs of pressure (enough to crush a human skull)
-Jump: Can jump 9 meters in distance and 4 meters in height (twice his own height)
Enhancement Magic: 
-Vorpal Sharpness Generation: Can increase an object's sharpness to the point of rendering it absolute, allowing it to cut through anything. The amount of magic required to keep this state is relative to the original sharpness of the object, the increase in sharpness, and its distance from Acies.
-Reflex increase: Can sharpen his own reflexes to reach 10 times their normal status, allowing reactions so quick that dodging bullets joins the realm of possibility.
Summoning Magic :
-Can summon objects and cast them away as he pleases, but must first install a magical seal upon them
-Can summon low level mental constructs.
Destruction Magic:
-Can create volatile constructs (max size of a baseball) that can explode upon impact.
-Can generate ghostly fire (white/silver in color)


Acies Vitale, born from a welsh family with some icelandic and native american ancestry was given the nickname of Silver Crow, "argnto korvo", due to his eyes and naturally lean physique. He grew in this family for some time and received an average education. His life was relatively uneventful if not for the basic magic he learned from his parents. He was sent to Sorcerers upon completing highschool, but got lost in his travels and ended up on a rather surprising cross-continental adventure which lasted for four entire years. By the time he found the school, it was in rumbles.

-He lives off a treasure he found on his adventures
-LVL: 40