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Enzo "Sky" Ferrari

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness 2"

Player: IamEnzo

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Name: Enzo "Sky" Ferrari
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Race: Soulless
Combat Level: 55

Enzo is friendly in social situations, quick to react in bad ones, but still has an old trace of his old self. At random times, without warning,  Enzo will change for the worst, becoming clumsy, making stupid decisions, and overall making himself look bad.


He is Soulless, and like most Soulless, there is another part of him that is asleep when he is normal. This side of him is referred to as Sky. 
Some could say Enzo's real side is Sky, having being born in the Gaze. He was named Sky after his position in the Guardians of Magic.
As Sky, his combat ability rises at a rapid rate, making him a tough, and smart opponent. Though Enzo hasn't changed into Sky for years.

Equipment / Abilities

Soulless Form

 Enzo has the ability to ignite his body on fire, turning into his Soulless form, Sky.
He has several rings on the fingers on both of his hands.  When he changes form, these rings change into flame-covered gloves.
The gloves themselves are black, and made of a strange type of metal. They are unbreakable in the human realm, and do not burn.

Flame Projection

With these gloves, Enzo can project himself into the air at will, and can reach the speeds of an F-22 jet, which can break the sound barrier. He is highly agile with his Flame Projection, and uses it whenever possible.


Enzo has the ability to control his flames however he wants, and for him, his flames can also be used to attack while on the ground or in the air. When attacking, he raises his arms in opposite directions, and contains his flames within his gloves for a short time to allow them to build up. When ready, the flame is released in both directions in a beam form, causing extreme amounts of damage when it's a direct hit. The downside, is that it takes time to charge this move. 

Sword of Aries

Previously a hidden function, Enzo's Sky ring forms into the Sword of Aries.
The sword itself was a gift from Aries, the first Sky, and Enzo's mother, to him. Rumors were that Aries
contained her flame and anger within this sword so Enzo could call for it's aid when in a pinch.

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