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Volitaire Lucath

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness 2"

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The storm has calmed.

Volitaire has grown to be 6ft in the past five years prior to the events of Gaze. With the further control of his virus he began to revert back to his original appearance, while still holding "minor" changes. His eyes are still a bright red and his hair is considerably neater, also his skin had paled a bit. He wears his own Lucath Family Arch-Mage uniform. Of course he kept to his style of shades and more formal attire; A white casual dress shirt, a black uniform jacket that he would wear over his shoulders, matching pants and shoes, sometimes he will wear a vest if feeling a bit more leisured.

His trials of losing his family, becoming a Guardian, sacrificing a lot during the long battle, and growing in his strength has matured Volitaire even more than he had been previously. He takes care of matters the moment they arise, takes care of his friends and loved ones while treating them with the utmost respect and protecting them with his life. Though, he's taken several hard blows while dealing with his feelings of being abandoned by his families untimely demise. There were many occasions where he felt numb, and locked all his feelings away to not worry his loved ones and attempt to move on. The result of this, Volitaire is a bit more introverted than usual in public, his emotions impact him stronger than they used to, he can sound a bit unvaried in tone, and get lost deep into his thoughts often. Despite his moments of emotional distress, it hadn't changed how kind and caring is he towards those he's close to.

Equipment / Abilities
  • Gravity Intensify/Alleviate: Volitaire utilizes the Gravity around him. Intensifying it to immobilize or crush foes. Alleviating can cause unstable footing and toss off opponents. In most cases Volitaire uses this spell to lift heavy objects and slam them to his opponents.
  • Black Holes: A rift in space is ripped open by Volitaire's self-collapsing manna. Because of the magical properties, other spells or even objects can be sent through these Black Holes. 
  1. Black Hole(Chains): Chains travel through the Black Holes provided, able to appear from anywhere slinging forward in a strait line. The force of impact with the chains is strong enough to pierce through asphalt.
  2. Black Hole(Eroding Bolt): Blasts of eroding manna fire from the Black Holes provided.  
  3. Black Hole(Warp): The castor is enveloped by their own black hole and can reappear within any chosen distance. The castor is warped into a separate material plane and travels within it. This plane is exclusive to only the castor whatever else is caught within the Black Hole and travel within said plane is equivalent to travel in the real world. Opening a portal from wherever you moved within the secondary plane is where you appear in the real world.
  • Erosion Bolt: A blast of eroding manna is fire from the hands of the caster. This blast bolt erodes whatever object it comes in contact with. Weaker bolts causes a slow aging effect, but doesn't prove as strong on living targets.
  • Erosion Bolt(Storm Flame Ver.): A blast bolt charged with the power of the Storm Flames. It's destructive capabilities are practically doubled. Able to tear through most alloys and disintegrate objects on impact. 
  • Bound Necromancy- Mother and Father: A seal inscribed on Volitaire's right and left palms holds the souls of his two fallen parents who he can summon through Necromancy when overwhelmed in numbers.
  • Manna Conjuration: The caster can take their manna and conjure it into a physical form. Whatever form the castor chooses is how the conjured manna functions.

  • Runes: Rings of text in a unknown and impossible to understand language. These rings of texts are incantations of whatever spell is being cast. The rings surround whatever part of the body the caster is casting from or wherever a spell will be cast.
  • Storm Flames: Utilizing his Guardian aspect of the Flames of Storm, Volitaire can bend the highly destructive Storm Flames to his will.
  • Manna detection: A trait grown by experienced Magi. The Magician can sense a magical presence within a slowly built radius. This radius is measured by the Magicians familiarity with Magic.

My story will be revealed in the Roleplay.

Fun facts:
  • Volitaire loves sweets, reading, quiet, cloudy/cold days, light rain, and docile wildlife. He usually leaves groups of people to find peace and seclusion to better gather his thoughts.
  • Volitaire is not his actual first name. It's his middle name, his father gave him an embarrassing name that he came to loathe. His grandfather's name, Volitaire, had become his grandsons middle name. Only a small number of people know his first name, but he sworn them into keep it to themselves. As he went around passing himself as "Volitaire" his own friends he's come to make has found his name to be a bit different and silly. Eventually, his nickname "Voli" was conceived to make it a bit more comfortable to address him.
  • He used to be a cry-baby, and a total momma's boy.
  • He hates illusions.
  • Typically a clutz and sometimes careless in battle, he often becomes wounded.
  • At age 17 he began experimenting with Spatial Magic, which in his family isn't a school to be learned until age 18. Though, no one's around to punish him.
  • He tends to pout when told to do something he doesn't want to do.
  • He deals with depression and anxiety pretty often. His anxiety can usually lead to constant nightmares when he can't get troubles off his mind. A lot of times he stays awake during the nights afraid of having more nightmares.
  • During his time spent in the Orphanage he wrote simple short stories about life values that had a strong sense of irony, at the same time hinted at what his point of view of life was.
  • He adopted his formal style from watching business men walk past the Orphanage windows at a young age.
  • Since he lingers about in dimmer lighted areas his eyesight can be poor in natural or artificial light.
  • His "Virus" is a living manna source with the "Dark" typing. Because of it's unstable and possessive attribute it merged with Volitaire's own natural manna. Which unexpectedly altered his appearance. Changing his pale skin to a light tan, brown eyes to red, neat and medium sized hair to unkempt and long sized hair.
  • He loves classical music.
  • He loves video games, though rarely has the time for it.
  • He became Enzo Ferrari's right hand man after the events of Gaze. Practically became his Secret Service.
  • His first love was Eos VanCise. He's only had one girlfriend though.
  • Volitaire lives in a home he bought after working as a teacher in Sorcerers for four and a half years. After the technology began to really kick-start it's way into society he resigned.
  • His political standing is magic.
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