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Manilla Chichon

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness 2"

Player: Sweetsunnyrain

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"Oh memories, where did you go now?"


Z e r o

AT FIRST GLANCE, Manilla Chichon is a petite bodied female. Standing at the rather average height of five feet eight inches, the eighteen year old Swedish girl weighs in at one hundred and nineteen pounds, with B cup breasts and a small waist. Manilla's eyes are a reddish brown in color, and her hair is a dark burgundy which hangs down just below her mid back area. Her hair is a darker chocolate color, and the sides are decorated by red ribbons. Manila usually wears clothing of Japanese origin, her favorite outfit being a short shrine maiden outfit in a wa lolita style, laced with frills and small embellishments all over. She wears mid thigh high combat boots that are usually a black or dark red color.

IT IS QUITE OBVIOUS, Manilla favors the illegal magic side of things, following the head of the family, Angelo De'Terza's beliefs. Without magic, the soulless cannot exist. 


 that Manilla had a shy but kind personality. She'd always have a place in her heart for everyone she met, and put others before her own needs. She wore her heart on her sleeve, but didn't wish to trouble people with her emotions, and so tended to avoid them when she became upset. Manilla had so much love to give to others, but one day, that love ran out- and not of her own volition.

After having her soul siphoned out and replaced with the Zero flame, Manilla's emotions became nonexistent. She is now a hollow shell, only acting upon her master, Angelo's will. Manilla will not respond to anyone but Angelo, unless he commands her to. She functions only upon logic and is coldhearted, not blinking if she is ordered to kill or harm.

Equipment / Abilities

 , Manilla's Zero flame acts somewhat akin to a mirror, reflecting the ability that it touches. When Manilla touches a flame wielder for the minimum of five seconds, she is able to copy the flame elements of that person, and use it for her own- but only for the short time of ten minutes. 

The Zero flame is a pure white color, with translucent undertones. It appears not on her forehead, but where her heart is, left side, flickering ever so slightly. The flame never wildly sputters, only waving from side to side at times. 

Besides her use of the Zero flame, Manilla wields twin butterfly knives, which she keeps in a pouch at her side.


 in Sweden, Manilla's family was a branch of Angelo's. Her childhood was on the line in terms of happy memories and sad memories. There were happy times, like when Manilla would have a picnic near the lake with her father and mother, and there were also sad times, where she was isolated from the rest of the family because of her power- and the fact that she was a female with this power. Her father, though he loved little Manilla so, believed that only a male should have that amount of power. 

Manilla's family moved to Italy on business with the main branch, and this was where Manilla met Angelo. The two met, and quickly became friends, and soon enough, Manilla was integrated into Angelo's famiglia. However, she was closer to Angelo's age, and thus got along with him better than the other Guardians that surrounded Angelo, which led to Manilla eventually becoming an outcast even among the people that she fit in with the most. When Darkness corrupted the family, Manilla was the only one of the Guardians to escape nearly unscathed- however, her memory of the past, along with her emotional functions were wiped entirely from her mind and scattered through the world as fragments, leaving Manilla a mere shell of her old self.

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