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The Coming Darkness 2

Finish your journey in this anime-themed roleplay.......

Tags: action, adventure, anime, awesome holy crap moments, drama, fighting, life, magic, romance, school life, swag, yolo

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Created: 12-22-2012, 07:18 AM


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Game Log in Episode 4: Copy Cat


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    Half an hour after their escape from Castle Aurora seemed like forever for Enzo. He was constantly slipping unconscious every few minutes. Argo wasn't any better. The damage done to both of them were equal. They were all approaching Volitaire's old hideout.

    Meanwhile in Russia, the black cat observed both Marcus and Adorra, though not for long. Once the milk appeared from thin air, the cat lapped it up desperately, however, it wasn't the milk that the cat was after. Soon after finishing the milk, the cat used it's natural stealthy nature to sneak into the kitchen. There, the cat formed back into the hooded figure.

    Swiftly, he yanked open the refrigerator and started grabbing anything he could find. He stuffed what he took in a sack, and tried to do it as quickly as possible and escape.

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    Volitaire drove the black Audi through the dark of Whiterun. The road was bumpy over the recently placed asphalt driveway over the craters and weathered debris. Volitaire drove into a very familiar forest, to him at least. For the most part what used to be lush trees and vibrant shrubbery is now dead branches, unhealthy soil, and singe marks. The headlights guided Volitaire through his memories of the old forest so he can make out where his old bunker was. It would be a suitable hideout, no one knew where it was. Plus they're old addresses are probably well known by now. Which could pose a possible danger in the near future now that Technology will be making their move... And already have. Carefully driving over the destroyed landscape, an old, rusted metal door came into view in the lights of the Audi. Volitaire sighed and exited the car, opening the door with some trouble due to the aged metal but managed to pry the old thing open. He hopped down and turned on the lights. The interior was still very much intact to his surprise. Electricity was working, it looked clean but could use some freshening up, and the best part Volitaire couldn't find any trace of recent activity in the bunker. Now that he knew the place was safe he resurfaced and opened the car doors, ushering the group to exit and hurry into the bunker before anyone can spot them.

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    Thankfully, Enzo was awake at the time they arrived. His bleeding had slowed down at this point. He had a chance of actually making it. As for the location, it had been years since he was last here. Although he had never actually stepped inside Volitaire's hideout didn't mean he never tried to look for it. Volitaire was a secretive person.

    When he came back with the all clear, Enzo and Argo made their way inside. Everything looked old, as it should be. The location was secluded enough and the trees were thick that anything tech wouldn't be able to locate them for a while.

    Both Enzo and Argo needed rest, so they first thing they saw was an infirmary of sorts. A single room with beds lined up. It was convenient. Argo set himself down and began treating himself now that he was in a comfortable position, while Enzo looked worse off. The entire time he walked he was looking woozy, like he could have passed out at any moment. It was a miracle he was conscious.

    Right now, he was worried more about the book they lost. Whatever it was, the 'other guys' wanted it badly that they threw so many soldiers in with such a plan. Peace was farther away than he had first imagined.

    Meanwhile, at the old castle, Juro had just barely escaped death. The woman who was so willing to execute him was called back to whatever pit she came from. She made a comment of how she could remember his face, and how they would meet again. He simply replied with "Better hope I don't find you first.." It wasn't the greatest comeback, but considering his situation, it would have to do. Escaping the castle from the hole in the ceiling took some work, but it was nothing a grappling hook couldn't handle. Now, he was free. Freed from the destroyed castle and loose again.

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    Through the whole ride, from that castle to supposedly Voli's home, Faye had been pushed to the limits as she stemmed the blood flow from both Enzo and Argo. Her usual bright crystal gaze, was waned and distant. As if she was about to pass out any moment. Plus, she was sweating, holding her hands in front of her as they were laced together. The palms facing upward, in a cupping position while her thumbs touched. Her eyes were almost slits, as she was using her minds eye to manipulate her kinetic energy to push at the two men's wounds. After having summoning her guardian for a long time, having to use more energy was draining herself out. But it was better then letting the two men in the back bleed out already. Faye's breathing was a bit choppy, while she kept on concentrating.

    Soon enough, they made it though. Finally reaching the home of where Voli lived, they all moved out. Faye's movements were slow, as she kept holding in place her energy at the more deadly spots of injury that the two had. Yet once they were inside, and moving to a first aid station of sorts, she let go. The air rushed out of Faye's lungs, as she stumbled a bit on her feet. With her hood down, her short black cropped hair would be seen. The only long lengths were her twin white bangs that she had.

    Closing her eyes, Faye had to stop against a pillar of sorts as she leaned against it. She was drawing breath after breath into her lungs, as she felt like she was going to pass out. Shaking her head, she kept moving forward. Lagging a bit behind the three men, as Faye made her way inside of the room. Lips thin, and face more pale, she made her way to a chair as she fell into it. Leaning her head back, she would close her eyes as her will was waning a bit. Only sheer determination was keeping her awake at the moment. She was worried over the pair, and wanted to stay awake to see them fine and okay. Then she would feel like she could rest. But it was more then that. She stayed awake also for Voli. Ever since the castle, the young woman had felt a type of connection with the older male. She didn't know what type of connection, but she felt she had to stay conscious for him. Even if she had to give some matter of small help.

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    Volitaire helped the two men onto a medical bed as they entered the Medical Bay. Artizle kept the place tidy and well stocked before he left for his travels. That wasn't too long ago actually, Volitaire began thinking of his stepbrothers last words before he took his leave. Unfortunately, now wasn't the time to think about fond memories of his stepbrother. He had to help tend to Argo and Enzo... Volitaire opened a cabinet on the wall finding some medical tape, alcohols, disinfectants, cotton swabs, tweezers, and stitching. Volitaire wasn't much of a physician and was worried that he may hurt the two more than he'd help them. He sighed while silently cursing himself. He always let his premonitions and shortcomings get the better of him in times of dire need. He turned over to Faye who looked almost out of it. He could pick up her special magics in use as he drove the group over to his old bunker, though it was becoming weaker and he noticed she grew pale. A sign she was drained. He felt almost as if he did nothing, he was the only one in pretty good condition. Though he protected Faye, and helped defend against Soldiers he still felt he failed when taking note to everyone's condition. He brought the supplies over to Enzo and Argo, placing them on a table adjacent to their medical beds. He then walked over to Faye and knelt in front of her. "Do you need anything? Food? Water? I may as well get you something while helping those two."

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    With her eyes closed, Faye listened as Voli moved around as he did something. But with no way of looking at the moment, she couldn't tell what. She wanted to see what it was, but she felt so tired. Her eyes so heavy. As it was, she kept them closed, leaning her head back while she drew in breath after breath. Keeping herself concious as long as possible. That's when she felt movement in front of her, and forced her eyes open. Hearing Voli's voice, she tilted her head up to stare at him with hooded eyes. Her vision blurred a bit, and knew she was at her limits. Even though, she forced a shaky smile on her face, as she spoke in a weak like voice. "No....I don't need....anything...just rest...."

    As Faye moved to stand, she felt her legs buckle and fell forward. Reaching out, she gripped at Voli's arms, her head falling down onto his shoulder. Her whole body trembled from head to toes. After a while as she stayed like that, she soon spoke in a whisper, her voice a little shaky. "Sorry....I don't think...I can get up...right now....switching my powers back...and forth...kind of drained me...." Her hands tightened a bit on Voli's arms. With her head down, Faye felt like she could fall asleep. She didn't know why....she just...could. Slowly, her eyes started to close, as the trembling finally ceased. It was as if, being around the male was calming her already tired body. "I can't believe....I killed a man...."

    Those words were murmured out of Faye's lips. Remembering the last thing she ordered Sin to do. At the moment, her guardian was silent, currently sleeping due to her energy at a low. Of course, she just had no idea, that Sin didn't do the job as he should. She honestly thought she killed someone back there, when she ordered her spirit to go.

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    His eyes dipped when he listened to Faye's words space out and she suddenly fell out. He held her up in his arms and carried her off to one of the barracks down the hallway. The beds were pressed, made and pillows fluffed. He carefully placed her petite body down on the folded fabric blankets and pressed mattress. She dipped into the mattress a bit, which Volitaire almost felt comfortable even looking at. He smiled and prepped her up to the pillow so Faye could remain properly elevated. He stood up to leave the barracks and pulled the door behind him, leaving it cracked so he can hear if she was having any trouble in her sleep. He huffed and walked back down the metal halls rejoining the two injured men.

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    Angelo sat over the edge of the small crater left by Manilla's flame mine attack. The decimated body of the hulking soldier laid flat and bloodied against the ruptured soil along with the rest of the fallen soldiers. He was a bit damaged on the left side from trying to quickly evade the explosion, but unfortunately wasn't fast enough. His clothes were singed and had some burned through holes but no serious damage, luckily. He huffed and turned back to Manilla after watching Sky, Storm, and some other two companions escape from the scene. Watching the taillights fade out brought him at peace. He was glad he helped make for a clear escape. But another worry resurfaced as his forehead flame settled and he was returned to his normal state. That helicopter that took some book that man was carrying... To have an ambush set up and for it to be pried from his hands. It had to be important. Angelo looked back to the castle contemplating exploring the place himself. He stood up and remained in silence. Studying the exterior of the place.

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    Eli shifted in his sleep, having the same old nightmare that he had whenever something bad was going to happen.

    It was his mother, warning him about something. Telling him to get away, as far as he could. He was still a child in his dream, and his mother was still alive and beautiful. He pulled on her arm, wondering what she was talking about. Why couldn't she come with him? "Mama..." he pleaded. But it was no use. She faced away from him, her eyes fixed on something that he couldn't see. Suddenly she would push him away, and he would fall to the ground. When he turned back to look at her, she was on the ground, bleeding, her face and body all beat up. Tears would well up in Eli's eyes, and he would call out to her. "Mama!" But it was too late, she was gone. And she wouldn't come back.

    Eli jolted awake, sitting up quickly, rubbing his eyes. He looked out his window, and saw that it was night time still. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the thoughts in his head. He figured now would be a good time for a walk. He stood up, going to the bathroom to quickly change his bandages before changing into clean clothes. He slapped his cheek lightly, and left his home, walking down to the street. Just a quick walk, and he'd go back to sleep. He just needed to sort his thoughts again.

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    It was hard to tell if Enzo had fallen asleep sitting up or he was in deep thought. His hair hung depressingly over his face, which hid his eyes from view. He stayed this way until Volitaire returned. "Volitaire," He finally looked up to face him. "Do you miss the others?"

    The dark streets of futuristic Tokyo was rough. Once the general public faded into their homes, the streets turned into a warzone of sorts. Technology has unfortunately made it easy for thugs and thieves to survive, since it was available. An old man, seemingly homeless from the patched clothes he was wearing, walked up and stopped Eli. "Hey, child. Do you want to know your future?"

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    Eli looked down at the man who stopped him, narrowing his eyes a bit. He noticed his clothes, and he was asking if he wanted to know his future. Probably just something he did to get money. He turned and walked around the man, trying his best to ignore him. He'd rather not hear what his future has in store for him, anyways. There's no way it could be good. Eli didn't even have any money on him, either.

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    Volitaire returned to the room, and a question from Enzo had broke the silence. The question made Volitaire breathe out a heavy sigh when he came up with the answer. "The others..?" He asked in a lower tone. He remembered the other Guardians, they all went their own ways after the battle in Gaze, if they survived the battle that is. His thoughts began to trail off into remembering his first sweetheart, Eos. His stomach fluttered and his face blushed at the thought of her and how she turned out today. Luckily he was still turned towards the door so his reddened face wasn't in view. He was so lost in his fond memories he almost forgot where he was and snapped back to life. He felt awkward falling silent suddenly when about to answer a question. His cleared his face and turned to Enzo before grabbing the tools again and working out how to use the supplies to get these bullets from his body. "Yeah... I guess you could say I do. It's only been three weeks since Arti left for his travels and I miss the fool already. It's pretty empty without the others around. We worked hard to build the little group we had... "Team Valor", was it? We were such kids... If only we all didn't meet under such dangerous circumstances, half of them would be alive and with us today. Kinda sad, isn't it?"

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    "I've learned Russian, too.." Enzo balled up his fist in anger. A growing power could be felt coming from him. His hair once more covering his face. His Sky ring was cracked, and black text was in his hand surrounding it. The text itself was in a language unknown, but it was spreading from the ring at a slow pace. It looked like it had appeared a while ago.

    "We're going to bring everyone back, Volitaire. I promise you that."

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    "Bring them back? You don't mean you're going through with Argo's plan are you?" He saw his fist ball up and his Sky Ring grow a sinister aura with a black ring of text. He hadn't seen something like that come from Enzo before. His lip curved and his eyebrows fall into a frown. He closed his eyes, sighing and looking back out into the hallway listening out for Faye if she was having any issues in her sleep. He didn't want Sin to pop out of nowhere and wreck the place. He turned back to Enzo and dropped the supplies in hand. He wondered where he could quickly learn how to treat bullet wounds, agitated by his lack of knowledge in the medical field he sat in a char next to Enzo's bed and sat on it with a hunch. He rested his head on his hand biting his bottom lip. "But... How will we contact those who are alive?"

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    Faye was going in and out of consciousness when Voli picked her up and carried her to a place. Once she was placed down on the bed, she was out like a light. Yet her mind was trapped in the dreams she had. Dreams of her past. Of the horror of the death of her family, seeing them soaked in their own blood. Yet the most shocking was seeing the man from before in the castle. The soldier that she supposedly killed with Sin's help. She stared at his dead form within her dreams, then saw her own hands covered in his blood. But more then that, with what appeared to be his beating heart in another hand.

    Faye woke with a slight start, barely shifting on the bed, as her eyes snapped open. Her chest rose and fell slowly. As if she was just waking up from a nap. Slowly closing her eyes, she shifted on her side a bit, moving into a fetal position as she laid there for the longest time. As her crystal gaze wandered around, she soon took notice that she was in a room with other beds. All the same. She then saw a open doorway that lead to what looked like a bathroom. Slowly shifting up, Faye would soon start to strip of her clothing, one by one, as she made her way to that room.

    Maybe she just needed to wash her head out. Yeah, that's what she needed. Her clothes leading a trail into the bathroom, as Faye was soon entering.

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    Enzo soon noticed the text in his skin. It was obviously something to do with his ring. He ignited the flame in his hand, which in turn activated his glove and covered the unwanted tattoo. "I don't know yet. Argo's idea is the best one we've got." The powerful presence started to fade over time. The fact was that he couldn't think about things emotionally scarring.

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    Volitaire sighed and looked over to Argo. He was still unconscious from his wounds. He felt bitter towards himself again for not knowing how to treat wounds. In his frustration he got up and placed his jacket on the back of his chair. He looked down to Enzo, eyes dimmed and glowing red under his dark hair he turned to leave the room. He placed his hands in his pockets stopped at the door frame. He slightly turned his head back to Enzo with an eye aimed at him through a lock of his black hair. "I'm gonna find a tome on healing... See if I can just do that. That sounds easier at least." Ending his sentence, Volitaire turned down the right of the hallway. Entering an old room that used to belong to Artizle. There was too many books stowed away for him to take, so some was left behind. He knew Artizle had some healing tomes around just in case some wounds were too serious for a timely procedure, he pulled out whatever books were left on the shelves and placed them all next to each other on a desk. He studied the names and inner texts hoping to find something that could help with Enzo and Argo's condition. Maybe even Faye. Going down the latter, he came across a book of restoration. In side he found spells for numbing the muscles, closing wounds, and restoring tissues. Perfect. He picked it up and looked through it while slowly pacing himself down the hall making sure to take in what he could before re-entering the medical bay.

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    It was a while, before Faye soon came out of the shower. Instead of donning on her old clothes, the only thing she did was to take the important parts, and her baggy jacket. It was long enough, and had a zipper, so she was able to zip it all the way up. But as it was, she didn't care that it was mostly what she wore besides the other parts underneath. With eyes slightly lowered, she wobbled on her feet a bit, as she tried to find where Voli and the others were at. During the time in the shower though, Faye ended up dozing off. Right now, she was in her childish side, looking to find someone. Anyone. She was like this, when she was at her low. Always having to find herself around people, just so she knew she wasn't alone like the time she ran away from her burning home.

    Yawning widely, Faye covered her mouth with her hand, and continued with eyes slightly closed. Of course, while she walked, she had no idea she was passing by the medical bay. Even worst, she was going right towards the reading Voli. Soon enough, the collision happened. Faye let out a slight squeak of sounds, falling back on her rear, as she blinked quickly in surprise. Her body rigid and still, as she just sat there. Almost with a frozen look cats get when they were found or was scared.

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    Volitaire moved his tome down below eye level, he caught a glimpse of Faye in a large baggy jacket on her way down to the ground. Volitaire tilted his head and cocked a eyebrow at her. He was shocked she was out of bed so quickly, she was practically dazed when he last saw her. He lowered the tome to his side and helped her up. His eyes dimmed in concern as he pulled her up making sure she was on her feet. He felt a bit worried seeing her in such a shock, she hadn't seen her so shocked to run into him before. "Faye? You're up quick. Did you get any rest at all?"

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    Blinking her eyes, Faye would look up at Voli when he spoke to her. She stared at him for the longest time, yet as he helped her up, she let out a slight grunt. Her eyelids slowly lowering, as she shifted on her barefeet a bit. "Kind of.....but I got woken up by a nightmare from the past...." It was partly true, since it started out like the nightmares she usually had since then. Shaking her head, she let out a breath, then saw the tome he had. Without saying a word, she went and grabbed it out of his hand so she could read it. Seeing as it was a book on most healing spells, she tilted her head to the side as some of them seemed to be possible with her type of magic. "Hmm, some of these spells look like they can be plausible with kinetic forces or a life force if one is able to go with it."

    Faye continued to read through it, and went a found a simple mending spell using one's energy as the source. There was even one of putting one's wounds onto the casters body. All that and more. "Where did you find such a wicked book?" To her, wicked was cool, as Faye looked up with a slight frown.

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    Faye's vocabulary always amused Volitaire. She said things he would never say himself a day in his life. He was too much of a stickler to talk with some fun. He chuckled and looked down to her. "My family was a very prominent, sort of old-school magician family. I say old-school because well... My name. My fathers name is Artymaeus, for God's sake. But, we were basically a family rooted on magic. We studied, created, and uncovered the mysteries of spellcasting. Supposedly we didn't live in Japan at first, though being born here I kinda took some ease to the language. I don't even know what we originally spoke... Or where we were from. It's hard for me to say. I was born after we migrated... I'm going off tangent. But, it's a tome that belonged to my stepbrother. He left on travels a few weeks ago and it seemed he left some books behind. I'm no good at being a physician so I went to find a book on healing. I trust myself more with magic than I do with some medical supplies..." He turned Faye around and directed her back down the hall, looking forward back to the bathroom he saw a trail of her clothes on the floor. His thoughts stopped, eyes widened, and cheeks turned blood red. He looked down to Faye and saw that she was wearing her jacket... He then pieced it together. He didn't utter a single word after putting the puzzle together. When they got to the medical bay he turned around, leaving Faye there and may a beeline to the kitchen. From the distance he rose his voice. "I'll be back..! I'm getting a snack...!" His voice shook and as he walked away his head dipped down to figure out whether or not he was walking with a nude girl. When in front of the double kitchen doors there was a few crates of preserved food. Artizle kept the bags air tight so nothing rots. It was almost as if he felt Volitaire would come back to this place. The freezer was actually kept on, inside was a bunch of drinks. Fruit drinks, soda, water. Volitarie quickly yanked out a carton of orange juice and chugged it down. He sat in one of the folded open chairs and frowned with his flushed cheeks.

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    As Voli told her a bit of his family, Faye felt a bit more of that type of connection. It was the same with her family, as she could recall. Though her family originally lived in Japan, it was also more or less a combination of other races and families that grouped together over the years. She gave a slight smile at that, keeping the tome open as she spoke up after he finished talking. "The Tsukimori Clan is the same. Our family is a family deep in the arts of magic and spirits. I guess you could call my family a group of mediums or shamans." She gave a small chuckle. Being turned around, she was easy to move, as Voli led her back to the medical bay. Yet just as he got her to the entrance where Enzo and Argo was at, he was away again.

    Blinking in confusion, Faye looked back with a frown when he was moving quickly about being back. Shaking her head, she murmured softly as she entered while looking down at the book. "Sometimes I don't understand him." It was clear, that when it came to modesty, Faye never thought of it much.

    Walking up over to where Argo was passed out, Faye sat down in a chair nearby. Putting the tome on his lower stomach, Faye would pull her hands out of the long sleeves of her jacket, and hover the palms faced down over the shoulder wound. Looking back at the tome, she softly whispered the words of the incantation to mend the wound. As well as how to go about it. Turning back, she closed her eyes, and slowly drew in her breathing slowly. As she leaned her head back, she let out a long breath, that seem to went on for long. Faye's hands would glow softly, almost sparking at first, but soon a soft glow. She was channeling her spirit with her kinetic energy. It was hard, since it was something new, but she was slow at it. Slowly, she dove her kinetic lines into Argo's flesh. Being slow and careful, she used it to mend his wound. It was a slow process, and it brought sweat to Faye's forehead.

    Yet after a few minutes, she had to stop, gasping out as she sat back quickly in the chair. Her body trembled, at using her powers in a way never before. But as she looked over at Argo, she noticed that the wound wasn't bleeding anymore. Faye let out a relieved sigh. "Thank god he's passed out. Didn't want to hear him complain I used him as a genie pig." She muttered.

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    OJ in hand, face finally relaxed, Volitaire made his way back to the medical bay to check up on how Faye was doing. He entered the bay and was still sipping on the carton. He was halfway finished with it, he had a love for orange juice and many other fruit drinks. His extensive drinking was also because he had a pretty long day. He sat in a chair across from the room and placed the carton at his feet, holding it in place so it wouldn't spill. "You're already healing them... You're pretty good at this. But... You still need rest. Maybe I should take over?" He didn't want Faye to overexert herself. She barely got any rest as it seemed and he still wanted to do his part to help. He scooted over and took the tome for himself, looking through it to see if there was anything that could help with Enzo's more serious wounds.

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    Enzo went back to being silent when Volitaire left. His mind was wrapped around his gaurdians and how they disappeared. It was situations like these that reminded him of the past. He almost wanted to go back in time and change things. However, Montesque wasn't around for that. A few minutes later, Faye entered with a book, and performed a healing spell over Argo. He twitched in his sleep but settled down once it was over. Come to think of it, Argo didn't look that old. Probably around the early thirties. Enzo watched silently as the bleeding stopped.

    "Interesting healing magic." He dully commented. This girl they had brought along was full of mystery. First the familiar she named 'Sin', and now this. He started trying to remember when he last seen her, but he couldn't recall. Soon, Volitaire joined them with his juice drink. Again, Enzo kept quiet.

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    The homeless man silently growled in frustration when Eli turned the other cheek. However, he was close enough to read at least some of his future. It wasn't good. "Karma's a dirty whore." He muttered as he sat back down and waited. Ahead of Eli was a commotion of sorts. If he got closer, he would see that it was the same men who had put him in the hospital. Apparently they were hanging out in front of a shabby building.

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    stubborn xxxxx magical xxxxx tomboy
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬
    For a few seconds, Faye had felt like she was going to doze off. Yet as she sat in that chair for a long while, she soon heard Enzo's voice. Jerking a bit, she opened her eyes to look over in his direction. Then came in Voli, as he sat down and spoke to her. Her gaze went to him, then at the carton of juice at his feet. She looked to stare down at it first, but soon looked up at him when he spoke to her. She made a face, shaking her head, as she sat up more a bit. "No...I'm alright....plus, with these types of spells, I can use my magic to it. It won't be perfect, but at least I can stop the bleeding, that's all that matters." Sighing, she soon started to stand up.

    As she took her few steps, she had to stop in front of Voli. Suddenly, Faye made a childish face. Her face screwed up, as if she was a bit pouty, and then suddenly sat down in his lap. "Okay....maybe I should rest....my legs feel like they are going to go numb if I move." She muttered low under her breath. If it was one thing, it was that Faye was stubborn. She rarely gave up. Yet at the moment, she was put out. Letting out a groan, she was soon leaning against Voli's body while in his lap. In the state she was in, Faye didn't even notice the fact she was a female and he was a male. And the current state of dress she was in at all. She closed her blue orbs. "I might help you out, if you really want to heal Enzo. Do you have any type of magical abilities that are connection to your spirit or willpower? Or even kinetic energy?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ██ █ ██▌[ SPIRIT SHAMAN ]██▌█ ██

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    Eli had managed to hear the man mumble, and sighed. Yes, karma certainly was a filthy whore. Maybe all of that was finally catching up to him, maybe that's what his bad luck has been lately. He kept walking, at this point, not even caring about what lied ahead of him. It wasn't too long before he managed to run into exactly what he didn't want to run into. The same guys that caused him trouble before. He paused, considering his options. It would probably be a good idea to turn around and go home, since he was still weak. Otherwise he would have gone up and killed all of them right then and there. They probably recognized him at this point, but hopefully they wouldn't care. He decided to turn around and head the other way, since he was still trying to think.

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    Fighting back all of the blood rushing to his face, he closed his eyes while frowning and took a breath that was reminiscent to a huff. He thought about her question, his manna type was more... Destructive and constructive. Hence why he was able to use Gravitational Spells with ease. He also used to delve into necromancy and summoning undead was a pretty simple trick for him as well. Though, with his more offensive manna type he'd doubt he'd do much for healing. After biting his lip and humming to himself to try and gather his thoughts he shook his head while looking down to her. "Can't say I do... My manna is sort of the offensive type. I was never really good at healing... But I thought I could force myself to learn now." He sighed, feeling that ever present sting of uselessness.

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    stubborn xxxxx magical xxxxx tomboy
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬
    Faye made a face at that, when he said about his manna. "That....isn't really good to be honest. Forcing your manna to change, is like trying to force a golf ball into a glass soda bottle. You might break it, or cause damage to what your casting the spell on." Even though she didn't understand magic, she understood the basics sometimes. Letting out a breath, she moved a bit on Voli's lap as she turned her slightly open eyes over to Enzo. She stared at him for the longest time, and muttered under her breath. "Here goes nothing."

    Even though she wasn't right by him, the good thing about Faye's kinetic magic, is that it was able to 'Branch Out' if she wanted to. Closing her eyes, she would hold her hands out in front of her. She imagined the room she was in, and slowly pushed her energy out. Her hands would glow softly again, then the glow would grow off of her fingers and towards Enzo. They were slow, and a little wobbly. They would soon latch onto the worst bleeding parts of Enzo body. While awake, he would feel the kinetic energy forcing the torn muscles and flesh to connect. As well as putting her own energy to speed up the cells to meld together.

    Through it all, Faye shuddered and shook, her body more or less now limp, while she was still in the male's lap. Her face more pale as she panted heavily now.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ██ █ ██▌[ SPIRIT SHAMAN ]██▌█ ██

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    Enzo could feel the energy on his wounds. However, it didn't change anything. The sheering pain was not effected. "Don't waste your energy, Faye." He said. "I'm a Soulless. Healing magic won't work on a body alone. It requires a soul." And to back it up, At the end of the stream of energy was his Minus Fire, a black and green flame which absorbed the energy for it's own purposes. At the moment it was small.

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