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A tale of a Mystic Castle - Closed

You have come to a mysterious castle in your search for adventure. Will you uncover the secrets of castle d'Tamun?......

Tags: adventure, fantasy, modern, mystery

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Closed

Creator: Brook V

Created: 08-04-2011, 02:01 PM


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Game World

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Castle d'Tamun   ( 10 posts )
Castle d'Tamun. This is the main area.
1st floor   ( 0 posts )
This is the first floor. get here by going into the Lobby from the courtyard.
The Lobby   ( 19 posts )
This is the first room you comes to when entering the castle.
Reception   ( 5 posts )
This is the reception. Mrs Clarissa Silver can help you with your needs here.
Worker's quarters - Locked   ( 10 posts )
Here's where the workers lives.
You don't have a key for this place.
2nd floor   ( 7 posts )
This is the second floor. Get here by going up the stairs in the Lobby.
Manager's office   ( 20 posts )
Here's where the hotel manager does his paper work.
The Grand Hall   ( 0 posts )
This hall lies on the second floor, through the main doors, and lead to various locations. It's called the "heart of the castle". It has some fireplaces aswell.
The Dinner Room   ( 0 posts )
You eat here.
The Throne Room   ( 0 posts )
The lord of the castle spent much time here, although there hasn't been one for years. You're allowed to look around if you wish.
Third Floor   ( 0 posts )
The third floor. Get here by going to 2nd floor, through the Grand Hall and then the stairs.
Library   ( 0 posts )
This is the castle's libary. There are many books here...
The Rooms   ( 0 posts )
Here are the rooms you can stay in.
Room 212   ( 2 posts )
This room small but cheap. Economy class 5. Current resident: Ruana Eyther
Room 358   ( 2 posts )
This room is big, expensive and luxury. Economy class 1. Current resident: Crina
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Places 1 to 15 of 21

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