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Nonu Maihel Online - Closed

Step into the world of Nonu Maihel Online or NMO. It's your escape away from reality. That is until the lines are blurred and virtual reality becomes your only reality. To survive, you must complete the game without depleting your life......

Tags: action, adventure, drama, game, mmorpg, virtual reality

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Xavirne

Created: 11-12-2012, 12:27 AM


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    Nonu Maihel Plaza
    Welcome to Nonu Maihel Plaza, user. The plaza is your go-to place for finding quests and gathering intel. When you reach level 10, you'll be able to automatically teleport back here.

    The plaza is a bustling location that is lined with shops, NPCs, billboards, and guide hangouts. Frequent here as you see fit.

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    Little Tokyo
    Welcome to Little Tokyo, user. This town is full of shops that might be useful if you're trying to customize your look. Want to change your hair? Reset your eye color? This is the place for you.

    Little Tokyo is known for having its sheep run lose. Collect coins and EXP points by helping the locals gather their sheep. Be wary though, there are always wolves among the sheep. Slay wolves and earn some EXP -- this will help you level.

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    Kaire Palace
    Welcome to Kaire Palace, user. The princess is at it again! She's lost her golden jewels and needs your help. Rumor has it, a band of thieves stole them and they are heading to Mt. Dragon Head. Retrieve the crown and you'll be rewarded quite handsomely.

    Upon completing the Princess' quest, check out the locals and see if they have any mini missions for you. Odds are there's something as the people of the Kaire's Kingdom are known for losing things!

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    Sunset Valley
    Welcome to Sunset Valley, user. Here at Sunset Valley, the sun never falls below the horizon. It's constantly in a state of sunsetting, making for a rather magical place.

    Although no main mission reside here, other MEMBERS or STAFF can sometimes set-up shops and quests here. If you're looking for something light and fun, this is the place to go.

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    Users, please use the following code when IMing other users:

    HTML Code:
    [COLOR=#000000]New message from [/COLOR][B][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#00FF00]YOUR USERNAME[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] to [COLOR=#008000][/COLOR][B][FONT=Courier New][COLOR=#008000]THE RECIPIENT'S USERNAME[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][INDENT][COLOR=#00FF00][B]>[/B][/COLOR]  [FONT=Courier New]MESSAGE GOES HERE[/FONT][/INDENT]

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    New message from Aelki [STAFF] to NMO_Everyone
    > Greetings, NMOers! Your friendly STAFFer, Aelki, here. In case you haven't noticed, the interface has underwent a face lift. Logging off has now been made easier. You also have the option to go into invisible mode. Please note that invisible mode will not prevent the STAFF from seeing you. We're gods. We see everything.

    Enjoy the new updates and minor bug fixes (we finally removed the annoying glitch that caused members to get stuck on the fence in the plaza. Oops! If you happened to screenshot any of those moments, dump them on the forum. We would love to laugh our f-ing butts off.

    P.S. The customization mods are still on sale this week and next. Purchase now before you miss out on the sweet deal.

    Remember, if you need anything, your local SUPER STAFF if here.

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    Nonu's Moon
    Welcome to Nonu's Moon, user. Just when you knthought NMO couldn't get any cooler, a whole other world was added.

    As part of a side-quest, users can visit the moon and collect rocks for Princess Kaine. If you collect enough, she might just reward you with enough riches to smelt your own golden blade.

    A word to the wise, though. Use caution. Nonu's moon hasn't been explored too much so alien encounters are quiet possible.

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    Eastern Space Station
    Welcome to Eastern Space Station, user. ESS is more than just a space station, it's also a science center and airport. The station is essentially a giant city of geniuses who work together to make NM a thriving planet.

    All the tech you grab was probably manufactured right here at the ESS. Swing by the main dock to purchase some serious gear.

    Although there aren't any monsters in this city, you can enter the ESS stadium to challenge AI Mechs. If you can befall it, you can earn some nice EXP!

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    Molupad Fortress
    Welcome to Molupad Fortress, user. This floating fortress is home to the Molupad Academy. Want to challenge players to a dual or enroll in a tournament? This is the place for you!

    Molupad Academy is also famous for its classes. Want to hone some of your skills? Enroll in a class and raise your levels. With each class you take, expect the fees to double!

    Missions for side quests and the main quest are available here. Molupad Academy offers several quests. Be sure to check out Duke Donald Faire's tavern for more billboard postings.

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    Linistit Canyon
    Welcome to Linistit Canyon, user. Lin isn't quite what you would expect. The canyon is crawling with monsters. Only the brave or strong can pass through here.

    Not part of the main quest, this route makes for an excellent shortcut to Sam'vere Falls, especially for those who aren't ready for the space adventures just yet.

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    The day started out of the same as it did ever since the game was first released. Hoards of people were logging on throughout all the hours of the day. There never really appeared to be a lull either, especially after the recent expansion release, which allowed users to make customizable weapons. There were also some minor bug fixes as well as interface changes, but nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. It was just one of those standard updates that were done simply to spark more interest and get people to engage even more time.

    As his head's up display appeared before him, the male toggled between his moderation operations. It was a fun thing to have such control. It did have its downsides though. He was responsible for sending each MEMBER a private message (PM) to let them know about the updates. As he typed out his letter and CCed "nmo_everyone" to ensure all users would receive the message.

    Within seconds of hitting the send, he watched as the users near him received the message. The game was set up so any STAFF messages would automatically open.

    A smirk crossed his face. Boy did he love seeing his handiwork reach the masses.

    "Guess I better set my IM status to 'Online and ready to serve.'" He chuckled to himself. Today was going to be fun, he told himself. Walking toward the main area, he waited to see if any of the users had questions for him. For the most part, his day was pretty easy. He just protected and served just like a superhero.

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    After spending several hours glued to a canvas, Dmitri was ready to relax and engage in the online world of Nonu Maihel. It would be great to finally take his mind off things so to speak. His week just wasn't going as planned. It quite literally sucked. Needing some form of escapism, the male logged into the game and soon found himself in the plaza.

    "Wow, it's been a while," he said while reading the several notices sent to all by Aelki of the NMO STAFF. "Glad to see they actually took our advice and added an invisible system. Although…" his eyes wandered over to his block list, "I doubt she'll be bothering me anymore."

    NMO prided itself on being a friendly, safe environment but, like all games and sites, there were always going to be spammers, hackers, stalkers, perverts, flamers and haters. 13lueice just to happened to land himself a 14-year-old stalker. Could you say pedo?

    With his recent sexual stalker out of the picture, the male could go about playing the game again. He had been MIA for about a month and he hated it. It was time to engage and get back into the swing of things.

    13lueice hadn't made it as far as he had hoped. By now, he wanted to be level 50 with kick-ass gear. That wasn't the case. He was merely a level 11 guy with not much going on. He had only completely about 6% of the main quest too -- oops!

    As he moved toward the main fountain, he let his pale blue eyes scan the area. A worthy partner was what he sought. He hated playing the game alone but, being the shy guy that he was, 13lueice was having issues making friends. For now, he would just linger in the area and listen. If someone mentioned a team or a leveling party, he would try and join it.

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    "Ugh, that was some poor loot from that run," Mouldybeans said as he checked his inventory, unsatisfied with the items he had collected from the Linistit Canyon. Altogether they were worth little more a single quiver of arrows and he had just depleted one fighting a mob, though fortunately there were spares. "Wanna go again?"

    There was a resounding chorus of no's and 'sry, gtg' from the three other party members, who evidently got what they wanted. There was another, but he had left almost immediately after everyone got back to the plaza.

    Figures, Mouldybeans thought as he said goodbye and left the party. Being a level 20 Scout, it wasn't hard to find a party to join, but what he really wanted was enough loot to sell so he could buy a customization mod.

    Falling short of what he wanted in his latest run through the Canyon, he formed a party, marked himself as a recruiter and waited for the requests to roll in. In the meantime, he read through the mass PM and thought it interesting that there was now an invisibility mode. What did that mean?

    Guess I'll find out later, Mouldybeans decided as he closed the message and checked his contacts list, seeing for the umpteenth time that none of his friends were on at the moment. And that's what I get for living in Australia.

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    Today was no different a day than any other as Ally logged on. Per usual, Aelki had flooded her with a series of messages, most of which had nothing to do with their work, not to mention is mass PM to let everyone know of updates. She shook her head, a small smile on her face as she cleared out of the various screens that had popped up. Looking at her own status, she almost didn't want to make herself available to the masses because at this point the priestess was convinced that her fellow staff member had her name set to notify him of when she logged on. She wasn't allowed to hide it though as there were players that may need help; swiping her hand across her status she set it to 'Online and ready to serve'.

    The elven woman began making her way through the market place, not really knowing where the dark haired male would have been hiding, but more so looking for any expectant individuals in need of help. Rosa, as her real name was, was never the type to really be into video games. She was the outdoor type, but a friend from her past was much more into them. With how big NMO was going to be, she was hoping that it would draw in his attention. She had been making sure that folk were following the rules on the forums when staff contacted her for a position in staffing and moderation. It beat the heck out of her old job and allowed for a greater chance to run into her old friend, so she took up the job. At the pace she was playing, she would have figured that if he had jumped on board at launch like she thought he would, he would be around the same level as she.

    After a few more feet, Ally found herself in the open air marketplace. It tended to be one of the more populated areas of the city with merchants and auction house vendors everywhere so she decided to take up post there. She crossed her arms under her bosom, until recalling her character's personality and lowered them to cover more of her exposed stomach. Letting out a sigh, the woman proceeded to scan over the crowd before her, partly debating on heading out into the field to level on her own some more.

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    After about thirty-minutes of no luck finding a team, the woman decided she was just going to call it quits. Everyone always gave her the same old excuse, "What'a rogue doing looking for a team." No one trusted her. She knew why but, still, it was damn stupid. All she wanted to do was blow holes in the monsters that looted her last week. With a sigh, she pulled up the log-out button. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed a recruiter. A sly smirk crept onto her face.

    A level 20 scout. Perfect.

    "Any place in particular you want to scout out?" Her hand waved in front of her, pulling up her main screen. "I might be able to get us another party member too." A frown quickly appeared as soon as she saw a name listed as offline. "Grr, Narci should be on. That's not like him." Closing out of the main interface, she returned her attention to Mouldybeans. He seemed like a willing and able partner. Not to mention he was actually looking for a team. The odds were in her favor so she decided to go with her gut.

    "The name's Rhy. Although I usually work alone, I learned my lesson last week and I got KOed in the Canyon. Lost my best gear. So pissed. I've been trying to get something better but I've had little luck."

    Her hand slipped down to her hip. "If you're up for it, I say we give it a go."

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    New message from Rhymal to iNarcissistic
    > Bitch, why u no online. I found some1 2 lvl w/and ur nowhere 2 b found. Grrr!

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    New message from BestSpellcasterNA to Aelki [STAFF]
    > Don't tell me what to do! And I liked the fence shenanigans ): Why you gotta take the fun away?

  27. Characters in this post:
    New message from Aelki [STAFF] to BestSpellcasterNA; Allyssandra
    > Leave my fence outta this! She never hurt no one!

    And me? Take fun away?! I think you have me confused with Alllllly.

  28. Characters in this post:
    New message from BestSpellcasterNA to Aelki
    > You're just jealous the fence loves me more than it loves you *snaps*

    And don't bring Ally into this, she's scary

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    Irena "Rena" Santiago dropped her bag on her bed and proceeded to jump face first into her bed. It had been a long day of being tested about the ins and outs of computer science so she decided to reward herself with a few hours of NMO before dinner. It would be a nice "mini-nap" that didn't require her to boot her computer or get distracted by the allure of Defense of the Ancients 2 so she felt that it was the easiest game to join. Plus she would get some more PvP gold and that was always worth the task.

    Unlike many new members, she was actually a veteran player who simply found a loophole in NMO's terms of service and security. Generally players were only ever allowed one account per user but she figured out a way to erase the data of her old account and start anew. There was nothing illegal about it per se, but she knew that Ally (aka the serious business moderator) would have her head and likely lecture her about the "balance of the game" and how she was being anti-fun. At least that's how it was for the MOBAs that she played. On the other hand, Nonu Maihel's community was much nicer by comparison so she doubted that anyone would suspect her.

    Their mistake.

    Rena materialized in the form of "BestSpellcasterNA", floating in the center of the plaza. There were a few random messages on the bulletin board, but most of it was the same spiel that was on there with every patch: congratulations to the mods, complaints about interface changes, and new ideas for subclasses. The only real thing of note was a guild roleplaying as The Avengers, but it seemed that they did little more than live out their poorly written slash fantasies. Still, she decided to send a playful jab toward Aelki, one of the other moderators of the game before heading toward one of the shopkeepers.

    She desperately wanted the next upgrade on her constitution as her health was rather pitiful at the moment. While she was a walking pile of crowd control, she was squishier than a rotten peach. Given that she had previously spent most of her money on upgrading her Etwahl, all of her power rested in bursting the enemy and chasing them down before she could be killed. Well, not that it happened often. There were times that she longed for a party, but she didn't trust anyone at her level. Most were still looking for the inventory.

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    lvl: 75
    Class: Warrior
    Sub-class: Witch Blader

    Λ had a light sigh as he was laying in one of the rather thick branches sprouting from one of the many trees of the plaza. Laying thus, his left land dangling down and his right hand serving as a pillow against the thick trunk, he was relatively invisible. Not that he actually intended to be so, of course, as if he desired to he could simply flick on invisible mode. It'd been fun for the first five minutes but after accidentally crossing his own boundaries early in search of just how far the game's realism went he opted not to abuse it again. "Well, I'm officially bored." He uttered with a shrug before allowing his other leg to dangle down and - gradually - letting himself plop down from the tree, landing unceremoniously on his feet.

    He personally was relieved about the fence patch. At one point he'd tried helping out a newbie for the sheer sake of boredom and the poor imbecile found a way to get himself so profoundly struck
    Λ had to yank him out forcefully. Forcefully being used here because he batted him violently with the sheathe of his sword, using the recoil damage to push him out of the fence. The newbie was less than thankful and Λ ended up player killing him in a fit of silent but deadly frustration. it took a week for his karmic rank to return to neutral and he was glad for it. No more helping newbies, no more problems with the possessed fences. All was well for the time being.

    Looking around the plaza, the brown-haired young man could not help but come to the realization that he was - unmistakably - bored. He'd used his talents as a hacker to get in-game info and made his way to clearing 75% of the game, but as he came to realize there was no fun in finishing a game when you knew exactly how. There was no challenge anymore.
    "I don't even know why I stick around anymore..." He admitted to himself as his avatar had a slight stretch.

    He wasn't exactly exaggerating either, aside from making a healthy in-game penny from information breaking and occasionally visiting areas too high level for himself in order to keep things fresh, the red eye of NMO simply did not know what to do with his time online anymore. If it wasn't that his real life was trivial to a bore with his average desk job, average school life, average friends and average social drama, he might go do something with himself rather than be here. That said, there was a certain joy he took from being among the highest leveled players in the game.

    "Oh well, might as well find something to do..." He uttered as he wandered around, suddenly noting one of the mod's avatars; a certain Aelki, to be precise. He wasn't the most mature of the mods but he was a lively guy and overall didn't take himself for bigger than he is. Plus, if you knew how to approach him you could get a few sneaks into what's coming up in the game. "Oh right, the constant new features... that's why I'm here..."Λ reminded himself as he casually rose one hand. "Hey there Aelki. How's work?" He asked with a relaxed expression. The mods knew that ΛEdge was a hacker, but since he did nothing to break the game and only used his abilities for informational purposes, they let it slide... for now, at least. Some mods considered him to be on a grey list, some didn't particularly care. It all depended on exactly which staff member he was talking to and - frankly - he was starting to lose track.

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