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Nonu Maihel Online - Closed

Step into the world of Nonu Maihel Online or NMO. It's your escape away from reality. That is until the lines are blurred and virtual reality becomes your only reality. To survive, you must complete the game without depleting your life......

Tags: action, adventure, drama, game, mmorpg, virtual reality

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Xavirne

Created: 11-12-2012, 12:27 AM


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Technology always seems to limit the greatness of an era.  Radio soon became television and the TV became the Internet.  As man continued to explore the world of technology, greater and better products and services came about.  Medical advances were cutting edge and the military was stronger than ever.  Satellite communications, online games, high definition, blu-ray, 3-D.

All of that seems to little now.  Things of the past, no longer important for the newest of all technologies is so superior that it will forever change the planet of the earth.

Uplink pods.  A stronger network of individuals.  An adventure of a lifetime.  A new life.

Virtual reality.

Although virtual, it could easily be labeled reality.

A brilliant man by the name of Dr. Hiroshi Wilson created this existence, this online virtual existence.  Although just a game, his technology could be used to reverse illnesses, unlock the depths of the brain, and find knowledge we never thought possible.  He's the leading man in this new frontier and who better to forge the way than a man bent on reaching - no, surpassing - the stars.

Welcome to the future.  To Nonu Maihel Online (NMO).


 Generic Rules 
Please follow the WTF rules.
There is no word count but please post enough to give someone something to work with.
All participants must be able to punctuate, write, and spell properly.  Although human errors are expected, they are not to hinder the post or the story.
Although there is not post frequency requirements, it is asked that, should you need to leave due to real life scenarios, you alert me via the OOC thread or a PM.
It is a given that you will contribute to the story line.  Although there are scripted segments, this story does not have a set ending.  What happens during story creation will directly effect the end result of the story.  So, take your role seriously.  Lives are at on the line.
All rules are final.  I like to follow a three strike policy with regard to punishment.  Should you earn yourself three strikes, you will be removed from the roleplay without question.
Xavi is the admin of this game and has the right to remove anyone if they don't comply with the rules.
Keep out of character content out of the game.  If someone states that their character has a secret in the OOC, your character does not magically know this stuff.
Ask if you need anything or have any questions.

 Game Specific Rules 
Characters should be original and unique.  If there are is any doubt in my mind that a character will be annoying or detrimental to the story line, I will not allow said character to partake in the story.  With that being said, I want to see detailed but concise profiles.  The goal is to make me want to accept you.  The goal is to, also, not drown me in a sea of text that has no real meaning or depth.
You cannot exceed more than four characters.
Don't apply for a third character until you've posted at least twice with your previous two characters.
You can apply for either a MEMBER or STAFF position.  STAFF positions are limited.
A "face claim" system is in effect.  You are to provide the character's face claim so that it can be added to the list of "taken faces."
Your character must be over the age of thirteen.
Since this is an "E for Everyone" game, mind your manners and tongue when around the innocent and young.

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