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Nonu Maihel Online - Closed

Step into the world of Nonu Maihel Online or NMO. It's your escape away from reality. That is until the lines are blurred and virtual reality becomes your only reality. To survive, you must complete the game without depleting your life......

Tags: action, adventure, drama, game, mmorpg, virtual reality

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Xavirne

Created: 11-12-2012, 12:27 AM


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Game Log in Instant Messaging System

Where players can IM one another.

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    Users, please use the following code when IMing other users:

    HTML Code:
    [COLOR=#000000]New message from [/COLOR][B][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#00FF00]YOUR USERNAME[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] to [COLOR=#008000][/COLOR][B][FONT=Courier New][COLOR=#008000]THE RECIPIENT'S USERNAME[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][INDENT][COLOR=#00FF00][B]>[/B][/COLOR]  [FONT=Courier New]MESSAGE GOES HERE[/FONT][/INDENT]

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    New message from Aelki [STAFF] to NMO_Everyone
    > Greetings, NMOers! Your friendly STAFFer, Aelki, here. In case you haven't noticed, the interface has underwent a face lift. Logging off has now been made easier. You also have the option to go into invisible mode. Please note that invisible mode will not prevent the STAFF from seeing you. We're gods. We see everything.

    Enjoy the new updates and minor bug fixes (we finally removed the annoying glitch that caused members to get stuck on the fence in the plaza. Oops! If you happened to screenshot any of those moments, dump them on the forum. We would love to laugh our f-ing butts off.

    P.S. The customization mods are still on sale this week and next. Purchase now before you miss out on the sweet deal.

    Remember, if you need anything, your local SUPER STAFF if here.

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    New message from Rhymal to iNarcissistic
    > Bitch, why u no online. I found some1 2 lvl w/and ur nowhere 2 b found. Grrr!

  4. Characters in this post:
    New message from BestSpellcasterNA to Aelki [STAFF]
    > Don't tell me what to do! And I liked the fence shenanigans ): Why you gotta take the fun away?

  5. Characters in this post:
    New message from Aelki [STAFF] to BestSpellcasterNA; Allyssandra
    > Leave my fence outta this! She never hurt no one!

    And me? Take fun away?! I think you have me confused with Alllllly.

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    New message from BestSpellcasterNA to Aelki
    > You're just jealous the fence loves me more than it loves you *snaps*

    And don't bring Ally into this, she's scary

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    New message from ΛEdge to Aelki [STAFF]
    > Reporting a glitch on Duke Donald Faire's billboard. Billboard messages still mark as unread after being read and some side quests still show up after they are cleared. I have made sure these weren't repeat quests before reporting this, it turned out they weren't. On a side note, I heard rumors that the Witch Blader class would be nerfed in the next patch. I would like to confirm / debase that rumor ASAP.

    Thank you for your time.


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    New message from Aelki [STAFF] to ΛEdge
    > One of these days, the bossman will get that code cleared up. For now, open the cheat box with SHIFT + ~. Enter DDFBfix!t. That should correct the issue. Sadly, you'll ahve to input it every time you login. D;

    Also, Witch Blader class. It's supposed to come out as part of the Halloween themed event. Witch Blader, Vampyre and Undead are the new themed classes for the event. The marketing campaign for those mods will start next week.

    P.S. New weapons will be up for grabs too. Bossman has a new "system" for buying them too. Think candy corn hunt.


    Yours truly,
    Aelki the Awesome

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    New message from ΛEdge to Aelki [STAFF]
    > It's fine, after you gave me the code I made a link to a quick hack which automatically puts in the code. If you want to distribute it to all players, here's a link; http://www.NMO.net/forum/mods/542-889-L3K/?Edge-billboard-fix

    If you download this (it's just 3.4 or so kbs) it adds an instant input of the code to NMO's boot up sequence. I also posted the coding for this function in the OP so if you want to add it to an upcoming patch or something that's also an option. I could fix the issue in a more direct manner for you guys but I don't want to hack into NMO's network.

    Anyway, consider this returning the favor... thanks for the info on the Witch Blader class by the way. I know I got early access to it since I helped out during the beta phase, but I was afraid the final release would tweak it in any significant manner. I got used to a certain play style, you know how it is, I'm sure.

    I'm gonna get back to talking to you IG. We have company you need to introduce me to.

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    New message from ΛEdge to NMO_Everyone [functionμ = exclude STAFF]
    > There will be a game-changing challenge tied in with the upcoming event. I'll keep you posted as details arise.

    Thank you for your time.


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