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Nonu Maihel Online - Closed

Step into the world of Nonu Maihel Online or NMO. It's your escape away from reality. That is until the lines are blurred and virtual reality becomes your only reality. To survive, you must complete the game without depleting your life......

Tags: action, adventure, drama, game, mmorpg, virtual reality

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Xavirne

Created: 11-12-2012, 12:27 AM


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Game Log in Nonu Maihel Plaza

The main location in the game. This is where the shops are as well as billboards for quests.

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    Nonu Maihel Plaza
    Welcome to Nonu Maihel Plaza, user. The plaza is your go-to place for finding quests and gathering intel. When you reach level 10, you'll be able to automatically teleport back here.

    The plaza is a bustling location that is lined with shops, NPCs, billboards, and guide hangouts. Frequent here as you see fit.

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    The day started out of the same as it did ever since the game was first released. Hoards of people were logging on throughout all the hours of the day. There never really appeared to be a lull either, especially after the recent expansion release, which allowed users to make customizable weapons. There were also some minor bug fixes as well as interface changes, but nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. It was just one of those standard updates that were done simply to spark more interest and get people to engage even more time.

    As his head's up display appeared before him, the male toggled between his moderation operations. It was a fun thing to have such control. It did have its downsides though. He was responsible for sending each MEMBER a private message (PM) to let them know about the updates. As he typed out his letter and CCed "nmo_everyone" to ensure all users would receive the message.

    Within seconds of hitting the send, he watched as the users near him received the message. The game was set up so any STAFF messages would automatically open.

    A smirk crossed his face. Boy did he love seeing his handiwork reach the masses.

    "Guess I better set my IM status to 'Online and ready to serve.'" He chuckled to himself. Today was going to be fun, he told himself. Walking toward the main area, he waited to see if any of the users had questions for him. For the most part, his day was pretty easy. He just protected and served just like a superhero.

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    After spending several hours glued to a canvas, Dmitri was ready to relax and engage in the online world of Nonu Maihel. It would be great to finally take his mind off things so to speak. His week just wasn't going as planned. It quite literally sucked. Needing some form of escapism, the male logged into the game and soon found himself in the plaza.

    "Wow, it's been a while," he said while reading the several notices sent to all by Aelki of the NMO STAFF. "Glad to see they actually took our advice and added an invisible system. Although…" his eyes wandered over to his block list, "I doubt she'll be bothering me anymore."

    NMO prided itself on being a friendly, safe environment but, like all games and sites, there were always going to be spammers, hackers, stalkers, perverts, flamers and haters. 13lueice just to happened to land himself a 14-year-old stalker. Could you say pedo?

    With his recent sexual stalker out of the picture, the male could go about playing the game again. He had been MIA for about a month and he hated it. It was time to engage and get back into the swing of things.

    13lueice hadn't made it as far as he had hoped. By now, he wanted to be level 50 with kick-ass gear. That wasn't the case. He was merely a level 11 guy with not much going on. He had only completely about 6% of the main quest too -- oops!

    As he moved toward the main fountain, he let his pale blue eyes scan the area. A worthy partner was what he sought. He hated playing the game alone but, being the shy guy that he was, 13lueice was having issues making friends. For now, he would just linger in the area and listen. If someone mentioned a team or a leveling party, he would try and join it.

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    "Ugh, that was some poor loot from that run," Mouldybeans said as he checked his inventory, unsatisfied with the items he had collected from the Linistit Canyon. Altogether they were worth little more a single quiver of arrows and he had just depleted one fighting a mob, though fortunately there were spares. "Wanna go again?"

    There was a resounding chorus of no's and 'sry, gtg' from the three other party members, who evidently got what they wanted. There was another, but he had left almost immediately after everyone got back to the plaza.

    Figures, Mouldybeans thought as he said goodbye and left the party. Being a level 20 Scout, it wasn't hard to find a party to join, but what he really wanted was enough loot to sell so he could buy a customization mod.

    Falling short of what he wanted in his latest run through the Canyon, he formed a party, marked himself as a recruiter and waited for the requests to roll in. In the meantime, he read through the mass PM and thought it interesting that there was now an invisibility mode. What did that mean?

    Guess I'll find out later, Mouldybeans decided as he closed the message and checked his contacts list, seeing for the umpteenth time that none of his friends were on at the moment. And that's what I get for living in Australia.

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    Today was no different a day than any other as Ally logged on. Per usual, Aelki had flooded her with a series of messages, most of which had nothing to do with their work, not to mention is mass PM to let everyone know of updates. She shook her head, a small smile on her face as she cleared out of the various screens that had popped up. Looking at her own status, she almost didn't want to make herself available to the masses because at this point the priestess was convinced that her fellow staff member had her name set to notify him of when she logged on. She wasn't allowed to hide it though as there were players that may need help; swiping her hand across her status she set it to 'Online and ready to serve'.

    The elven woman began making her way through the market place, not really knowing where the dark haired male would have been hiding, but more so looking for any expectant individuals in need of help. Rosa, as her real name was, was never the type to really be into video games. She was the outdoor type, but a friend from her past was much more into them. With how big NMO was going to be, she was hoping that it would draw in his attention. She had been making sure that folk were following the rules on the forums when staff contacted her for a position in staffing and moderation. It beat the heck out of her old job and allowed for a greater chance to run into her old friend, so she took up the job. At the pace she was playing, she would have figured that if he had jumped on board at launch like she thought he would, he would be around the same level as she.

    After a few more feet, Ally found herself in the open air marketplace. It tended to be one of the more populated areas of the city with merchants and auction house vendors everywhere so she decided to take up post there. She crossed her arms under her bosom, until recalling her character's personality and lowered them to cover more of her exposed stomach. Letting out a sigh, the woman proceeded to scan over the crowd before her, partly debating on heading out into the field to level on her own some more.

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    After about thirty-minutes of no luck finding a team, the woman decided she was just going to call it quits. Everyone always gave her the same old excuse, "What'a rogue doing looking for a team." No one trusted her. She knew why but, still, it was damn stupid. All she wanted to do was blow holes in the monsters that looted her last week. With a sigh, she pulled up the log-out button. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed a recruiter. A sly smirk crept onto her face.

    A level 20 scout. Perfect.

    "Any place in particular you want to scout out?" Her hand waved in front of her, pulling up her main screen. "I might be able to get us another party member too." A frown quickly appeared as soon as she saw a name listed as offline. "Grr, Narci should be on. That's not like him." Closing out of the main interface, she returned her attention to Mouldybeans. He seemed like a willing and able partner. Not to mention he was actually looking for a team. The odds were in her favor so she decided to go with her gut.

    "The name's Rhy. Although I usually work alone, I learned my lesson last week and I got KOed in the Canyon. Lost my best gear. So pissed. I've been trying to get something better but I've had little luck."

    Her hand slipped down to her hip. "If you're up for it, I say we give it a go."

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    Irena "Rena" Santiago dropped her bag on her bed and proceeded to jump face first into her bed. It had been a long day of being tested about the ins and outs of computer science so she decided to reward herself with a few hours of NMO before dinner. It would be a nice "mini-nap" that didn't require her to boot her computer or get distracted by the allure of Defense of the Ancients 2 so she felt that it was the easiest game to join. Plus she would get some more PvP gold and that was always worth the task.

    Unlike many new members, she was actually a veteran player who simply found a loophole in NMO's terms of service and security. Generally players were only ever allowed one account per user but she figured out a way to erase the data of her old account and start anew. There was nothing illegal about it per se, but she knew that Ally (aka the serious business moderator) would have her head and likely lecture her about the "balance of the game" and how she was being anti-fun. At least that's how it was for the MOBAs that she played. On the other hand, Nonu Maihel's community was much nicer by comparison so she doubted that anyone would suspect her.

    Their mistake.

    Rena materialized in the form of "BestSpellcasterNA", floating in the center of the plaza. There were a few random messages on the bulletin board, but most of it was the same spiel that was on there with every patch: congratulations to the mods, complaints about interface changes, and new ideas for subclasses. The only real thing of note was a guild roleplaying as The Avengers, but it seemed that they did little more than live out their poorly written slash fantasies. Still, she decided to send a playful jab toward Aelki, one of the other moderators of the game before heading toward one of the shopkeepers.

    She desperately wanted the next upgrade on her constitution as her health was rather pitiful at the moment. While she was a walking pile of crowd control, she was squishier than a rotten peach. Given that she had previously spent most of her money on upgrading her Etwahl, all of her power rested in bursting the enemy and chasing them down before she could be killed. Well, not that it happened often. There were times that she longed for a party, but she didn't trust anyone at her level. Most were still looking for the inventory.

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    lvl: 75
    Class: Warrior
    Sub-class: Witch Blader

    Λ had a light sigh as he was laying in one of the rather thick branches sprouting from one of the many trees of the plaza. Laying thus, his left land dangling down and his right hand serving as a pillow against the thick trunk, he was relatively invisible. Not that he actually intended to be so, of course, as if he desired to he could simply flick on invisible mode. It'd been fun for the first five minutes but after accidentally crossing his own boundaries early in search of just how far the game's realism went he opted not to abuse it again. "Well, I'm officially bored." He uttered with a shrug before allowing his other leg to dangle down and - gradually - letting himself plop down from the tree, landing unceremoniously on his feet.

    He personally was relieved about the fence patch. At one point he'd tried helping out a newbie for the sheer sake of boredom and the poor imbecile found a way to get himself so profoundly struck
    Λ had to yank him out forcefully. Forcefully being used here because he batted him violently with the sheathe of his sword, using the recoil damage to push him out of the fence. The newbie was less than thankful and Λ ended up player killing him in a fit of silent but deadly frustration. it took a week for his karmic rank to return to neutral and he was glad for it. No more helping newbies, no more problems with the possessed fences. All was well for the time being.

    Looking around the plaza, the brown-haired young man could not help but come to the realization that he was - unmistakably - bored. He'd used his talents as a hacker to get in-game info and made his way to clearing 75% of the game, but as he came to realize there was no fun in finishing a game when you knew exactly how. There was no challenge anymore.
    "I don't even know why I stick around anymore..." He admitted to himself as his avatar had a slight stretch.

    He wasn't exactly exaggerating either, aside from making a healthy in-game penny from information breaking and occasionally visiting areas too high level for himself in order to keep things fresh, the red eye of NMO simply did not know what to do with his time online anymore. If it wasn't that his real life was trivial to a bore with his average desk job, average school life, average friends and average social drama, he might go do something with himself rather than be here. That said, there was a certain joy he took from being among the highest leveled players in the game.

    "Oh well, might as well find something to do..." He uttered as he wandered around, suddenly noting one of the mod's avatars; a certain Aelki, to be precise. He wasn't the most mature of the mods but he was a lively guy and overall didn't take himself for bigger than he is. Plus, if you knew how to approach him you could get a few sneaks into what's coming up in the game. "Oh right, the constant new features... that's why I'm here..."Λ reminded himself as he casually rose one hand. "Hey there Aelki. How's work?" He asked with a relaxed expression. The mods knew that ΛEdge was a hacker, but since he did nothing to break the game and only used his abilities for informational purposes, they let it slide... for now, at least. Some mods considered him to be on a grey list, some didn't particularly care. It all depended on exactly which staff member he was talking to and - frankly - he was starting to lose track.

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    Jake slammed the door behind him, before locking it with a flick of his thumb and forefinger. His backpack was then thrown across the room and slid to the ground in a small heap against the wall next to his nightstand. His homework was completed on the ride home, and he wasn't expected to come down to dinner tonight. It also probably helped that he didn't have to go to school the next day, making things all the more better.

    Once the gear was pulled on, the young man was out to the real world, and sucked into the virtual one. The log-in was quick and easy, and as soon as he hit the submit button, he was no longer Jake Fryn, but instead a mage called Breaking_Creation.

    Instead of his dark brown hair covering his eyes, he found the red locks hitting his nose. He brushed them away with an uncanny grace before something in the corner of his eye got his attention. He reached out and touched it, finding it to be a message from one of the staff.

    "Ah. Wonderful." he muttered. He could recall the numerous times he had been caught on that ridiculous fence, and had to log out just to get off of it. There were even times when he had to fight from that ridiculous thing, but still end up completely draining his HP.

    He pushed away the notification, and then set his IM status to available, with no side-message. When he was done with that, he actually looked up at his surroundings. As he did this, he caught sight of a new face. Sure, there were many new faces about the town, but for as long as the young man had been in the game, he was most taken aback by the odd floating of the woman.

    When he shifted his attention to her, he could see a username float above her head. BestSpellCasterNA? He laughed quietly, almost a scoff, and figured that he should go introduce himself.

    "Nice username." he said, sauntering up the other after following to the shopkeeper, a cheerful smile on his face. He would have called username arrogant, but he had to be polite to strangers. " I'm Creation. Ya' new to the game?" Breaking_Creation, or just Creation nowadays, looked much like a young girl in his dress, but his voice seemed to sometimes give him away.

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    The interface of NMO was strange in that it blended the idea of your basic MMO (where you were removed from the game) yet it put you in the perspective of that character (similar to a first person shooter). She supposed that the mentally-powered interface was an interesting change of pace for new users since it eased them into the world of online gaming without all of those pesky key bindings, but it was sometimes strange considering that the idea of virtual reality was that they'd be tricked into thinking they were in another world. Here, they made no show of trying to act as though NMO was its own separate world, it was a game through and through that just happened to have a lore quest in place.

    Even outside of the interface this was made painfully clear by the shopkeeper's bland greetings that stayed the same no matter how many times Rena visited the store.

    "Haven't seen you in a long time lass. What will be your fancy today?"

    A menu of various items and upgrades showed up on the screen, allowing Rena to mentally select them and exchange the money quickly.

    "This better be worth the gold I paid," she muttered as she equipped the appropriate items.

    Clothes were entirely aesthetic in NMO, meaning that one could (if they wanted to) upgrade their outfit or keep the one they entered the game with regardless of their level or actual equipment. If she wanted to, she could probably purchase some sort of Asian outfit and guqin skin for her weapon. She could have brown hair, a long, flowing robe, and-

    "Nice username."

    Oh right, there were other people in this game.

    Irena looked down to see a redheaded...man addressing her, who by the sound of his voice, was rather young.

    "Well I would have called myself 'BestSpellcasterOnEarth', but those Koreans are rather serious about their video games. I mean have you seen their Starcraft II tournaments?" she asked with a grin.

    She played a jaunty tune her Etwahl before holding out her hand to shake. His voice appeared to be genuine as did his smile, something that was hard to fake in these types of games. For all she knew, he could be a forty year old neckbeard. There were many cases of people who took on another persona once they were online, especially in cases where a heavy amount of customization was available. No one's breasts were this big and perky in real life.

    "I s'pose you can call me Rena or just The Best if you want to get formal on me," Rena continued airily as she scrutinized her form.

    He was a thin boy, yes boy, that would have likely been taller than her if she hadn't been floating so high. He was a very decorated fellow, his hair adorned by a braided cloth as well as long earrings and a bejeweled necklace. Had she not heard him, he could have easily passed for a flat-chested woman. If his hair was any longer, he could have passed for a prettier version of her real life cousin.

    She paused for a moment at her question and shrugged her shoulders, deciding to play it cool since she couldn't gauge his level. For all she knew, he could be a veteran too.

    "Yeah I guess you could say that I am. I've played games before, but nothing this interactive I guess? It's really something."

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    W1LDC4RD7 logged in at his normal time, right after studying for exams the next day. He appeared right where he left his level 7 character, the central marketplace. He noticed a few other people around, but wasn't really concerned with them. He didn't know what do do, so he wandered over to one of the shops and looked at the articles there. There was two users talking next to him, but he paid very little attention. He couldn't really afford anything in the shop, so decided to back up and go see who was LFG. He hadn't grouped with anyone yet on this game, and didn't have any friends that played, so he was interested in how it was going to work

    He saw a few people who were much higher level then he, so he decided to put up a group himself. He didn't have a quest in mind, but he was willing to do almost anything. Then he waited for any responses.

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    The bright light was a welcome sight to the bi-eyed feline creature as she 'awoke' on the roof she had logged out on the night before. Stretching, her fluffy pink tail curled slightly as a slew of messages popped up onto her display. "Geh!" The girl blurted out, falling onto her backside as she quickly closed out all the messages, not caring too much to read any of them. "They really know how to ruin a good wake up stretch," she mumbled with her arms crossed under her chest. Swiping her hand across her hud once more, she brought up her friend list and what she saw brought a bright and cheery smile to the petite woman's face.

    Patting her side, just to reassure herself that her grimoire was where it should be, X'zimzizi took off running across rooftops of the plaza buildings; there was no way he would be trying to hide himself. Her ears twitched slightly, trying to find any hint as to where he may be hiding this time.

    Creeping over the edge of one of the buildings, fingers gripping the stone roof, the bright smile only grew upon the tattooed woman. Her grip changed as her leg muscles tightened, launching the woman from her 'hiding' spot on the roof and towards her target.

    The smaller form of the tiny woman collided, instantly wrapping around the neck and back of the dark haired, masked male. "Aelki! Oh I missed you!" The pink haired feline-like woman cooed as her head nuzzled the nape of his neck, resting on his shoulder only moments later.

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    His running halted when he heard his name. Aelki whirled around in a manner that a romanic movie would die to capture. As he looked around the area for the voice that called to him, he found himself making eye contact with a good friend. "ΛEdge!"

    Backtracking so he was now beside the hacker, Aelki laughed before giving the user a once over. "You've seen better days. Don't tell me you're bored with NMO again!" The mod laughed before leaning into the warrior's ear. "'tis a secret but the bossman has a new game-changing challenge that'll be tied to the upcoming event." With a wink, he leaned back away from the male. "You didn't hear it from me. But, if you would be so kind, please distribute this information across your boards. I'll be sure to throw something in, like usual."

    Grin in tow, the masked mod directed his attention across the plaza to his favorite blue-haired lass. Oh, Rena. Wonder what she's up to today. She was a troublemaker but Aelki craved it. He was a bit of a diva. At one point he was referred to as Aeloki with extra emphasis on Loki. To be honest, he was sad that Loki had been given to him. He much preferred the idea of being a Tony rip-off. Still, at least he landed an Avengers character, right?

    His attention was immediately directed to his IM box. A smug look appeared on his face. "You just had to ping me, didn't you." Being that devious bastard that he was, the male decided to answer his question via the chat system. Oh how he loved to do that, especially when he was standing right next to the person he was chatting with.

    Smirk on his face, he hashed out his response and hit send seconds later.

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    Just seconds after sending ΛEdge a message, Aelki found himself blinded by a pair of hands. There was only one woman who would do this. Wait, no. Scratch that. There were a dozen. But only one of them had a laugh and that voice that gave her away.

    "Hey, Zizi." With her hands now resting around his neck, he moved his own arms up to hold hers. "How's my favorite kitten doing these days?"

    His attention moved to ΛEdge for a second. "ΛEdge, this is X'zimzizi. Zizi, meet ΛEdge." Even if these two were to part as unlikely friends, it was still the polite thing to do -- you know, introduce strangers.

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    Finally, someone around 13lueice's level was looking for a party! Instantly catching drift of that request, the icy-haired male made a bee-line toward W1LDC4RD7.

    "Hello," he said faintly. "I see you're looking for a party. Mind if I join. You're," he cut himself off to look at all the high leveled users around them, "one of a few people around here that's under level 15." With a sheepish grin, he pulled his hand through his hair. "The name's Blueice or Dmitri."

    He hadn't really gone forward with any missions yet either. He earned all his EXP from wandering in the tall grass, literally. Amazing what the tall grass and summon. Some pretty interesting creatures always popped out of nowhere. Thanks to those mice and bugs, he was a messily level eleven when he should have been closer to 50. Oops, oh well!

    "Do you have anywhere in mind? I haven't really left the plaza," a hesitant grin came over his face. "I don't mind weakening something down to the last drop of HP so you can take the kill either. So don't worry about me stealing your kills." Dmitri smiled before extending a hand to shake on their partnership.

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    "Hey there, Dmitri, it's nice to meet you." W1LDC4RD7 said, accepting the others handshake. "I didn't really have anything in mind, lets just go out and fight some mobs shall we?" He said as he headed over to the portal area.

    He hadn't explored all that much, so he didn't know many of the areas in the game. He looked through the list then turned to his new companion. "I don't know where to go. Do you know anywhere good? I want to be challenged but not owned. you know what I mean?" He had a major lapse in his thought process and never mentioned any name to be called by. He didn't mean to be rude, he just had a short attention span sometimes

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    Λ couldn't help but show a faint smile at Aelki's greeting. He had to give credit where it's due, as far as fun mods were, Aelki was pretty high up there. Personally, Λ viewed him as both a friend and an information source. The man with the mask always seemed to know how to walk the thin line between giving away information and using Edge for his own purposes. While he was not part of the game as a whole, his white hat brand of hacking and influence on the game's forums was such that Edge could help to a certain degree when it came to spreading information and fixing minor issues.

    "Sorry... I'll stop with that from now on." He uttered in regards to the messaging rather than talking. "I'm a little dulled out, but I'm happy to hear the good news. I'll spread it once we're done talking." He let out simply, a light grin appearing on his lips to reveal his excitement. Something new, huh? He'd have to take a peek in the games inside in search of a bit of additional info later.

    "You know me, why waste my breath?" He let out with a light amused smile once the mod received his message, when Aelki replied, he would then go idle for a few seconds and work on a little something. Seeing as he already had the cheat code given to him on a silver platter, what he did required very little actual effort and was posted on the gamesite's forum. Easy stuff. He then linked it to Aelki and returned to the game only to note that a stranger had added herself to the conversation.

    As Aelki took care of the introductions, he gave a quick glance to the young woman. She seemed like an average player with a neko-esque avatar. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but nothing boring either. He would give her a small nod and acknowledge her with a simple.
    "A pleasure." Before turning back to Aelki.

    "Does the boss man still have my e-mail? I haven't been asked to help out in a while now..."
    He inquired, seeing as in the last month he hadn't received so much as an hello on his e-mail from any memberber of the NMO staff. Aelki excluded, but they had just talked. "...I know you guys can handle things on your own but..." He would stretch one arm up and grab his elbow, bending his arm so that his hand would rest between his shoulder blades. "...I kinda liked having access to the staff central." He mused. The key word here being 'liked' as for the past month or so access to that area had been restricted to him. He wasn't actual staff, so it made sense in a way, but he dislike being kept in the dark.

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    "Any place in particular you want to scout out?"

    Mouldybeans turned to face the ginger haired lady and replied, "Yeah, Linistit Canyon. You interested?"

    "I might be able to get us another party member too."

    Apparently she is, Mouldybeans thought. "All right, that's..."

    cool, he was about to say until...

    "Grr, Narci should be on. That's not like him."

    "... a bummer. So, I see that you're a rogue. What do I call ya?"

    After the lady introduced herself as 'Rhy' and spoke of her last experience in the canyon, Mouldybeans felt that he could sympathize, if not exactly empathize, with her situation. He had not died in the Canyon yet and was careful not to.

    "Well g'day, Rhy. My name's Mouldybeans, just call me Mouldy, and I'm actually doing the same thing at the moment. No luck here either so far, but I'm hoping this time will be different."

    "If you're up for it, I say we give it a go."

    Mouldybeans cocked an eyebrow at this. "What, just the two of us?"

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    To those watching Allyssandra at that point, they would have been greeted by multiple player displays, to the point that it looked as though there was no way that she could be monitoring all of them. The priest was watching chat logs, lord not all of them for that would be out of the question, rather, there are key words in the game's database that will flag a chat to bring to a staff member's attention; the several screens that were before the woman were said flagged conversations. There was one conversation among them that brought a dark scowl across her face and close the chat windows before her, her glowing green orbs met the reality of the game once again.

    There was a small group of players forming in different areas of and the sudden movement that came from the previous statue-like woman probably came as a shock to them; not to mention that she had the reputation of being a fun killer because Aleki tended to not do the 'dirty' work of the staff and usually either turned a blind eye or left it up to the 'meek priest' to handle.

    Walking with meaning Allyssandra walked by other players and NPCs through the depths of the busy, main city until she found her targets. "Aleki," she grumbled under her voice as soon as her eyes landed on the dark haired male. The staff she used hit the back of her legs as she briskly finished her walk through the crowd. "Good morning gentlemen, and lady," she said, her voice holding all the accusation it needed while she was in her moderating mode. Flicking her hand before her, a screen opened up that drew the woman's gaze for only a moment.

    "I hope you gentlemen are aware that discussing such matters in game or a part of any company owned site is in violation of the terms of usage that you agreed to when you signed up for this game." Her slender fingers flicked the screen upwards as her eyes quickly scanned over the conversations. Her glowing orbs snapped from the translucent screen too look at the bi-eyed male before her. "Lambda Edge, might I recommend you cease you activities in which you are constantly delving into the games core information. Your constant prodding has kept you on watch for many months now and perhaps not in the ways in which you are hoping. Such actions shall quickly warrant you an account suspension, though if it were up to me, you IP would be banned. Not to mention that your go-to in the company will risk losing his job should you proceed with your 'hacking' questions much more than this.

    "We do understand that you wish to help the game and for that the company in grateful, however your means to gain information that the general public are no privy to is something that has upset the company greatly. Discover your issues and exploits on your own and report them to the staff via the forum boards or open a ticket as players are supposed to do. If you truly wish to have access to company information perhaps you should put in a job application rather than putting Aleki's job on the line." Her gaze towards the male was cold and hard as the screen before her closed. Once it was gone, Allyssandra's gaze turned to the other male in question.

    "And Aleki, perhaps our conversation should be continued in a place where we are less likely to have players eavesdropping." Her eyes fell upon the male she had just scolded and then slid to the feline woman that seemed to be trying to disappear behind the staff member.

    X'zimzizi wasn't fond of this guy's cold and 'holy than thou' attitude that just left her sitting awkwardly in the middle of a conversation that made little to no sense to her. Her head was beginning to throb as she had been trying to follow what was happening to no avail when her saving grace, the 'scariest' of staff members appeared and quickly went on the attack. The cat-like woman disliked such sort of verbal attacks more than she disliked not being able to follow a conversation, and with such feelings, she quickly found herself ducking behind Aleki's shoulders and head, not wishing to 'abandon her friend in his time of need', or at least that's how she saw it.

    Her ears were pinned to the back of her head, trying to block out as much of the conversation as she could. Though it seemed like as soon as she was successful at that, the chatter around her seemed to stop. Remaining unmoving for several seconds, X'zimzizi's ears slowly began relaxing as she peaked over Aleki's shoulder; that was when attention was drawn to her as the mod before her was trying to take away the dark haired beau she currently clung to. Being one to take a hint, the pink haired woman shot Edge a look, pulling one lower eyelid down, she stuck her tongue out at him saying, "Just enjoy the game dude, seriously." With her message conveyed, she used the mod's back as a jumping board, though he probably didn't really notice too much, as she returned to her hiding area amongst the building roofs.

    Once she was a few buildings away, the arcansit slowed down as she tried to find something else to keep her busy. She wasn't really in the mood to level by herself, or really level at all, but she also didn't want to sit in the city and craft anything for that was far too boring. Not too far away, she heard a couple of guys talking about wanting to level, though one seemed worried about them being killed. X'zimzizi leapt to a lower canopy near where the two were talking, they were a couple of players that she didn't recognize so it probably would have been better to not treat them as she treated Aleki.

    That thought, though it came to mind, it didn't really register with any part of the woman's brain that would keep her from acting in such a manner. Rather, the woman was quickly air-bound once again as she landed on the shorter, brunette haired male (wild). "Have no fear, X'zimzizi shall protect you!" She announced rather happily, thrusting one arm in the air as the other wrapped around the male's shoulders to keep herself from falling to the ground.

    Once one of the parties had vanished, namely the one latched to the male that Ally wished to talk to, her eyes returned to her co-worker. "Aleki?" She asked as she turned and began walking away, pausing only for a moment. "I trust that you will talk to me on this issue so that I won't have to escalate this further." She then continued walking away from the two male's and down the path that would lead out of the town.

  20. Characters in this post:
    Rhy liked this guy. He was easy to talk to and pretty straightforward. So going out as a pair wasn't the best plan, but she was sick of waiting around for people. As her eyes skimmed over the others in the area, she didn't see anyone worthwhile. The levels just weren't catching her eyes.

    "My friend, Narc, should be online soon. He's a defender so we should be fine. By the time we tely over to the canyon, he might log on. If not, we can just scout the area for a good kill and wait for him. He's level 31, by the way. So we should be plenty safe with him around."

    Rhy saw no point in waiting around much longer. The more time they stalled here, the less time they would get in for leveling. Sending Mouldybeans an invite to warp, she smirked at him as she waited for him to accept. If he accepted, they would appear in the canyon and they could begin their hunting. It would be highly entertaining, especially since Rhy hated partnering up with anyone other than Narci.

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    "Hmmm," Dmitri looked at the list of locations. That list, at least for him, was pretty limited since he hadn't explored much. "How about Kaire Palace?" He had heard people talk about how it was a good place to start and figured it might be fun to check out. Besides, Little Tokyo, he didn't see anywhere else they could travel. "Or do you want to check out Little Tokyo. According to the MAPS, the Palace is a main mission location. Tokyo is a leveling area."

    Trying to recall all the conversations he overheard, he cringed at the idea of going to Little Tokyo. "Let's skip Tokyo. I overheard someone mention that if there are any high levelers in the area that all the monsters will be close to that user's level. I enjoy living."

    With a shoulder shrug, 13lueice pivoted on his heels and faced the direction of Kaire Palace. "Since we can't teleport yet, we get stuck walking there. But that's a good thing since we'll run into monsters on the trek to the palace." With a lighthearted laugh, he looked over at W1LDC4RD7. "Sorry I'm pretty useless. I haven't really explored much." Biting his lip, he continued, "I just never saw any point in running through the game alone. I've just had a hard time finding someone to play with." With a head bob, he cocked his head to the side to grin. "You'll be my first official in-game friend."

    I have no idea who X'zimzizi is referring to so if she's a part of this pair, just have her jump in and comment on Dmitri's advice.

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    "My job's on the line?" Aelki blinked a few times before cracking a smile at the beautiful woman that sauntered up to the little group. This mod really was a fun ruiner. She tended to steal his thunder and often caused the people he wanted to hangout with to scurry away. Woe is the life of a mod. Still, she did have some right to be concerned but it was a misplaced concern. "Babe, I don't mind having people hear. You know I would marry you any day. Let the world know of our love and it will make things so much easier!" A rose magically appeared in his mouth and those sleek eyebrows of his wiggled with charm.

    He should have known by now that his antics would upset his pink-haired lass but Aelki was a man of charm and cheese. He didn't realize what he was doing until long after it happened. And he honestly didn't mean any harm by it. Most of the women (and men) in the game knew this. He was a kidder and a flirt. Would anyone honestly get upset if he flirted them up? No, probably not. He was sexy and he knew it.

    Aelki exhaled before give Ally a serious look. Sometimes he wondered why she was so uptight. And then he remembered she was trying to keep the game safe, especially for the man she so desperately wanted to find. It was cute but it was also a bit exhausting. She likes to cockblock everyone and everything. Hell, she probably banned her boyfriend! Well, maybe not. From the way she spoke about him, he seemed sincere and sweet and by all means, not a rule breaker.

    Speaking of rules...

    "Seriously, you need to worry less, darling. Remember, I'm the PR guy too. It's kind of my job to stir up mayhem and rumors. It helps sell the game. And we all know we need to do that or else we would be jobless and you will never find your boyfriend."

    With a wink, he focused his attention on the feline that decided to bound off on her own. "Curse you, Ally. You scared my girlfriend off." Now that the two of them were pretty much alone, he gave the mod his full attention. "So what is it you really want to talk about, Ally?"

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    Wild looked back at the whited haired player and said, "That's cool, Let's go to Kaire Palace. I've wanted to do the main quest for a while now."

    When Dmitri mentioned his feebleness, he just waved it off, "That's no problem." he said reassuringly, "We'll help each other and watch each other's back."

    Wild laughed when Dmitri said he'd be his "first official in game friend". "Yeah, same here. None of my friends have gotten the game yet and I haven't talked to anyone on- whaaaaaa!"

    He was interrupted by a woman jumping on his back and nearly making him fall backwards with a yell.

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    Mouldybeans didn't like the idea of going into the canyon with only a rogue and a chance of her friend logging on, but decided to go along with it anyway. Should the worst happen, Mouldybeans knew that he had the skill and agility to escape a bad situation, and it was safe to assume that Rhy would as well, being a rogue.

    "All right, if you say so," Mouldybeans said as he accepted the invite and warped into the canyon.

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    X'zimzizi stuck out her lower lip in a pout, yet still did not remove herself from the male's back. "Awww, I'm not that heavy," she complained as she pulled her legs up higher on the male's sides. "He knows how to play these games," she then said proudly as she pointed at the blonde haired male. "So X'zimzizi shall come along to keep you two company and to make sure you don't die."

    A sweet smile played her lips as she cocked her head to one side, her ears cocking to the side slightly as her head moved. After a few moments of silence, the short feline finally hopped off the male's back, walking backwards to stand before the two taller males. "Have you two been Kaire Palace yet? It truly is a nice place to level, very beautiful place to." She nodded, her head tilted back to allow her face to be bathed in the warmth of the sun. After a couple more moments of silence, the pink haired girl looked back to the males, waving an arm towards them. "Well come now, we don't want others to take all the mobs do we?"

    It mattered not that the arcanist was so much higher a level than these two players. X'zimzizi wasn't the type to actually need to progress in game to have fun; she was the type that enjoyed the RP and social aspect of the game so much more. It had probably been a few solid weeks since she had actually gone after a mob her level to level or gain any experience; she had been hanging out in cities or joining random parties much as she was now, usually inviting herself of course.

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    Ally was used to Aleki's rebuttals to when she would come and step in on his conversations. Granted, his job being on the line was really being honest, but the information he provided to people, he could easily lose his title. Moving one arm from blocking her exposed mid section, the elven woman pushed her hair back over her shoulder and onto her back.

    When he mentioned his job on the PR team, her pace abruptly stopped, only a mere feet away from where the group was gathered. "Yes, that may be true. But we do not wish for poor information to be circulating as well. For a company to hold the reputation of an employee that is rather loose lipped on matters, well, it tends to be frowned upon." Ally was passionate about the game, even if she wasn't very good at showing it. She had a blast playing but truly did was a happy and safe environment and the recent increase in harassment tickets were starting to get to her. The one guy she was looking for was usually a target for such people so she had made it her personal goal to be unusually harsh to these people.

    Once the two of them managed to separate themselves from the other two, the woman sighed, mostly at his last comment. Aleki was right when it came to Ally's search for Dmitri and so far she had been far from successful in her search; even watch new player profiles, nothing had flagged a single soul that it would have been him. Being pulled back into reality by a more serious mod, the woman focused her green orbs on the male as she leaned against the wall of one of the buildings, her body facing the bright sunlight causing her pale skin to seem to glow. "You've noticed, haven't you?" She asked before adding, "I believe you had to cover a few of the issues before. We're starting to have more issues than before, not with just members, but in game. I was wondering what your oh-so imaginative mind has come up with for the reasoning of that."

    (last new color, I promise >.>)

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    Λ's eyes quickly flickered to Allyssandra as she made her appearance, it was always entertaining in its odd way to encounter the woman. She was interesting, not just for her value as a staff member but also due to her overall personality. On top of that, she presented the only true obstacle to his habits within the game. He wasn't doing any harm and had actually been doing some deal of good, so as mentioned earlier most mods either had him on their good side or considered him as being on a gray list at worst. Allyssandra was the exception to the rule, the only one who appeared to have strong feelings about him being an overall nuisance. "Good morning, Allyssandra." He dully replied as she appeared before them, awaiting whatever form of reprimand she had to distribute. Perhaps people would be more keen on respecting her rather than despising her if she had other things to discuss, but whenever she struck up a conversation with a non-staff member it always led to some form of reprimand or warning of such. He'd give her the advice if she cared to listen, but past altercations indicated otherwise.

    "I've got you to notice me, haven't I?" He uttered with a shrug when she said he wasn't getting the kind of attention he seemed to be desiring. Though he couldn't really blame her for thinking that, his motives were always a little obscure, even to himself at times. He would then listen on until she finally finished her dull text which - in all likeness - had been read blatantly off of paper or, in this case, box. "Noted, thank you for your time." He simply uttered, unwilling to waste time arguing with her.

    With that, he would turn to Aelki and give him a light pat on the shoulder as he realized his attention would soon be slipping out of his fingers as he had to deal with more important matters. "I apologize if I've jeopardized your employment. I'll leave you to your lover's quarrel. Let me know what I can and can't ask from you once you're free alright? I've always got the message board open somewhere." He uttered before turning around and leaving off in a random direction, paying little attention to X'zimzizi's unamusing counsel.

    It was a bit of a misfortune, but he would have to fiddle around... again. He grew tired of black hatting as it brought more negative than positive attention and he had no real purpose for it, but he needed to secure his connection to the game to avoid being locked out by the mods. His IP he could easily change, his account he could transfer, his characters he could recreate but there was a difference between walking the fine line and jumping off the ledge. Just because bullets don't kill you doesn't mean you enjoy staring down the barrel of a gun, after all.

    With that, he'd continue wandering off, putting his index against his left ear lobe.

    ((Could you go a little darker for Allyssandra's color? It's killer on my eyes. :P))

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    This lady was pretty excitable and it made Dmitri smile in relief. It was nice to have a person who knew the area join them. And she was a pretty character, reminding him of his cat, Mitzy.

    With a light laugh, he spoke to her. “We would love to have you join us. I've never been anywhere other than here so any help is appreciated.”

    His humble nature was enhanced by that sincere voice of his. He was so polite and so kind it was almost hard to imagine him as a man in real life. And yet, on the other side of the up-link there lied a very handsome beau. It probably helped that Dmitri was raised in an area with so few people. He was also grounded in tradition. “Do unto others as you want other to do unto you,” was a rule he grew up with. He was given a bar of soap when he spoke ill and he was belted whenever he was out of line. The pale blonde was raised to be the perfect gentleman. Had things gone as planned, he would have been wed by now. But sometimes the world splits you from the one you’re destined to be with and you must figure out a way to reunite.

    “Is it okay if we walk there?” He couldn't help but notice her level, which meant she could easily teleport (warp) from one location to another. “I want to ‘discover’ this place on my map so I can visit whenever I want. Not sure I’ll be hitting level 25 just yet,” he said with a lighthearted laugh.

    It was going to be a fun day! He could just tell. And somewhere, deep in the back of his mind, he felt that this was just the right thing to do, like it would somehow help him get closer to the woman he loved. He wasn't sure how but having another person on his side as a new friend might just help introduce him to his long-lost friend.

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    She was right. There were issues with the game and there was talk about demoting Aelki. One of the reasons they didn't was because he was one of a few that could actually remove the spammers and he was an iconic figure in the game. His character was so popular that they now sold Aelki plush toys at the NMO online store for people to purchase. There were even Aelki keychains and shirts. His fanbase was growing so much so that people even cosplayed as him. Pulling him from the game would surely destroy the NMO fanbase. He was, essentially, the Loki Stark (a Tony Loki Stark combination due to obvious reasons) of the game. He had the best moves, the best lines and the largest fan base. The fanbase went even so far as to demand a movie about him. A petition circled the web and had over 17,000 signers. The newest expansion pack (not yet released) even started Aelki on the front cover. But it made sense. The expansion was called, “Heroes Collide,” which would unlock three new worlds, two huge villains, and a ton of fun costumes and weapons.

    A smirk tugged at his face. “If I take my role more seriously, will you calm down a bit. I would hate to see you scare off potentials. You never know, maybe Edge’s best friend is your Dmitri and you don’t want Edge telling him not to join because of the anti-fun mod.”

    Placing a hand on his shoulder, the male rubbed his forehead against hers. “Lighten up doll and have fun. We’ll find your Dmitri. We’ll keep the game safe. And we’ll work on fixing those bugs. I’ve been given a strip of code to work on after I get off my in-game shift. The bossman wants me to weave some codes between the code. He’s hoping that’ll block some of the spammers. I’ve also been given a few of the glitches. I could actually use your help on one of those, but we can discuss that tonight.” His eyes lit up. “Speaking of tonight, I’m in your neighborhood, as you know. We should grab lunch. I would love to see what you look like outside of this fantasy realm.”

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    Aelki's initial response made Ally chuckle a bit, though the forced sound was clear as day. "Maybe I would relax a bit, but if that happened, you never know, I may become more popular than you," she said as she watched as players began grouping together to head out and begin adventuring. The white haired woman knew the truth, even when she was calm, granted she truly did attract more people that way, but they tended to not stick around. She was far too much a tomboy, against her parent's wishes of course, for most people to stick around for too long. That's what made leaving the U.S. so hard; she had one lifelong friend, a boy whom she cherished and cherished her, he never ran away even when she was the one taking the blows when the poor pale haired boy was being bullied by kids from their school. That's why Ally was made, to show people that the girl beyond the game did have a good heart and could be nice, though it seemed like she was still failing at proving anything with users being terrified of her.

    Shaking her head at the dark haired male's comment she said without thinking, "Dmitri would never be caught with someone like that. Someone like that would only spell bad news for the guy." It was clear from the look in her eyes that the woman wasn't really in touch with the game at that point, but with memories of her past.

    If it wasn't for the fact that the moody woman already had another man on her mind (not to mention her reputation), some would have mistaken the two mods for having a much more intimate relationship rather than one that seemed to sit on more of a 'best friend but the guy is really pushing for something more' sort of relationship. Aelki really did seem to fill the older brother role that the girl could have benefitted from as a child, that was probably why she didn't like seeing him drifting off and getting into trouble. And in a similar manner, he practically knew the woman like an open book, which made things much easier for Ally as at least she had someone on her side.

    Taking a slow breath, Ally knew that she could trust that everything would be fine. There may be hiccups every now and then, but in the end the game would be patched up again. Just because it wasn't perfect right away didn't mean it was the end of the world. A pleasant smile came to her face at Aelki's suggestion and slipping into her own roleplay-persona; bowing to the male her voice was clearly softer, an obvious distinction between the woman's rule and in-game personalities. "I may be able to arrange such a thing for a price," she said, a sly tone in her voice as the woman stood to her full height once again. "However to even consider such a thing, I am in need of a strong warrior to aid me in killing a horrible beast that has been protecting a marvelous relic in Sam'vere Falls, or so legend goes."

    As she spoke, the woman lifted a hand for a holographic image of a grotesque six-legged beast with three reptilian heads and five tails appeared. Being a healer, Ally could not fight the beast alone, but even a skilled warrior around the same level of the beast should stand a chance with said healer. To those that actually got to know the woman, they would know that she loved to hunt down the little treasures of the game. Even though she was a mod that could summon any in-game item, she would still go out of her way to try and collect them on her own; it was her guilty pleasure, not to mention dragging Aelki along when she couldn't do it alone.

    ((There you go Alex!))

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