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    All of it... Change all of it... *dying* -.o
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    Don't write that on my profile! But nothing is going on for Skype right now.
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    Krie, why you no chat? Why are you on your laptop?
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    Welcome to WTFRPG.com! We are the little guy in the mix of available roleplaying communities, but we have a lot of heart! This is a welcoming, warm, fun loving community that has the comforting feel of a small town. Take advantage of all our wonderful exclusive features, and don't be afraid to ask questions! Our staff is here to help you get everything you can of a new roleplaying experience.

    Thank you for joining our ranks~!
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About Kriemedean

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About Kriemedean
I moved recently and have basically lost all of my favorite websites, usernames and passwords, but I remembered this...even though I cannot access the old account. That's okay though; I never got started before the move.
High on my Pedestal...It's wobbly.
I have lots, but my focus is finding work in this area.
Did you not read Interests?


"Ew. Did you check to see what date this raw milk expires?"
"Yeah, what happened?"
"I found a curd."
"Did you shake it?"
"It's the cream. The fat floats to the top."
"Oh, I just thought it was Bridgid's backwash the first couple of times."
"Wait, why didn't you say 'ew' when you thought that?"


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    Aetheria - Adult
    Heroes close and far! Heed our words and bring your sword for gold! Perhaps you are the one who helps bring the barbarian horde to an end?
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    Demrovak - Adult
    Private. Go away! D:
    Private RP kriemedean & FijiLoki
    A subjectively subjective subjectivity where everything is subjective to subjectivity, subjectively speaking to you, the subject. Don't object, as that is objectively objective in this unobjectivity.
    A full storehouse of superstitious science-fiction and factual fantasy in the form of stories created by Enkerzed, role-playing and tandem-storytelling entrepreneur extraordinaire. Massive World-Building Project. Multiple Plots and Ages. Potential for group roleplays and 1x1.

      (played in Demrovak)
    Alfred de Castries   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “It’s a safe place for the goats.”
    Earh-Hrokr (“er-h’roker”) and/or his Knaves   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “If I need to fool others to rule, am I really powerful or at their mercy?”
    Gemma Benjamine Guerin   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “No, I just don’t care what you think of me.”
    Grimadean   (played in Project DOWNUNDER)
    Grimedean   (played in Fiji's Writing Workshop)
    For Workshop Purposes
    Harold “Harry” Orlando, Jr.   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “Bondage is only for the bedroom, pinko commie bitch.”
    Heinrich “Heins” Löb   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “The issues are much too important for the voters to be left to decide for themselves.”
    Hwelpis Fōtthefe (“foot-thE-fe”), also Delfin   (parked in character pool)
    “I need you like a hole in the head, which is actually a neccessity for a Boto, like myself.”
    Kriemedean   (played in N'V'R N'V'R—Updated: 17/10(October)/2016 A.D.)
    POOF! I'm here. What are your other two wishes?
    Lyse Davar   (played in Light of the Nephilem)
    Love is nothing more than a resource to be drained.
    Mart Tinn   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    “Sum sigillum civitatis novi Haedcuni.” Translation: I am the seal of the city of Gotham.
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