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Harold “Harry” Orlando, Jr.

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Kriemedean

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“Bondage is only for the bedroom, pinko commie bitch.”


Age: 30

Height: 6’

Occupation: Unauthorized Vigilante/Landscaper/Punk Rock Band Guitarist

Body Type: Built, Episodes of Weight Gain and Loss

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Skin Color: Light

Eye Color: Left Brown, Right Red

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: Shaven

Other: He has a Van Dyke beard and pierced lobes, two on his left.  He is prematurely balding, so his skull is shinier on the front.  His birthmark is on the back of his right hand and he has many tattoos: a Nurgle on his right shoulder blade, a large-print Necron down his spine, a Chinese calligraphy on the right side of his chest and his red eye is a tattoo as well.  He uses a suit that looks pieced together from a pirate, a ninja and a punk rockstar, all of which he considers himself in pure badassery.  On the chest of this unique uniform is a monogram of an “H” on another “H”.


He likes to learn, but is only a good student if interested.  He is not that patient, but will be for those that he sees with a desire to be better or with a close enough understanding to tolerate.  He doesn’t give a damn about what people do on their own property and views the political system as a trap.  While he takes his own vows seriously, he doesn’t care if another person doesn’t unless it is a business agreement.  He once had an affair with a friend’s wife and that ruined his relationship with them, but he feels no guilt because she came onto him first.  He is a deist and can be very stubborn on issues that relate near to that.  His slightly arrogant demeanor and intellectual discussion can make him a bit of a lady’s man, even to teenagers.  He is a Pisces and doesn’t know if he wants kids.

Equipment / Abilities

He is well-trained in stealth, sword-fighting, guns and hand-to-hand fighting.  He focused more on defense, but became more active in offense after adopting his step-daughters and upon the birth of his nephew.  He is also great at keeping anonymity both in the real world and on an internet blog he boasts on.  He has a minor green thumb and has an uncanny ability to see through things, but that’s all dependent on how true he is to himself and that’s difficult.


Harold grew up in Deltona, Florida and came into his powers at thirteen.  He became active in fighting crime when he turned sixteen and adopted the name the Hour-Hase, an internal joke between some friends and himself.  He married another vigilante called Dragon Bloom, a Canadian woman by the name of Marquise Scherbatsky with the ability to sprout wings and shoot fire.  He views his activities like a football tournament and he has the weakest team, so he plans according: fighting petty crimes often and gaining the support of the people, versus the occasionally anti-state conduct like traps on tax collectors and shoot-outs with police officers.  He primarily works alone.