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Hwelpis Fōtthefe (“foot-thE-fe”), also Delfin

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Kriemedean

Rating: (any)   Genre: (any)  

“I need you like a hole in the head, which is actually a neccessity for a Boto, like myself.”


Age: 17

Height: 6’

Occupation: Executive Ambassador of Elfkin disputes, Owner of a safe haven, Therianthropy Counselor

Body Type: Build of a Swimmer, Pronounced Broad Shoulders

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Skin Color: Tan

Eye Color: Black with moving Flecks of Orange, Watery-Looking

Hair Color: Dirty Blond, but Sun-Bleached and Oil-Darkened Roots

Hair Style: Fluffy, Short, Stands On-End, Hat-Hair at times from a Green Robin-Hood style Hat

Other: He has pointed ears that are less detached at the shell to his head than most and a blowhole.  He has a second pair of lids inside his eyes.  When hidden, his wings, embarrassingly a pair from a butterfly, are tattooed over his shoulders and curl between his thighs.  Between a brown-gray bottlenose and his human form, he is an alien-looking, muscle-bound humanoid a foot or so taller.  It has a thick neck, bulbous skull, lipless mouth of sharp teeth, an expressionless smile and sunken eyes, with a dorsal fin and webbed digits.  However, he can also shift into half a man and half a dolphin; for kicks and giggles, he flips top and bottom at times.


Delfin knows what he likes and doesn’t, charging without looking twice, but in a gentlemanly way.  He is a lecher and, with that history and his heritage, doesn’t believe he is worthy of marriage, but he loves kids and is an attentive father of his little heart-breakers, if easygoing.  He is protective and a rambling bull-shitter at times.  He is friendly, active, funny, mischievous and stubborn.  He idolizes Casanova and Robin Hood.  He is an abstinent theist.

His self-loathing expresses itself through tongue-in-cheek remarks and self-aimed jokes.  He uses this behavior as a way to apologize for being a one of his kind.  Later in life, when he settled in London, he started a safe haven, having a special hatred for rapists and won’t even touch a woman whose family has a known rapist within it.  He is afraid of mixing with any race, including his own, that might produce one, convinced that it is genetic.  A reporter called him an avenging ghost of the sea after killing one in the act, but it put further strain between him and authorities.

Equipment / Abilities

He is quick and flexible with fighting skills adapted to both land and sea battles.  He can see up to four different ways thanks to doubled pupils and independent eyes, and can sleep with one open.  Botoes are well-known for being pure flesh and having little fat, along with a wide range of sensory abilities thanks to their human and animal halves.  He prefers to reason with people, but when it doesn’t work he carefully controls the amount of injury.  He knows a little magic and very well-read on cultures.  Confident in his abilities, he carries no weapons, except for a feathered pin in his cap and a magical gem that allows him to breach barriers amongst the elves.  Pyromancer, but sucks.


He was born in the ocean, and swam and jumped before he crawled or walked.  He has neither known his father nor any other family except for his mother, a brother and eventually sisters.  She taught him how to dance and made him clothes on his fourth birthday, and continues to do his laundry to this day, Mama’s boy that he is.  He is her little sea butterfly and is a very elegant swimmer without fins.  She took him everywhere and taught him several island languages, which are probably reasons why he did not totally become a recluse after his first change.

At six he transformed and found himself in a jungle a continent away on a river’s edge next to a local girl.  While they did no more than kiss, her tribe chased him away and he has a puppy-love reminiscent attraction for dark Japhetic features.  (He also has a fear of rivers after an incident with a candiru.)  It took months for them to return home, and midway they were attacked by an all-male pod, which raped her and nearly drowned him as he tried to save her.

He became very introverted for a while despite his mother’s reassurances and slowly removed himself from his own kind, to which he still does to an extent.  He suspects that he is the result of one such encounter and has an uneasy relationship with the only brother he knows.  Had it not been for a blessing bestowed on him by the archangel, he might have never had any.  It ordained him as an executive mediator whenever a problem arose amongst the elves, though he in no way has the power to force himself into the situation.  He could only offer his services and eventually his name got around.  His only real contribution to therianthropic races is to safely share information to the public and act as a defender whenever someone asks for his protection, so long as they agree to certain terms.

Despite his experiences, he is not shy about sex or children.  He seduced a witch who taught him and fixed his inability to be a man in the daylight.  He once courted a queen, and even used a magical dance and stirred doubts about her husband (though immediately regretting it) to get her into bed.  The king, a fire-based being, nearly beat him to death when she went missing, stolen by a wizard for her magical abilities.  The same man and another king returned to restore his health upon discovering that the queen had hid one of her triplets inside each of them.

He still has a special relationship with her and considers himself a god-father, of which her husband tolerates.  They are almost friends now, but Delfin is never allowed alone with her, making it an agonizingly platonic relationship and never anything else.  He has never loved another woman and has never claimed such, making his intentions clear.  He also resolved not to use magic like he had with her and actively tries to avoid women who are high or drunk, for everyone’s sake.  He currently has four children: a five year old (godson), a four year old and two twins in their terrible twos.  He used to take his sons, called The Marauders for all the chaos they cause when left to their own devices, anywhere, but their mothers put a stop to it upon finding out he took them to bars and clubs.


He whistles out of his blowhole and is often found on a beach somewhere.  He likes origami and fish.  Don’t touch his hat.  Stereotypes, including those portrayed by those they represent, irritate him, a trait he shares with a homosexual friend named Ray, along with a preference for anarchism.  Ray helps Delfin out of scrapes or when another man advances too much romantically.  Delfin tolerates Ray’s lifestyle, but they sparingly talk in depth about it unless Ray wants to and even then sometimes all he can do is be silently there for him, a miracle in itself.  The water entrance to the safe haven runs underneath the city and Delfin routinely checks out places above for sinkholes.  He cannot shift fully into a dolphin.

Delfin’s Race:

Dark and Light Semetic/Light Japhetic/Dark Hamitic, COMMONER (and likes it that way)

Boto, but technically two races: a lineage of light elves infected with dolphin-based therianthropy, or delphanthropy

Ray’s Race:

Dark and Light Hamitic/Dark and Light Japhetic

Dwarfed hybrid therianthrope between Jaguar and Leopard, shaped and colored respectively


He is defenseless against women and would do anything for his children.  He can’t see the color red.  He is often too forgiving and gives lots of opportunities for people to change.  He gets landsick after a lot of time in the ocean or vice-versa.  He doesn’t like shampoos or soaps, but he uses them anyway.  He can be lazy and hates working.  He can be unaware of another’s emotions and says exactly what he means, causing problems when people assume that he thinks like the average person concerning politics.