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Playing With Fire

Fire doesn't burn if you're already dead ► Private Roleplays for lmaokickit & Nethereal; trespassers will be torched......

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Creator: Nethereal

Created: 09-12-2015, 04:31 AM


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    "Alright, dad, I won't do anything without your permission. Study groups are unlikely, but I will try" - no he wouldn't - "to warn you if someone's trying to deflower me. Or did you want notice so you could join in, maybe?" He glared at Ray's hand for a few seconds before finally reaching out to return the handshake. "Ow. Cold hands. Guess it's not a surprise you're cold blooded. After all, you did threaten me, and I'm just too sweet for anyone with a heart to hurt."

    "Sports bra, yeah? If that doesn't include a shirt, sounds like a good defense tactic. I'm easily distracted by round things, it's just, like, a side effect from playing basketball for too long." She skipped ahead with a grin after Raine wriggled from her grip again, taking the hint for now. "When you're settled, we'll test you out on the court. Don't be sad if I win too quickly. I'll buy you ice cream to make up for it - speaking of ice cream,"

    She held the door open and nudged her roommate into the cute red cafe with a hand on her lower back. If she hadn't been shrugged off minutes earlier, she might have tested her chances with her hand a little lower. "I'll buy you ice cream, but you gotta buy your own dinner. And nothing too big - but, like, think of it this way: I'm saving you space for later." She slid the cashier a couple folded bills for two half-pint cups of ice cream. "One strawberry, one chocolate. Hey, Raine, come collect yours. Cause uh, I might eat it if I touch it, I'm sorry. I'm hungry."

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    "No, it's fine. I'll be back, stay here," Kaimu gestured to his table, then ducked into the crowd again, only to get himself something possibly edible after stupidly offering her the last pasta meal. Luckily, he'd only gotten one bite in to the food, so he could offer her something decently warm and not half-eaten. She deserved better, but his hands were tied by lazy school cooks. The menu was small, so choosing something was a simple choice between a sandwich or questionable stew.

    He returned with his (now, her) pasta and a sandwich of some sort, carrying two bottles of sweetened orange juice along with it. "It's not fully natural or anything," somehow, he felt as if it was his responsibility to apologize for the little nuances of life when the government wasn't happy you existed, "but it reminds me of home, personally, so I thought you might like it." With the disclaimer out of the way, he slid the food and drink over to her.

    "You don't have to eat with me. Most kids eat breakfast outside." He didn't want to force her into anything, especially since she looked just as terrified as yesterday. "It's better weather out there, anyways. The air conditioner in here smells stale."

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    When he returned carrying two trays of food and a bunch of apologies for the standard of food, Aria's last bit of hesitation about him melted away. Sure, he wasn't going to be receiving her life story any time soon, but, despite his mostly terrifying face and height, he seemed to be nice enough. "No, it's fine, orange juice is fine. Thank you for bringing me food."

    Aria smiled at him, with a slight shrug. "I'm fine with eating in here." Wait, maybe that was his way of trying to send you on your way? "If- Uh- If you're okay with that. With me sitting with you. I can go if you don't, it's fine, I mean you just met me like yesterday so it's- Maybe I should just go. Uhm. Yeah." Still, she hesitated, before trying again, "If you want me to, I'd like to sit with you. If that's fine with you."

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    "Yeah, you're welcome, but it wasn't a problem, really." He stuttered out, gesturing to the table they were both hovering around. "I'd like it if you sat with me, yeah - if you're okay with that, that is. You don't have to. But I'd like if you did." He shuffled to get comfy in his own uncomfortable chair, then kicked his feet up as he usually did.

    Wait - don't do that. It was impolite (and just really counterproductive) to act that insolent in front of Aria, who probably wasn't a big fan of the 'bad boy' act. "Sorry," Kaimu switched to picking at his sandwich to avoid eye contact. "So, how was your sleep? I hope you weren't up all night, but the classes are pretty useless, anyways. It's just basics; the curriculum here is sorta lame and - never mind, it's your first day, doesn't even matter. Did you sleep well?"

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    Aria slid into the seat across from him, bemused by the way he kicked his feet up onto the table and almost immediately dropped them back down. She took an experimental bite of the pasta, which she quickly decided was firmly entrenched within 'edible' and would likely never get a higher ranking than that.

    She considered the question, using his slight bit of rambling to give her a few more minutes to come up with an acceptable answer. "I mean, I slept about as well as I ever do." She shrugged slightly, taking another bite of pasta. "I'll be fine in... a day or so. Probably."

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    Brynn didn't seem to have any issue letting himself get comfortable, which really just reinforced the idea that he was just trying to get a reaction from her. A new form of psychological warfare, she guessed. Well, two could play at that game- oh, wait, god, his hand was moving higher up her thigh. Even with Alex knowing that this was just to get a rise out of her, she could feel her face burning up even more. Still, she did her best to ignore it, instead focusing on the movie; at least, until he spoke again.
    Next time. The implication that there'd be a next time dragged her out of her annoyed (pannicked) reverie, earning a quiet scoff. "I can't help that your taste in movies is shit, Amador. But sure, if you think you can find a movie that surpasses the pure cinematography that is Deadpool, fuckin' show me."

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    Ray chose to ignore both of those statements, in honor of his promise to be nice, and gave Jeane's hand a firm shake. "So, Jeane. Not that this is an additional rule, but just out of curiosity, are you here most nights? Or do you spend more time out and about, checking out people's sisters."


    Raine took her ice cream from Lana, shooting a quick smile at the cashier before returning her attention to her roommate. "Thanks! And I can buy you dinner tonight. It's no problem, really; It's the least I could do, honestly."

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    "Curiosity,“ Jeane repeated, drawing out the word in an exaggerated, teasing tone. He slipped his small hands out of Ray’s cold grip as quickly as he could, gently shaking some warmth into it before he looked up at his roommate again. He leaned in, just in case the bedroom eyes weren’t enough to say I-really-like-thrills and you’ve-only-peaked-my-interest.

    ”I’m not here most nights. But I can be, if you make it worth my while.“ He chuckled, finally deciding to take himself - and the situation - seriously. ”Listen. Your sister is cute and all, but I do have other things to do. I can’t stare at her for the entire term. She’s safe, I promise. You, on the other hand..." Well, he was taking it sorta seriously.

    "Buy me dinner? Oh, thank god, you’re a babe. I don’t eat much, so I won’t break your pocket.“ This time, she took the chance, ‘playfully’ patting Raine’s back ‘pocket’ and stepping past her with a satisfied smirk. ”So,“ she said, shivering from a brain freeze she should’ve expected with a mouthful of ice cream. ”Do you want to hang out here for a bit, or start walking to somewhere for dinner? There’s some decent places not far from here.“

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    “Literally anything would be better than this trash. Even static,” Brynn mumbled, keeping his voice uncharacteristically quiet so the only person he was disturbing was the one he intended to. For some reason, she hadn’t said anything snappy about his hand, or shoved him off her shoulder, so he assumed this was going to be one of those things they didn’t speak about. Neither of them liked each other – that much was obvious – but he’d be lying if he said he’d never felt any sort of sexual tension with the redhead. They’d never talked about it; after-all, it felt pretty normal that two people who interacted all through puberty would have a few moments.

    But they were older now and this was different. Brynn let himself get lost in the annoyingly dramatic movie and its drawn-out punchlines; they weren’t good for laughs, but they were a good excuse not to think. No matter what was happening on screen, however, he was still painfully aware of how she felt against him. “What are we…” His voice trailed off, ‘we’ wasn’t a word he felt comfortable using with her, since it made her feel like his peer. He preferred thinking of her as a pest, the way preschool boys did to make it easier to insult someone with no intervention from their developing conscience. “What are we doing after this? It’s too early to sleep. Unless we get drunk. Or watch more of your bad movie choices, I guess, that’ll knock anyone out.”

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    Ray wasn't entirely sure he could actually trust Jeane; after all, the kid seemed to tease more than anything else. Still, if nothing else he'd hopefully be less likely to be an idiot seeing as unlike most people, Ray actually did know exactly where he slept. "Alright, fine. I'll take your word for it."


    Raine took in a surprised breath at the not at all concealed pat on her ass, her own steps stuttering just a little bit before continuing after Lana. Yep, this was sure going to be a very, very handsy arrangement. "I- Ah, how about we start walking towards some real food. Long day and all."

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