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Ray Carter

Roleplay: "Playing With Fire"

Player: lmaokickit

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deadly as dark

With messy ebony waves of hair contrasting ivory skin, Ray makes being undead look damn good. He stands at 6'3 and, unfortunately for everyone else, has impeccable posture, which really only serves to make him seem taller when matched with his lean build. His bright red eyes are masked with dark brown contacts to give a slightly more natural appearance, though the effect goes almost completely unnoticed due to the fact that more often than not his hair is covering his eyes. His fangs, too, are hidden by smiles that never expose teeth, and you can only get a good look at his teeth if you make him laugh.

Ray generally wears fitted button up shirts with the collar popped and maybe a black necktie loose around his neck in a way that screams of the money that he and his sister have to their names. Matched with a pair of dark skinny jeans and black sneakers that look like they're worth more than an apartment, he brings an intimidating and near-otherworldly attractive appearance to any room he decides to grace.

Ray seems a perfect gentleman, though his multitude of 'exploits' belie that old timey charm he often has going on through his near constant properness and hesitancy to use much of the modern vernacular used by others who are, for all practical purposes, 19. He carefully maintains a facade of being a kind, flirty, easygoing young man. In fact, while he is in his very nature a shameless flirt, he's also very cold and calculating, and seems to care little of the emotions of those around him, other than his beloved sister's. He seems to view most as tools or toys, not people.

Of course, that cold nature does have a good side: He's also very cool tempered, and the only people who really seem to get him upset are anyone who dates his sister. Or looks at her improperly. Or really looks at her at all. He's a very devoted brother, and only really seems to show much real emotion around her.

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