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Generation 2

Human kind lives on the dawn of “going back to normal” after decades of fighting against the infected or "zombies" as people call them. After a long time it’s generally allowed to plan your future and enjoy life despite of the infected scratching on the city walls. If only people could get enough of the medication on their havens to start work to save the infected and people at other safe cities.......

Tags: apocalypse, badgers, dystopia, fighting, survival, zombie apocalypse, zombies

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Gess Jahd

Created: 06-29-2011, 07:50 PM


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Thread: Generation 2

  1. Characters in this post:
    Vicka moved back slightly as he looked off into the distance, His eyes far from here in a land of thought, He spoke without looking at Lee "It is not my fight, But It may be in my best interest to help currently Yes?"

    He displaced his weight to his left side as he began to move to the edge of the building to examine how bad the damage to the Haven is and begins to mutter random things about Infected and Krill Haven.

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    Ea was annoyed by the way the doctor talked. She knew that it was his job to make sure people were treated well and didn't do too much for their condition, but Ea had been the boss of herself for so long that she instantly kept to it.
    "I'm just fine", she said trying to sound calm and determined but got out only a mumbly sigh out of her mouth.

    Standing up again was a bad idea. Ea dropped slowly back to the ground taking as little support as she could from Lee. "Fine..."

    Ea slowly looked at Vicka hearing his words and felt slightly disgusted with him.
    "Anything for Wunsch... is your best interest", the woman said with a bitter tone one might talk to a traitor, "Wunsch took you... It feeds you... and you dare to think that... This is not your problem..." Ea would have said a lot more too if there was time and she was in better condition.
    "It's not even a big leak... Just...", Ea started but then shook her head lightly and pressed it on her knees again.

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    Vicka hand felt the edge of his blade the cold metal reminding him of who he was, He walked towards Ea as he spoke slightly " This city did not take me I have just arrived I am only passing by my mission is not done I help because it helps the general population not because It can help me or you, Know that simply I am a man not a hero or a villian."

    He moved away from her his words ringing true not because it was cockyness but a self reserve that he tucked away, He sighed taking his blade out and examining the blade.

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    "You're inside the walls... Past the gate... Wunsch took you", Ea insisted knowing she sounded like a bratty child. How ever, Ea was sure about being right. If this man wouldn't have got past the gates, he'd be more likely dead than on a roof top arguing pointlessly.
    Ea felt sudden relaxation from snapping at the man, being able to point her bad mood on someone. She managed to think about what Vicka had said and noticed how illogical it was.
    First he said this is not his fight in a selfish manner and then he claims to do only the best for the mankind as well as he can. There is something else there behind all this big talk.

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    "Please stop fighting." he said with a soft sigh. He stood all the way to full height and looked between the two that were antagonizing each other. "He hasn't been here long enough, so he doesn't understand. I know what you're talking about, but he has accepted my request to help us fight the infected." he said to the dark haired woman that seemed to be very very angry at the moment.

    He then turned to Vicka. "And if you are going to retract that offer, I would understand as well. I'm sure someone else in this library wouldn't mind helping." he crossed his arms.

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    It was actually a noticeable thing how much fights of any size got onto the nerves of people nowadays. Ea understood that sense of normal life needed even more balancing when one's life was so loose, though. Lee also was right on his own way but she decided rather not to admit it.

    "Can you...", Ea said with a tired voice, "Get me to the first floor? Before... Saving Wunsch."
    Ea wanted to go to sleep and leave this mess to the others. From now on she'd keep into taking care only of herself. Ea wouldn't have done such stupid things to bust her head if it was about her own survival only.

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    Vicka knew he was insane,crazy, or whatever but he had a talent that many people needed out of people sheer power to do the worse jobs and be smart while doing it, Yeah he speaks crazy like but in a time of need he came though simple as that.

    Vicka chuckled slightly as he let out a few setances " Why would I do that ? I may be very stupid and insanely crazy at times but things need to be done even if by a insane man, Just remember I rather burn on my Legs then serve at my knees" Vikca heard his father say it ounce out of a old book and found it to be funny yet how most people say "Deep".

    The man turned his back as he slid his back pack off, The thud of many sharp and blunt objects was very defined as Vicka spoke " A few extra things to help nothing much but it may help I do Not know."

  8. Characters in this post:
    Easter moved her eyes to the backpack put on the roof. She didn't have any will to be worried about social relations or anything anymore so Vicka could reply all he wanted now without her paying too much attention.
    "What... Is in there?" she asked with a slightly curious voice. Guns, knives, something like that, Ea guessed but wanted to see. It was rare to get new equipment in the city. Loose equipment that didn't have a user already.

    Ea thought about her lonely ponderings in her own room and decided already what she'd do after this mess would be sorted out. It seemed nicely selfish too to keep her away from bonds to other people.

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    Vicka looked at her his eyes practically burrowing into her as he let out a long breath, He spoke quickly "Take only what you need others will need this, plus we don't need you being slowed down by extra supplies."

    He looked around his head jerking to see what was around, if atleast there was any use in the objects that lay scattered around hopelessly. Never could have to much of something.

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    "I don't need anything... Only my current gear", Easter replied.
    "I'd change the stuff for food and such on... The Black Market... At the old grocery store near the elite town", Easter adviced and shrugged her shoulders. She still was too nice and involved, how funny that her decisions didn't have a longer life span. On the other hand trading forward stuff you didn't need was the key to their survival in general.

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    "Hello? Hello? Anyone here?
    Kai whispered, shyly looking around. Being a new member to this here city, the first thing she wanted a home and something besides killing zombies to do in the afternoons.
    "Hello? I'm looking for a job! Hello! Kai said a bit louder. She didn't see the clerk, and frankly, she didn't want to wait for the clerk. Goodness, you'd think the clerk would be a little bit less lazy!
    Kai shrugged off the thought and sat down on one of the chairs, trying to make herself as comfortable as possible. She took off her backpack, reached inside, and pulled out her book. With a flick, she opened it to her page and began to read.

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    Wenda walked the streets of outer city feeling vulnerable and slightly disgusted. She had heard so much stories about what kind of things and customs were at large in here that she couldn't properly even concentrate on the turns and streets. There had been a zombie attack last night and they had just some hours ago got it over with by what her brother had told her.

    The two Elite guards had been commanded to be her body guards. They knew this area as they had first been in this side of the Inner's walls. Wenda was sure they both could carry many mental problems and diseases they just managed to hide well. Seeing the worn out bank was a relief - as soon as the bank things were sorted out she could return to Inner and get a hot bath to wash off the visit in here.

    Wenda told the body guards wait on the front door. She was scared to go inside alone but getting further away from the men not part of Humanity Project was a relief.

    "Hello? I need some banking done! I'm from the Inner!" she tried to yell with the most polite voice she had. Wenda looked around and her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she spotted a girl sitting on one of the chairs. After a bit of slow breathing Wenda relaxed.
    "You must be the one to run the bank, am I right? I guess people you can trust in come in all ages - and must be scarce", she tried to convince the girl her young-ish age didn't bother Wenda at all.
    "I came to pick up something from the locker A483, thank you."

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    Kai looked up at the lady in front of her, who had been just seconds before yelling at the top of her lungs. Confusion clouded Kai's face as she tried to understand what the lady had just said. Wait, I don't run the bank. But no one else is here, which I guess means... Kai saw the opportunity and grabbed it, holding on tightly. She placed the book back in her backpack and zipped it closed.

    "Quite sorry, ma'am, I was not paying attention. Please, come with me." Kai said quickly, standing up and smiling at this blonde lady. The comment about her age had the blonde on her bad side, but she was now the owner of the bank (sort of). She wasn't allowed to hate customers. Kai led the lady to the counter, where Kai gracefully jumped over, and rummaged around in the multiple desks for the keys to the lockers. Finding some labeled 'Keys To The A Lockers', she gestured for the blonde to follow her, not really thinking about where she was going, just following instincts. She found the locker, lucky her, and quickly found the key to open it. Then a thought occurred to her, and she turned.

    "Madam, if you don't mind me asking, for the sake of keeping things organized, may I ask what your name is and what you are planning on taking?" Kai asked nicely, smiling as wide as she thought was necessary.

    Kai made a mental note to find the bank manager's office and clean it up, since it was now hers. She had things she needed to keep safe anyway, and as she glanced around and found the office, a few feet away, she decided it was far enough away from the door to be an ideal place to hole up in. She loved writing, and keeping track of all sorts of items would require a lot of writing. How nice, an office all to myself. This'll work. She thought.

  14. Characters in this post:

    The infected were defeated and the leak in the wall closed. No-one is yet sure did it break on its own or not...

  15. Characters in this post:

    The infected were defeated and the leak in the wall was closed. No-one is yet sure did it break on its own or not...

    MIA list posted on the wall of Black Market and the library:

    - Dr. Lee Karnyn
    - Scarlet Vasquez
    - Alex Talbot
    - Laura Violette Manson
    - Arto "Arty" Rantala
    - Skylar Mackenzie
    - Rebecca Matthews
    - Vicka Za

  16. Characters in this post:
    Wenda just nodded politely to the young woman and followed her going through the drawers. She seemed to spend a surprisingly long time to find one set of keys but they had to be hatched well Wenda figured.

    Wenda had been prepared for the security aspect. Her father had given her the safe word and everything. "My name is Wenda Rhym... I need something from the locker A 38, picking up a small brown closed box, safe word 'Utility'", she went through her memory.
    "My father also asked for me to bring back a copy of a written agreement to the next year's locker rent. He'll sign and pay in a week or so with gold items like always", Wenda remembered to add.
    "Is everything clear with that?" she made sure and smiled politely. She was actually rather nervous knowing this was something really important... For once Wenda had been trusted with an important mission instead of her elder brother!

  17. Characters in this post:
    Kai shrugged her backpack off her shoulders and re-positioning it to her chest, where she unzipped it and pulled out a notebook and her favorite purple pen. She scribbled down all the information given to her as well as a few notes. I'm going to need another notebook. Maybe I'll find one in the office. Or maybe I can ask the doctor mentioned on the paper that was on the door. Kai shrugged and uncapped the pen with her teeth, holding the well-worn cap in her mouth as she wrote:

    Date: Day 1 after finding Wunsch.
    Name: Wanda (Wenda? Ask later.) Rim (Again, ask.)
    Locker: A 38
    Withdrawing or Depositing?
    Here she circled 'Withdrawing'.
    Picking Up: a small, closed brown box.
    Safe Word: Utility (?)
    Rent: Next week (?) and in gold items (why?)

    Kai blew on the paper once for safety and then closed it with a 'thud'. She glanced at the blonde once more before opening the locker, pulling the box out. She handed it to Wenda (Wanda?) and coughed a bit sheepishly before asking "Quick question ma'am. How do you spell your first and last name?"

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