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Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)

Living the life of a teenager is not easy here in the little town of Alota Days- especially when you're as abnormal as it gets. Students who are wealthy can go to Alota Days High School and have the time of their lives and students who are here on a scholarship can get the best education they can, weather they are human or supernatural.......

Tags: fun, high school, humor, learning, school, students, teachers

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Ursue7

Created: 06-16-2011, 04:11 PM


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Game Log in Math Class- Mr.Raven

Classroom in which math is instructed.

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    As Diana continued on to the math class room she passed a young man being escorted out by a woman, who she assumed to be the nurse. 'I wonder if it's because he's sick...' Diana thought to herself. The thought of not being the only sickly one there excited her a little. At all of her old schools she was the freak who was always absent and got special treatment from teachers. That didn't help her make friends at all.

    Upon arriving to the math class room Diana found that no one was there. In fact once Diana thought about it there weren't many people around anyways. "Maybe I have the wrong day... Or maybe I'm that late." She thought outloud, biting her lip. She leaned her head against the wall. This was exhausting and now she didn't even know what to do with herself. 'I go check out their library.' She decided pulling away from the wall. All she had to do now was find it.

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    Tamani was walking back to his classroom when he saw a frail young girl standing in the math class room. He leaned in the doorway and frowned. "Mr.Raven had to leave, due to a illness. You need some help, Miss?" he asked, crossing his arms. This young woman almost seemed too frail, almost as if she were a 17 year old in a 10 year old's body. Must be a similar case to T.K.'s. he thought.

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    Diana jumped slightly at the sound of the mans voice. "Oh, no. Thank you very much sir. I was just looking around. It's my first year here and I wanted to meet my teachers and know where all my classes are before tomorrow. It's easier that way for me." She explained offering him a warm smile. He seemed a little upset from the way he crossed his arms and frowned but it didn't faze her too much. Teachers were far easier to handle than people her age but only because it was their job to help her learn not to be her friends. But she was comfortable with that sort of relationship because it was better than being treated like a leper or something of the sort. "Oh wait!" Diana suddenly remembered that her next stop was the library and if she didn't ask about it before the teacher left she'd be stuck wandering the school to find it.

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    Tamani was about to leave before the girl stopped him, crying out. He turned back around and looked over his glasses at her. He waited for her to say soemthing, curious as to why she had stopped him. She looked like she had forgotten something. "What's up?" he asked.

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    "I was hoping to see the school library. But I don't know where it is." Diana felt her face grow a little hot and she look down slightly embarrassed. "Actually I'm not too sure where anything here is. I haven't even moved into my dorm yet. I know I was supposed to sometime a couple of weeks ago but... Things came up." Diana said laughing slightly. She was less prepared than she thought. Today was going to prove to be a tiring day.

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    "Do you need a tour? No one's come to my class yet, so I have some time to show you around." he said with a slight smile. "My name's Mr.Desher, the Computer Tech teacher." he introduced himself. He didn't mean to come off as creepy nice, but it was the best he could do at the moment, since his real kindness was clicked onto the off half od the switch.

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    "Nice to meet you Mr. Desher. That would be very kind of you." Diana said. Her face brightened immediately. She only hoped that she wouldn't tire out before the she finished seeing everything. She'd hate to be a burden after Mr. Desher being so kind as to offer her a tour. "My name is Diana Miller." She introduced herself with a thankful smile.

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    Tamani smiled, so the girl hadn't though him as creepy. That was good. He had a tendancy to do that. "Well, what do you wanna see first?" he asked, begining to go back out into the hallway. He was bored, so why not show the tiny girl around? Well, that sounded mean on his part, but that was how he felt. It was like the first time he had given T.K. the school tour.
    He remembered it like yesterday.
    And that sounds creepier, but that was the kind of relationship they had. Like... Commanding daughter and submissive father. He smiled slightly at the thought. More like submissive uncle or like she was his favorite neice. He pulled his mind away from the thoughts and focused on Diana's tour.

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    Diana thought about what she wanted to see first. Honestly the most important thing to her at the moment was seeing the library but she knew the best thing would be to start with whatever was closest. "If the library is near by we can start there." She found herself answering. Books tended to be her only friends. Even when she was in a regular school she spent most of her time that wasn't in the classroom at the library. Despite wanting to make friends this year she knew she's spend a lot of her time in the library.

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    "Than on to the library we go." he said with a warm smile. He went down the hallway, walking at a slow pace, waiting for her to catch up. "We have a lot more new students coming in this year then ever. Usually its just a bunch of boring preps who take more time in their hair and make up than their education. Even the cool kids need some school." he thought out loud. If he got a response, he got a response and it would be as good as any other's- possibly ignored.
    -Going to library thread-
    (I'm going to bed, night! I'll post in the morn.)

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    -The time has changed.
    Time: After School (3:30)
    Temperature: summer breezy-

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    Ikitasha scilently walks into Mr. Ravens classroom, sits down, and opens the math book that he had just recently checked out at the Library. "Man this is way too difficult..." he wined rubbing his aching head. Ikitasha just looked up all of a sudden and found out that Mr. Raven wasnt even in the room. Feeling stupid Ikitasha just got up and headed to the Dojo and Swords fighting room for some practice.

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