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Mr.Tamani Desher

Roleplay: "Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)"

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Mr.Desher is the Computer Technology teacher. He can be kinda weird...


Tamani is 6 feet tall with a muscular build. He has dark brown eyes that are small and sharp and has to wear glasses. He has red and black hair, but its usually natrual, due to a science experiment he had done on himself. It made his hair change to their colors now and worsened his eye sight.

He is usually found wearing a colored button up shirt and a jacket on top with trousers and some sort of dress shoe, but on the weekends he dresses more casually with a t-shirt and jeans and sometimes a hat.


Tamani is very witty, he can come up with a quick comeback in a matter of seconds. He is also very loud and sometimes won't give others the chance to speak. Sometimes, he has a short temper and can easily go over the edge. Also, he is kinda perverted, but he will not look at girls in a perverted way during school hours. He is also very messy when it comes to his living space. 

Equipment / Abilities
Tamani has a PhD in phycology and has a teaching degree in computer technology.

Tamani was an orphan from the start. In fact, his name was never Tamani, it was Joseph. He was left at the orphanage until he was 13 and then he run away. He hung oout with the wrong crowd until they left him when he broke his ankle running from the police. They took him to the station and when no one claimed him, an old man came in. Joseph was raised by the old man, who's name was Tamani Desher. He was a bit spunky for his age, but he taught Joseph everything he knew, and even taught him some skills he would use in the future as a teacher. The man was old, and he grew older and older until he died peacefully in his sleep. Joseph felt sorry for the old man, and was extremely grateful for what the old man had done for him. So he took up his legacy, going to school to become a teacher. He majored in phycology and in teaching and then came to Alota Days, a school where his best friend had worked. He offered Joseph a job, but with his criminal record, he wasn't allowed to be on campus. With some help from some close friends, Joseph had taken over Tamani's life totally, even his name. 
With that, he taught at Alota Days as a Computer Technology teacher and a personal guardian for a few students. Teresa Kinley was the headmaster's daughter, but her mother was psychotic. Tamani offered to watch over her for a while, standing in as an uncle after her Uncle Tin had abused her. He helped her get into the school along with Chloe, to help them not end up like he has.