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Ikitasha Jurine

Roleplay: "Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)"

Player: Ursue7

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A man with a past he wants to forget...

Basicly i look like the freaking picture. I am also 5 feet and 3 inches, my favorite color is grey, i am small build, has long grey hair, it has been heard that he can turn into a cat of any size but so far its a rumor.

Im kind of violent, i love anime's, as well i am funny, short >.<, and just plain awesome. And faced with certain cituations i  can be just completely random. And a very lovably person though others dont agree so much. Loves to just goof off sometimes. Sleeps very often for a unknown reason. Loves milk for 2 reasons, 1 is that hes trying to grow taller and 2 because im part cat. And sometimes sleep walks, so dont mind anything he says if he's not acting normal.

Equipment / Abilities
I can cook really good, i play video games like a beast, and i can speak japanese. And i am a new artist as well as a good singer. I have a very good sence of smell, eye sight, and hearing thanks to the genetic mutation. As well as has very fast reflecxes and hand eye cordination. Thanks to video games ^.^ Even so he can turn into a cat of any size and have 3x the power and physical abilities as one as well. For instince he can turn into a cat but not of any size. He can turn into a any cat of his choice but only have the maximum size recorded for that cat.

I was abandoned by his parents when I was a child and adopted by the Jurine family. I was also a failed science experiment by the government to try to put Cat like instincs into Humans. I am also a scholarship student and thankfuly because of my wonderful adopted parents. Dogs usually bark there heads off when i walk by but not my dog Hiaute. I am 17 now.


Im short >.< and i also have a pet Husky name is Hiaute.