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    Heaven and Hell are the least of your problems...
    *No Relation to the manga by Shirou Miwa (UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION)
    The sword gives way to the gun, technology replaces magic, and after a thousand years since its beginning, Camelot still stands strong... yet dark forces are rising and bad times are on horseback
    Our story takes place in a time and place where creatures of every kind live together, coexisting and living lives just like you and I. But, like today, there are bad happenings, evil beings and wrong doers. Our story should have a nice and even amount of action, adventure, romance, violence and even humor. Let's be well rounded and diverse!
    In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Sajerra, traveling entertainers brave the savage trails. What happens when one unlucky circus troupe comes in contact with industrial-strength nuclear fallout? And what will they do with their newfound powers?
    Thorns - Adult
    Innocent blood soaks the hungry earth as beasts stalk the desperate survivors through bog, waste, and forest. Pure souls are harrowed by cruel trials as they struggle to hold their tattered identities together. Beautiful devils styling themselves as "The Good Folk" will help anyone willing to pay the price or play their games. Heroes, killers, and children alike are savagely embraced by the thorns.

    Alexandre Maison   (played in DOGS: Howls From the Shadows)
    The Husky (work in progress)
    Artemis Greer   (parked in character pool)
    Reclusive and clever | Prince or heir to the previous monarchy | Medium to the departed
    Artemis Voll   (played in Thorns)
    The Silent One
    Chessarra'breena Ellaba'raema   (played in The Bounty [CLOSED])
    Dokkalfr Lawyer (adoptable)
    Demi   (played in The Powers That Be (UC/Closed))
    The Fool
    Eamon Mooney   (played in The Bounty [CLOSED])
    The Man with the Silver Tongue
    Fate   (played in The Powers That Be (UC/Closed))
    The Omniscient Narrator
    Montaque "Monty" Duvall   (played in The Bounty [CLOSED])
    Mr Mooney's Personal Bodyguard (adoptable)
    Pierpont "Piers" Gable   (played in Burn in ❖ Heaven)
    THE MOCKINGBIRD - If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, if you're a pretender, come sit by my fire...
    Singing Bear   (played in Guns of Camelot)
    Native Gunsmith & Shaman of Avalon
    Thomas Blanchard of Whitewood   (parked in character pool)
    Ancient and Cunning