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Hopeless Objective of a Romantic

When young man, Anton, has his dog turned human by a friendly yet clumsy witch, he seeks a way to turn his dog back.......

Tags: action, anime, comedy, drama, magic, romance

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Pygmy

Created: 06-15-2014, 04:28 PM


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Antonio Badlen, 23 year old working man who has recently moved out of his family household to live with his girlfriend, only to find she cheated on him and dumps him with the house and dog proceeding to disappear. Now single and heart-broken he tries to find happiness in his dog, whom is always happy with him. Anton invites a friend over, who is practicing witch craft. For about 40 years, but appears to be about Anton's age. As he decides to go out shopping, his friend decides to practice her 'hobby' and ends up turning his dog into a human girl. The man later comes home panicked as she explains everything. What is in store for them all? Will Anton find a way to turn her back into a dog, or will something else bloom along the way?


  • I'm new here. Try to be patient with me. I'm pretty patient, so let's respect that.
  • Post at least a paragraph.
  • Cursing is fine, please don't over do it.
  • Romance is a must, but it can't be instant.
  • There may be additional characters along the way, (as this is intended to be a roleplay with only three people, but the more the merrier) but please stay on the borders of this story. 
  • If there are more than three characters, there cannot be only two people hogging up the roleplay.
  • If more questions, feel free to message me.
  • No killing. But fighting is an ok. No random bursts of violence, though. That shit is dumb.
  • No God mode. That shit is also dumb. If you don't understand, then I mean no turning into a dragon and burn off everyone's faces and then take over the world. Taking over the world is a nono. And so is automatically beating someone in a fight.

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