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Seer Sight

As the land of Atamor shivers in the grip of an abnormal winter, people starve in their homes and a rogue seer vanishes into the snow with the blood of the high king on his hands. The seer must die, but first he must be found.......

Tags: adventure, bounty, fantasy, hunt, magic, nordic, rogue, seer, winter

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: enkerzed

Created: 12-27-2013, 05:26 AM


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The winter season is many weeks past, yet the snow still falls and the blizzard winds continue to howl. The farms can no longer be relied on to sustain the people and many have taken to crossing the seas to warmer lands, while those who remain on Atamor intensify their hunts as they struggle to feed themselves. 

Among the jarls and chieftains, there is a hunt of a different kind. A rogue seer has assassinated the high king Jorgen who has left no heirs, thus a kingsmoot is called to choose the next ruler of Atamor.

An enormous bounty has been placed on the rogue's head, though his name is unknown, even to other seers. With his actions, those born with the seer sight, already highly mistrusted since time immemorial, now have two options. Seek the protection of their kind and hide, lest they be mistaken for the renegade, or become hunters themselves for it will take a seer to end a seer.


1. We post in turns. Current order of posting is:

Enkerzed > rumxcoke

2. If you are unable to post and/or wish to skip your turn, please say so, either in the ooc thread or by pm.

3. No killing, harming or incapacitating other characters without the owner's permission.

4. Mature content is allowable, but nothing explicit. In other words, sex can be implied or spoken of by characters, but the actual scene must not be written in detail. Pornographic pictures are forbidden, gory pictures are forbidden and swearing is allowable, but not to an excessive degree.

5. If at any point should conflict break out between roleplayers, I will have the final say in the matter.

6. Infringement of any of these rules will first result in a warning. A second occurrence will result in a temporary ban from the RP (for as long as I see fit). A third occurrence will result in a permanent ban.

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