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Hiding in the darkness

The Order of the Centered Mind has stood for years as a beacon of hope for some and an outlet of anger and frustration for others. What could be called as an exclusive club of scholars and warriors the members of the order are trained for years. However, unbeknownst to the public, the newest head of the order is engaging in the day to day affairs of the world more and more directly. External strife and suffering raises the question, is this their problem or is their only concern the betterment of their secret society. Internal turmoi......

Tags: adventure, creatures, dark, fantasy, magic, monster hunting, monsters, political

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Closed

Creator: scarlightning

Created: 09-15-2012, 07:36 PM


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For years The Order of The Centered Mind (Also known as "The Order") has been training and teaching  its students. All forms of academics take place within its walls. All the way from martial combat down to self sufficiency. Ignoring the outside world it's members have been quietly brewing in a pot of knowledge. Uncaring of the outside world they chose not to interfere with the affairs of the "outsiders." Many of the members support this path that every head of The Order has taken, yet some leave room for change. After the previous head died and left his succession to Ori his most faithful and prodigious student things began to change. The Order became more and more entwined in the outside affairs. The internal sects that make up The Order are split. Many support Ori in his new interventionist policies yet just as many do not. Years have passed with minimal contact with the outside world and some wish to keep it that way. Others feel that it's time for The Order to play a bigger part. What is the use of knowledge and power if one does not use it for good? An internal war is brewing and it could spell the end of The Order itself.

Note: I changed a lot in this RP since the progression and feel of it has sort of changed. I feel like I made it a bit too big to start off with. There was so much stuff I just didn't have the time nor energy to type out so it seemed a bit half done but in truth it was much much much bigger than what the eye caught. So I decided to focus on one aspect of it (which was inadvertently chosen.)


Alright, first off this is my first RP. Well, I guess I'm not completely new to role playing. I'm an avid D&D player and I've DM'd many campaigns in my time. But it's my first time doing anything like this. I've started this RP because it's an idea I've had for a while and just didn't feel like turning it into a D&D campaign. I also wish to improve my writing ability and hope to expand my skills through role playing. So here are some obvious and basic things I want to get out of the way.

1. Don't be rude. That doesn't mean feed back is not allowed but just be nice about it. From what I've seen I don't think this will be a problem.
2. Follow the normal RP guidelines. No TGM auto hitting or any of that stuff.
3. Suggestions are openly welcome.
4. I can't think of anything else but just use common sense. It's not that hard.

I apologize in advance for any bad RPing i may do or if I try to control the RP via narrator or "NPCs." I'm not used to this type of role playing. For me it seems very unstructured so I may try to be more controlling than some other people. If I seem to be going all "DM mode" and trying to take control of everything don't be afraid to say something.

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