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Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)

Living the life of a teenager is not easy here in the little town of Alota Days- especially when you're as abnormal as it gets. Students who are wealthy can go to Alota Days High School and have the time of their lives and students who are here on a scholarship can get the best education they can, weather they are human or supernatural.......

Tags: fun, high school, humor, learning, school, students, teachers

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Ursue7

Created: 06-16-2011, 04:11 PM


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Game Log in Library

The library where students and teachers can check out books.

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    T.K. ducked into the fiction section, going into the very back. She hid behind a bookshelf and caught her breath. Time to get my read on. she thought. She grabbed a random book off of the shelf and opened it, preparing to spend a long time in here before anyone found her. Besides, who could? No one usually went more than 3 bookshelves in before getting creeped out.

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    "Go away..." she whispered in her sleep. "Go away!" her eyes flashed under her closed eyelids. Behind her sleeping face, a cruel dream reeled by.

    Teresa's mother loomed over her with a knife, the blade licking her skin. She tried squirming a little, before freezing in paralysis. The blade hung over her eye... Her right eye...
    "You little... You killed your brother! YOU KILLED HIM!" her mother screamed angerly, smiling maniacially. She drew the knife above her eyebrow, pressing in a little, drawing blood. She then turned around at the sound of someone entering the room.
    Tamani had came in, hearing Teresa's mother's scream. He came in and tried prying her from T.K. "Get off of her!" he yelled. But Her mother held tight, driving the knife down and over her eye. Teresa cried out in pain as the knife fell away, and her mother dragged away.
    The woman stood to her full height, frowning deeply. Her expression softened. "Goodbye Teresa. I'll tell your brother you said hi." she said quietly as she turned and fell down... 3 stories...
    T.K. sat up, holding her eye. Slowly, she broke down, unable to cry. Tamani drew her in close and then picked her up. "I have to call the police... and an ambulance..." he whispered. He put her down on a couch and picked up a cell phone...

    "NO." she said as she woke up, holding her right eye. She leaned forward and held in the contents of her stomach. She panted her left eye wide. She pulled her hair away and felt the long scar over her eye. She closed her eyes tight and pulled her legs into her body, falling over.
    No one ever recovers from a living nightmare. Not even her.

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    Diana followed, walking a little faster than usual to catch up before walking at her regular pace. "I went to school with a lot of preps where I used to live." She answered. Diana panted a little in between words from trying to catch up minutes before. "They tend to make really tight cliques... You can never get into them if you miss out on the first couple of weeks, unless you're from another country or they need to copy from you. It's nice to know there won't just be a bunch of preps here too." She continued though the last part was more her thinking out loud than really talking to Mr. Desher.
    (Good night! ^.^)

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    "Kids and their trends, I'll never understand them." he said as he opened the door for Diana. "The only preps we have here so far are the student body president and her group. But she's pretty cool, her and my neice are pretty good friends, even thought she's not a prep." he muttered. "And then again, we're not normal, so whatever group you choose to hang out with, they'll be accepting of you." he said simply. He looked around and glanced down the fiction section. He swore he had heard T.K. here. But she couldn't be here... Wasn't she in Ms. Nakano's class? When he saw nothing he turned his attention back to Diana. "This is the library. You can check out books whenever you want, even if its in the middle of the night. There isn't always a librarian here, but if there is one, its probably a volenteer." he explained. He put his hands behind his back.

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    "You have a niece that goes here?" Diana asked as she looked around the massive library. "I hope I get to meet her. How long has she been going here?" She asked turing to Mr. Desher. As much as the library interested her she didn't make friends easily and hoped that maybe this would make the girl easy to talk to. "Oh, I sound like some sort of freak..." Diana said. She realized that it was probably awkward to be asking so many questions about his niece when she'd just met him. "I'm sorry." Diana looked down and folded her hands on her lap.

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    Tamani smiled, shaking his head. "No, no. Its alright." he said, turning back towards her. He shrugged. "You don't sound like a freak. If anything, you sound like your genuinely interested in getting to know other people." he said. "But, yeah, I have a 'niece'." he put his fingers up in air quotes as he said neice. "She's my best friend's daughter, and I've known her since she was 3, so, well, I guess you could say she's my neice." he glanced back the the books behind him, grabbing one off of the shelf. He flipped through it before making a curious sound and tucking it under his arm. He looked back up at her.
    "Her name's T.K. And she's been going here since last year, but has lived with me for the past 2." he put two fingers up before shoving his hands into his pockets. "She's pretty cool when you get to know her. In fact, I think she's at the coffee shop now, its her shift today..." he wondered. He walked over to the check out and pulled his ID badge towards the scanner, and then putting the book under the scanner as well. When he heard the automated voice, typed in his password and then pulled his ID away.

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    ((There's been a time change, so can we say that they had come back after the tour to the library? It would held alot. Its 3:30 now, and school is over.))

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    Diana nodded as she watched Mr. Desher get a book and check it out. Her face flushed at the thought of making friends at school this year. She knew it was an elementary school thought but she couldn't help it. "Does she work tomorrow as well?" Diana asked. She would have been more than happy to go to the coffee shop and meet her today but the tour had tired her out. Now that she knew where the dorms were she just wanted to go to her room and rest awhile.

    ((I don't mind. Sorry I didn't notice the time change. ^.^'))

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    Tamani nodded. "Yeah, she does." he muttered, thinking out loud. He then nodded, confident in his answer. "Yup, she does." He then smiled, at her. "Well, I better get going. I have to straighten up my apartment before she gets back. She should be getting off in about 30 minutes to make the curry for tonight's dinner." he muttered thnking out loud. Oh yeah, Junko's coming over. he thought with a smile. He then turned back to him. "I think we're going to be having a back to school party, really, so if you wanna come, you can. T.K.'s friend Anaya's gonna be there." he remembered the text she had sent him a while back, telling him that she was coming too.

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    Diana's eyes widened in surprise. "I-I... O-of course. Thank you so much!" Diana said, smiling widely. "That's very kind of you to invite me, Mr. Desher. Wh-what time should I be there? Is there a dress code?" A soft blush spread across her cheeks. It was the first time she'd ever been invited to anything like that. Of course sometimes there were small parties at the hospital during holidays but she was usually either too weak to participate or not around. Besides, most of the patients in her wing were usually children anyway. With a soft gasp her thoughts came back to the party now. "Oh! And thank you!" Diana was far too flustered to remember that she had already thanked him.

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    Tamani laughed quietly, shaking his head. "Goodness, no. No dress code, its as casual as a dinner around a TV." he said smiling. "Around 5-ish. I'm sure the curry should be done around then." he said. She seemed very excited, like when T.K. gets all excited about staying at Anaya's dorm for the weekend. Was this her first party? He wanted to laugh a bit more, but he held it in. "Is this your first party, Diana?" he asked.

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    Diana blushed and gave an embarresed laugh. "Yes, this is my first party actually." She said sheepishly. "I lived with my grandmother, so even if I was ever invited to any parties it's not like I could get to them." Her mother never had time to take her anywhere, she was always working, but it wasn't like people invited her to parties anyway. No one wanted the sickly girl at their parties. "Thank you so much again. I won't be late." Diana said with a wide smile. "I guess I'll go to my dorm and rest awhile before the party. I can't wait to meet your niece, Mr. Desher." She continued as she started out of the library.

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    Tamani nodded. "We're going to be in room 302 over at the apartments. They're only across the street from here." he said, smiling some. He watched as she left and then smiled to himself. Done another good deed. Making a student feel welcome. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, somewhat tired. He needed to go grab his laptop bag from his room and then leave. He left the library and went to go grab his bag. After that, he went over to the apartments, getting on his motorcycle.
    -Going to Apartments-

    (I've done some editing to the Overveiw info on this role play.)

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    Lillian walked into the library slowly, her every step clicking lightly on the floor. She stopped for a moment behind the checkout desk, and stood there for a moment taking a deep breath to smell the air. New and old books combined smelled positively amazing to her, and there was always an abundance of the smell in a library. She took a seat and smiled to herself then spoke quietly, "This is beyond perfect."

    Looking through the books in the desk she checked to see how things were previously done here in the library. She figured out the system they used in tandem with the dewey decimal system. Lily got up from her seat and started wandering around the library to see if anyone could use her assistance, figure out where most things in the library were and to get a feel for the place she'd be taking care of.

    She weaved in between the towering columns of books and took in the smells and feels of the books around her. Smiling she continued her walk until she got to the end of the books. Lily looked out the window to the campus in absolute awe then headed back to her desk.

  15. Characters in this post:
    ((I'm Sorry. =w=" I forgot to put that T.K. was back at home... I had left for a week and everything progeressed to the end of the day. Its 4:00pm now... Your character could be invited over by Tamani, if you want. ^-^

  16. Characters in this post:
    ((Woops. Don't worry about it. I'll just have Lily wander the library then. xD))

  17. Characters in this post:
    Lillian didn't quite know what to do anymore so she just sat at her desk picked up a book called Make the impossible, possible and started reading it. After reading it for a little while her body got a bit stiff so she moved her seat to the in front of the window. The seat was built into the window, it had brown seat cushions on it and burgundy pillows set against the wall that lead to the window, which had parts of stained glass throughout it. The sun coming in in dull streaks that highlighted Lillian's hair and the dust that was on the library's floor. She put her feet on the otherside of the chair put her head against one wall and faced the window with her book in front of her face, smiling she began to read.

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    Flynn came into the library, pushing the door to enter quietly. He glanced to his favorite sitting spot next to the window and frowned. Apparently someone else had found out about it. He pulled his book to his chest and walked up curiously. "Excuse me?" he asked, waving a hand to catch her attention. No one really sat there unless someone else had told them about it.

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    Upon hearing a voice Lillian closed her book gently and got up from her seat, "Well, hello there." Standing she let her arm with the book fall to her side, once her arm fell as did a piece of hair out the bun she had put in while reading. The piece of hair landed to the side of her right eye, her glasses keeping it from going right into it. She smiled brightly at the boy, "I'm the librarian, is there anything I can do for you?"

  20. Characters in this post:
    Flynn blinked a few times, kinda surprised. Finally getting it, he nodded. "Oh! So they finally hired a librarian." he said, chuckling. "I was wondering why you were sitting there, because normally no one would..." he muttered. He brushed his blond hair out of his eyes and chucking. "I used to be in charge of the library during 3rd period." he said.

  21. Characters in this post:
    "Yes." Lillian smiled and giggled a little, "Finally." She looked at him then to the library desk, "Thank you for taking care of it while no librarian was present." She gave him a grateful smile and started walking towards the desk, "Did anything important happen whilst you were in charge?"

  22. Characters in this post:
    "Under my charge?" he shook his head. "The most exciting thing that's happened here under my charge was finding a student sleeping in the fiction section." he chuckled softly. He then thought of something. "Hey, you should talk to Anaya. She's taking the night shift tonight, but I can't get ahold of her anytime soon, so she may or may not come in..." he glanced at a bookshelf. "She's the one who basically ran the place over the summer."

  23. Characters in this post:
    She nodded and laughed a little,"Wow, what person can fall asleep in a library? It's one of the best settings in any place." Lillian looked to the kid, "All right, thank you, I'll try to get in touch with her." Looking over to the window seat she smiled, "You can have your seat now if you'd like, I think I may just going looking for Anaya." Laughing quietly she looked back at the boy ""You seemed a little distraught when I was sitting there."

  24. Characters in this post:
    Flynn, whom was very glad to have his spot back, smiled widely. He nearly jumped with joy, he was so happy to have his spot back. "Thanks. But, er..." he rubbed the back of his neck, biting his lip some. "Anaya's at a party. You know Tamani or T.K. in the apartment complex across the street? She's there." he muttered. He pulled his book to his chest and then smiled meekly again.

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    "GAH!" Flynn jumped and spun on his heel, facing Tobias. "Oh! Hey, Mr.Raven." he said laughing. He wasn't usually so easily startled, but Tobias had snuck up on him. He sighed, and calmed down some, chuckling.

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    "Ah, Okay, thank you...er.uhm..." Lillian looked at the boy and put her hair strand behind her ear, "Sorry I don't quite know your name." Seeing another person walk into the library Lillian put on a little smile and welcomed him, nodding slightly as he spoke to the two of them. "Good Evening. How do you do?"

  27. Characters in this post:
    Flynn looked back at the librarian. "Oh. Name's Flynn." he said, smiling some. He put a hand out, ready t shake her's. "Am I just going to call you Ms.Librarian or...?"

  28. Characters in this post:
    Lillian chuckled lightly, "My name's Lillian Fish, Ms. Fish if you would please." She looked to the door, "Well, I think I'm going to go to that little party that is happening and just speak with Anaya for a moment. I will be back, In the meantime, Flynn, could you take care of the library?" She nodded slightly at the man who walked in, in respect to him then took her leave.
    -To the apartment for a moment-

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    Flynn smiled and nodded. Mm-kay." he said. "Here, I'll get it for you." He walked to the counter and clicked a button. "Your ID please?" he asked.


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    With a swift flick of his wrist, he took the card and then handed it back after scanning it. He looked at the computer and then checked in the book. He looked back up at Tobias with a smile. "Oh, you're Mr.Raven! I have you in 4th period." he said somewhat cheerfully. While math wasn't his best subject, it was one of his favorites.

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