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Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)

Living the life of a teenager is not easy here in the little town of Alota Days- especially when you're as abnormal as it gets. Students who are wealthy can go to Alota Days High School and have the time of their lives and students who are here on a scholarship can get the best education they can, weather they are human or supernatural.......

Tags: fun, high school, humor, learning, school, students, teachers

Character Approval: Yes

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New Players: Open

Creator: Ursue7

Created: 06-16-2011, 04:11 PM


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Game Log in Reading Class-Miss Nakano

Where students study Reading.

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    Getting off her bike, Miss Nakano fiddled with her bike chain for a few minutes, while trying to balance her file folder full of graded papers and her lunch. "Oh come on, get... around.. the.." Just as she finally stretched it through and locked it in place all of her paperwork flew in the air. In the midst of trying to catch it all, the frazzled teacher managed to drop her lunch on the ground as well. Looking down at the mess she whimpered. "That was the landlady's home made curry..." Her heart sunk as she fell to her knees and gathered her papers off the ground. Guess it's chips and coffee from the machines outside the school again. Dazing off she heard the bell go off, making her eyes pop out of her head. "No! Not again!" She was going to be late to her own classroom, boy was she setting a bad example for these kids. And if that little goody two shoes went and ratted on her again, she was surely going to get chewed out after first period.

    Picking up the remainder of the slightly curry stained papers she stuffed them under her arm and started jogging to her class room. Her heels clicked on the linoleum floors that glinted under the bright lighting. The halls were practically empty already. So much for this day going well...

    Finally she came upon her classroom and took a deep breath. One, Two, Three. Pulling the door open she tried to see composed as possible, her hair a bit of a wreck and her glasses slightly crooked. Unfortunately she hadn't noticed those yet as she placed her belongings on her desk, shuffling through to find the lesson plan for today so class could begin.

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    The Colorful
    T.K. entered the reading classroom, her thumbs under the straps of her backpack. She looked around, until her eyes found the teacher that shuffled though the papers. She glanced around the floor to find a stained paper. She bent down and picked it up, handing it to the lady.
    "Ma'am? Are you just settling into the classroom? If you are expecting students, they don't come until tomorrow." she said, putting her hands into her pockets. "The students are free to explore, and most of them must be in the elective wing." she had been here since last year and she hadn't reconised the teacher. She offered her hand, saying, "Name's T.K. I'll be in your class homeroom and 1st period."

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    Headmaster's voice comes on the intercom.
    "Hello teachers and students, thank you for coming to Alota Days's 2nd anual "School Tour Day. Teachers, please get into your classrooms ASAP."
    The Intercom clicks off.

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    T.K. flushed and looked down, frowning. "Yes ma'am. It really is a sore subject with me, about my name. It sounds too girly." she muttered, looking back up. She pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Is too long of a story, and I don't like tellin' it." She walked over to a desk and put her stuff at it.

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    What a mess she was, wasn't she? A student had to be the one to inform her classes don't even begin until tomorrow. Whining as she sat on her desk she shook her head. Looking up she took the papers from the girl. "Thanks..." That stood together quietly for a moment and she took a deep breath.

    "T.K, huh?" Looking back to her she reached out her hand and smiled, shaking the girls dainty hand. "Well it's very nice to meet you." Standing up she placed the papers on her desk and opened up her folder. "I'm Miss Nakano... and let me guess..." Dragging her finger down her roster she smirked. "You'd prefer I didn't call you Teresa Kinley." Chuckling lightly she smiled in the girls direction.

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    T.K. flushed and looked down, frowning. "Yes ma'am. It really is a sore subject with me, about my name. It sounds too girly." she muttered, looking back up. She pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Is too long of a story, and I don't like tellin' it." She walked over to a desk and put her stuff at it.


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    ((Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention and hit reply to thread instead of post. ))

    Junko had made her flustered, maybe the question was a little too personal than she had previously expected. "Don't worry about it, oh and... I like your hair...T.K." The style she had was different than most but it had it's own unique appeals. No way could a geezer like her be able to pull it off, approaching the terrible 3-0. She figured it was as good a time as ever to quickly get off the previous topic. "Jeeze, didn't that announcement sound a little stern to you? That man is so cold...." It was like the sound of your father in a bad mood, you weren't in trouble but you knew he was upset.

    A few more students begin to trail in, some smiling at her, some giving her the glance trying to read her on the first day, and some not even paying attention to the fact she was there. They must be future students of mine as well, checking out the room. Unfortunately, her room was plain and looked harsh compared to other teachers class rooms.

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    T.K. smiled meekly up at the teacher. "Thanks, your's insn't bad ether, you know, except for all the frizziness..." she said quietly, pointing it out, to save her from torture from students. She would do it herself, but she had promised Tamani to not be as maniplulative any more. What do his promises mean to me? she thought harshly, starting to unpack her bag into her desk.

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    "Eh... what?" Reaching into her bag she pulled out her compact and aimed it at her head. Quickly, her eyes darted wide open and her face turned red. "Ah!" Trying to flatten her hair she wiggled around. "I'm such a mess! No wonder I'm never going to get married!" Not intending to say that out loud she didn't even notice. When she managed to fix her hair she closed the compact and put it back in her bag, putting it in her left hand desk drawer. "Nice save, kid." Sighing she sat in her chair and looked at her desk. What to do first? What was she supposed to be doing? Mingling with the students? Preparing for tomorrow?

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    T.K. had already had her sketchbook open, doodling away at a page. She was drawing a waitress in a green dress holding her hat to her head. She was in the process of inking it, her brushpen in hand, she filled in the girl's hair. She didn't like mingling with others. She would wait until some nerdy guy came in, and she'd talk to him.

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    Junko figured it would be best if she did get a head start on getting things together, this way if getting to school tomorrow turned out to be a disaster like today was... at least everything would be ready. She found spots throughout her desk to put all her books and materials. It was upsetting to her that she didn't have any framed pictures of family or anything like that on her desk, so she tried to make it look less empty by taking the books she planned on reading with the class this semester and lined them up on the edge of her desk, the bindings facing the class. This reminded her of the first assignments this year. Every student was to write a paper on the book they chose to read over the summer.

    Seeing as T.K. had fallen into a daze, doodling something she couldn't quite make out from her seat she decided to make some small conversation with the girl. "So, T.K. what book did you read over the summer?" Placing her arms on the desk she leaned forward, anxious to get an answer. Literature was one of Miss Nakano's passions, which put her in this classroom, and discussing it was fun for her. Unfortunately, not every student loves to read or is even slightly interested in it. She couldn't blame them, it was all about what stimulated the individuals brain, as for Junko she may be one for reading but ask her a complicated math problem and she'd rather chew on dirt than attempt to solve it.

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    T.K. jumped at the sound of the teacher's voice. She slammed the sketchbook shut and put her elbow on it and rested her chin on that. [b]"Oh! What I read... I read an awful this summer. Let's see... I read Graceling by Kristin Cashore, Vampirates by Justin Somper... I've read a lot..." she said quietly.

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    It seemed as though the girl wanted to keep her artwork a secret from the eyes around her, maybe some time this year she would get to sneak a peak, but she wouldn't be too pushy about it. One of her close friends in college was an art major who gave her the run down on how looking into someones sketchbook without permission is like watching someone undress from a window. The thought actually brought a smirk to her face. I wonder where she went.

    Back to the conversation at hand. Thank goodness! This girl was an avid reader! Sometimes she didn't luck out like this, so she was going to take advantage of the opportunity. "I see... do you know which one you plan on doing this semesters first assignment on?" Getting up from her desk she started scribbling her name and various other information about the class on the board, trying to multi-task. "The assignment is going to be just a general report on the book, analyzing it's themes and what not, along with a bonus credit for those who do an elective project to go with it. Like say... drawing a scene from the novel and presenting it to the class..." She didn't look back at the girl, but knew the thought would intrigue her and it may be a good way to get a glance at her work.

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    T.K. raised an eyebrow. "Really? I'm allowed to do that? I'll do it on Graceling then. It would be easier." she thought it over. "Wait... You mean... Like... I have to present my work...??" she asked, a disgusted look on her face. She ran a hand through her hair and snorted.

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    Crossing her arms she laughed lightly."You know literature is a great way to inspire your creative expression even further." The way she spoke was with an arrogant tone, it was pretty obvious she didn't always sound like a Professor most of the time, so when she did it was strange.

    "Don't worry about it, everyone else in class has to make a presentation as well, so there will probably be kids up there who don't want to do it."
    Rubbing her chin she thought back to past years. "What's the worst that could happen? A girl hyperventilated and fainted once, but that wasn't that bad... at least she wasn't like the student who wet his pants because he wasn't prepared. Oh he was so timid..." As she thought back in time to past events she didn't even realize that the more she talked, the more T.K. probably didn't want to do her project.

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    "A kid peed his pants? Well, I won't be that bad." she laughed. "The worst I'd do is stutter. But..." she looked down and sighed. "I don't like people to know my talents. When I was about 7, I could draw VERY well. Everyone, even the teachers kept asking me to do projects that I didn't want to do." she looked up and a shrug. "I'm probably going to do a scene and a report. Maybe a powerpoint if Mr.Desher'll help me."

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    "Please, just give it a chance..." Clapping her hands together she applauded. "Just imagine your class giving you a great big round of applause to commend your great work!" Her antics drew the attention of the other students who were mingling around in her classroom, eventually making her slow her clapping until she stopped. "Heh..." Rubbing her neck she scurried over to the students desk. "Anyway, I'm sure you'll do just fine..." Hearing Mr. Desher's name she daydreamed about his beautiful bike. She had never really spoken to him, but admired his "calm, cool and collected attitude" often causing her to babble at the sight of him and scurry off. "H-have you had him as a teacher?"

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    T.K. nodded. "Yeah. I have him this semester. After school he gives me digital design lessons too. But he used to do that even before I came to this school, tutor me in computers, I mean. He was a close friend of my uncle's, be-" she stopped herself from saying what had really happened... She remembered the knife going mercilessly into her uncle's hand, making her shiver slightly. "Before I moved."

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    Her eyes widened, "Oh! So you're close!" Without hesitation she went to the first perverted notion she could to and covered her face, whining. Men her age were always more interested in the younger ones! And what if she had just found out about some secret forbidden romance between a student and a teacher! Oh my, Oh my Oh my! She was such a strange woman, and her antics were enough to make everyone sneak away from her.

    She attempted to compose herself and took a deep breath. "Oh, so you've recently moved here? Do you like the area? There are a lot of fun things to do in the city!" It was true, there were but she didn't really know much about them, not having a very large social life at all.

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    "That look on your face tells me you're thinking something disturbing. Ms.Nakano, he's my dad's best friend, he's a close family friend." she said with a sigh, a bored expression on her face. She knew that look. It was the disapproving one she got from the landlady. She shook her head. "And yes. I'm new to this town. I have yet to look about this town, and I'm pretty sure there's a good park around where I can run." she said in a bland voice.

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    Eyes widening she waved her hands in front of her face repetitively. "N-no no no! I... wasn't thinking anything of the sort!" She cleared her throat and stammered over to the black board trying to write a few things out for the class again, not really sure what to write but desperately needing something to distract her so she didn't make even more of an ass out of herself in front of the poor girl. "Run.. Run! That's good, running is very good. Great way to keep in shape!" Eager to keep the subject on something else she kept her eyes on the board. "You planning on joining any athletic teams this year?"

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    "I might. Probably soccer or track." she said, the monotone voice slowly disappearing. "Ma'am, I see how easy it is to think that a student living with a teacher as something scandalous, but I've been sexually harassed before, and it'll never happen again." she said looking up with tired eyes. "When a teacher gets curious, they gotta know this. Its in my file anyway." she muttered. She looked back down at her sketchbook and held it tight to her chest. She then looked up with a little smile. "But you gotta leave the past behind." she said quietly. She opened her sketchbook and resumed drawing at the same time as talking.
    "Are you running any clubs this year, Ms. Nakano?" she asked, changing the subject.

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    Mr. Desher came in silently, realising that Junko was at the board. He looked around the classroom and saw T.K. seemingly bored. He walked over to her and sat in the seat near-by. "Hey. Why is Nakano acting like that? She seems all jittery." he asked, leaning into her ear.
    T.K. shrugged and turned to him. "Nothing. Must've had too many red bulls or something." she said simply. She watched as Tamani nodded slowly.
    "Ah." he watched as Nakano began to write nonsense... "Hey... Ms. Nakano. I have a question. Is T.K. messing with you?" he asked, lifting his chin in her direction. He leaned over to T.K. and put his elbow ontop of her head, using her as an armrest.
    "Hey!" she growled at him, picking up her sketch book and aiming it at his head. She hit his face, making him withdraw with laughter.
    "Can't take a joke, can you, T.K.?" he asked, his lips twisted into a cocky smile.

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    When that young girl said something like that to her, she stopped moving the chalk completely and looked down at her toes. How sad, for just an innocent girl to have to go through that. But within an instant, that melancholy voice changed into an upbeat tone. Being able to handle that kind of situation and even speak of it in such a way is how she now knows that T.K. isn't just any kind of girl, she is brave and very mature for her age. She cracked a smile, still not turning to face the girl and wasn't quite sure what to say.

    When she heard the familiar voice of Tamani she dropped the chalk on the floor. "Mr. D-Desher! Oh why hello!" Flipping around to face them she laughed a little spasticly. "Oh no no, she is a great girl. She'd never mess with me!" Rubbing her neck she walked over to the teacher and student. "Oh don't go hitting in here!" She then remembered the kind of close relationship they must have and she quickly redirected her conversation. "So, what brings you to my classroom Mr. Desher? Checking up on T.K.?" She couldn't believe she was actually getting out her sentences for once.

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    "Ah, I'm just bored. The school hadn't set up the student accounts yet, so I can't do anything. So I justed wanted to come visit." he said with a kind smile. "It was more like checking you, making sure she hadn't meantally scarred you." He chuckled.
    T.K. glared at Tamani. "Meh. She's got my approval. No scarring to Ms.Nakano." she muttered.

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    Blinking wide eyed she sighed with relief. The girl had actually taken a liking to her, at the very least. If she got at least one student to not mess with her this year, then this was a sign for a good year. "Well thanks, to the both of you." She knew that a lot of the teachers knew she was all over the place but she likes to pretend she doesn't need the help. "But really, I'm sure I can do just fine. I'm a grown woman after all." Looking around she noticed the students were moving to different rooms. "This day is moving so fast..."

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    "Well, I gotta run." he smile and tipped an imaginary hat to Ms. Nakano. "I'll talk to ya' later." he said as he left the room. He smiled slightly as she whistled, walking down the hallway.
    T.K. stood up, gathering her things. She needed to go to art class now, and after that hide in the library. She turned to Ms.Nakano with a smile. "Maybe you could come over for dinner. I'm making curry for dinner..." she said in a cheerful voice. She adjusted her bag and then waved. "Bye Ms.Nakano! See you tomorrow." she left for the art classroom.

    "Please allow your students to move to another class." the headmaster says over the PA.

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    "See ya..." Waving her hand at him as he walked away from her shes smiled excitedly to herself. Maybe she would actually make some faculty friends this year. Bringing her hands back to her sides she nodded happily, "That would be wonderful!"

    T.K. was such a sweet girl, and her positive attitude was a shining light that Ms. Nakano was basking in. As she watched her walk out of her room she waved, "Oh, I love love love curry~!"

    Sitting on the edge of her desk she smiled lightly to herself as the students fled out of her room.

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    She looked around, scanning the empty desks and pouted. Why was her classroom so empty? Popping her head out into the hallway, everyone had already dispursed into their next class. There couldn't be a group of students that big ditching her could there? Her paranoia started to set in and she ran over to look at her next classes roster, sighing in relief. "Eh.. heh... I don't have a second period class..." Slapping her hand on her forehead she placed the clip board back on her desk and crossed her arms. "So, what should I do?" Her empty stomach growled quite loudly, echoing through the room. "I did skip breakfast... maybe there is some coffee and donuts in the teachers lounge." Her eyes glimmered at the thought of sprinkles and she exited her room, locking the door behind her and turning the light off.

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    -The time has changed.
    Time: After School (3:30)
    Temperature: summer breezy-

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